According to a contemporary Department of Commerce file, this temporary station was assigned the callsign "WDS".
Richmond Times-Dispatch, April 12, 1922, page 14:


Singing  of  Boys'  Choir  at  All  Saints'  to  Be  Heard  Over  Country.

    Maunder's cantana, "Olivet to Calvary," sung by sixty men and boys comprising the choir of All Saints' Episcopal Church, under direction of Ernest H. Cosby, organist and choirmaster, which is to be given at the church Good Friday night, at 8:15 o'clock, will be sent broadcast throughout the country by radio.
    This is the first time a boys choir has sung for radio transmission, all over the United States. Charles Troxell, tenor, and Edgar Fowlston, baritone, soloists, both of New York, will assist in singing the cantana.
    The radio apparatus will be installed on the chancel alongside the choir's pews and directly beneath the organ. Colonel Mann S. Valentine, vestryman, is superintending the work of installation. Frederick S. Valentine is chairman of the music committee. Rev. J. Y. Downman, is rector of the church.
Richmond Times-Dispatch, April 14, 1922, page 10:
All Saints advertisement