Los Angeles Times, July 4, 1919, page I1:


    ON  BOARD  U.S.S.  GEORGE  WASHINGTON,  July 3.--The George Washington, with President Wilson on board, probably will not reach New York before noon Tuesday, next. The Presidential fleet slackened its speed during the night and now is running at about fifteen knots an hour.
    The weather continues good although the sea was rather lumpy today.
    The President is devoting most of his time to his message to Congress. His address to the soldiers and bluejackets on board on the Fourth of July will be delivered at 3 p.m.
    A novel feature on the occasion of the Independence Day exercises will be the first use at sea of the wireless telephone for transmitting the Presidential speech. A transmitter will be placed alongside of the President, so that as he addresses the soldiers on board the ship his words will be heard on board all transports within a radius of 300 miles.
    President Wilson today sent a message to President-elect Pessoa of Brazil, in New York, expressing his regret that he was not in the United States to greet the Brazilian statesman and extending his best wishes to him and the hope that his visit had been a pleasant one.