Arkansas City (Kansas) Daily Traveler, May 10, 1922, Page 8:

    Topeka, May 10.--All Kansas will be given an opportunity to hear Hanford MacNider, national commander of the American Legion, when he addresses the state-wide meeting of the Legion and Legion auxiliary officials here Saturday, May 13. State Adjutant Frank E. Samuel today announced that plans have been completed for broadcasting by wireless the national commander address, as well as that of Mrs. Lowell F. Hobart, national president of the auxiliary.
    Arrangements for broadcasting the addresses at the convention required special permission from the Secretary of Commerce, Samuel stated, as well as special arrangements with the board of control of the memorial building here for erecting an aerial.
    The call for the temporary broadcasting set will be "WCAI", repeated and the wave length will be 360 meters. By special permission John Lunborg, a Topeka operator, will that broadcasting by wireless has been done from Topeka. American Legion posts throughout the state have been informed of the plan and have been urged to make arrangements for "listening in" on the program.