Rocky Mountain (Denver) News, February 19, 1920, page 1:


U.  S.  Wireless  Station  Here  Provides  Free  Concert.
THERE was music in the air over Denver last night, ranging from "jazz" to classical selection. This was brought about by the wireless telephone in the local forestry bureau, operated by H. R. Kylie.
    At 8 o'clock Mr. Kylie started the motor in his apparatus in the federal building, raised the transmitter to his lips and announced:
    "The concert will now begin."
    He moved the transmitter to a talking machine on an adjoining table, and strains of the Marseillaise floated out in wireless waves.
    A group in the receiving room at the Y. M. C. A. wireless station "listened in." As far away as Colorado Springs Dr. W. D. Reynolds listened to the concert, of a dozen or more selections. Hardly had the last notes of the exit march died into the receivers of numerous stations thruout the state before the wireless telephone began registering code signals which Mr. Kylie's assistant translated as the air filled with the applause of the erstwhile audience.