Scranton (Pennsylvania) Republican, May 27, 1922, page 13:


Programs  Will  Be  Broadcasted  Here  During  Town  Hall  Auto  Show


In  Conjunction  With  Address  by  Mayor  Durkan,  Madden  Quartette  Will  Sing

    Word was received in this city yesterday that a radio broadcasting station license has been granted by national government to Roy Erhardt, the operator who will have charge of the radio receiving and broadcasting equipment to be used in conjunction with The Scranton Republican Radio Show in Town Hall commencing on the evening of June 5 and continuing the two following afternoons and evenings.
    Already several broadcasting programs have been arranged by Hugh Andrews, manager of the Radio Show. On the opening evening, Mayor John Durkan will broadcast an address on radio from the licensed radio station. The address will be "picked up" by the operators in Town Hall and will be audible to all in the auditorium. This will be made possible by the use of an amplifying device attached to the Radio Show set.
Music  By  Quartet.
    In conjunction with the mayor's address the following musical program will be broadcasted by the popular Harry Madden Double Male Quartet, accompanied by Mrs. Harry Madden: "When the Corn Is Waving Annie Dear," "Sweetheart," Sigh No More," "The Old Fashioned Garden," duet, Albert Pilling and Dan Jones, "Lead, Kindly Light"; solo, "The Homeland," Dudley Buck; Tosti's "Good-bye," double quartet, and "When You Are Gone I Won't Forget You."
    The Harry Madden quartet has been heard by hundreds of radio fans throughout the east, several programs having been broadcasted by this musical organization from Bethlehem, Allentown and Lancaster, Pa., and Binghamton, N. Y.
    Although the broadcasting of music from Scranton will be a feature of the big radio show, it will only be one of many features planned to interest residents of Scranton in radio. The radio show station, which is listed in the national radio directory as station WDAZ, will announce the various programs to be given during the three show days, commencing some time next week. It is expected that several musical programs will also be broadcasted by this station before the radio show opens.
To  Name  Committees.
    A meeting of the many local radio dealers will be held within the next few days to name committees to handle the various phases of the radio show program. An entry committee will take charge of all amateur radio sets to be entered for exhibition: judges familiar with radio equipment and other officials will be named. The details will be announced later.
    Cash prizes will be awarded to the exhibitors of the best amateur radio sets at the show. Freak sets will also be awarded cash prizes.