Despite the expressed intent to upgrade radio station WIAM's licence from a temporary grant to a permanent one, the conversion never took place.
Scranton (Pennsylvania) Republican, August 5, 1922, page 5:


    A special attraction at the weekly meeting of the professional and Business Men's club held Thursday at Spencer's Sun Parlors was a radio concert in which local talent was heard. The radio was installed for the entertainment of the business men.
    Selections, given by local talent and broadcasted by Frank Tarbox, of South Blakely street, included violin solos by Professor M. F. Early; solos by Mrs. Martha Matthews Owens and Charles Westcott and songs by the Electric City quartet. Besides being a novelty, it proved very enjoyable to the large delegation of club members and visitors.
    The address of the afternoon was delivered by the Rev. E. A. Helm, of St. Mark's Episcopal church.
    The performance was repeated Thursday night for the benefit of collectors for the swimming pool fund who numbered about one hundred and who also enjoyed the program. At the afternoon meeting it was requested by the swimming pool committee that all volunteer workers report at the park today, Monday and Tuesday.


    Experimental broadcasting station WIAM, devised and constructed by Frank M. Tarbox, is located at Mr. Tarbox's residence, 335 South Blakely street, Dunmore. This station operates on daily permits, but the Dunmore Business Men's club and a number of radio enthusiasts are endeavoring to have a permanent license granted WIAM, so that it can broadcast on a regular weekly or semi-weekly schedule.
    Thursday night a superb program that brought immediate congratulatory telephone and telegraph messages from scattered points was broadcasted. The program follows: Vocal selections by the Electric City quartet; piano solos and duets, by Clay Boland, of Olyphant; Rosser Huff, of Bethlehem; Al Colligan, of this city; Miss Duffy, of Dunmore, and Mrs. J. F. Ruddy, of this city; violin solos by Prof. M. F. Earley and Oscar K. Jones; readings by Mrs. Lydia Jones Quinn; vocal solos by Harry R. Phillips, Mart Selz, Jenkin Jones, Edward McManus, George Weaver and Al Colligan; talks on civic improvements by Rev. E. A. Helm and H. E. Spencer. Encores for all the entertainers were requested over the phone from cities as far as Binghamton and Bethlehem.
    A petition to secure a permanent license for WIAM is being prepared for presentation at Washington, and persons who have received this station's concerts and wish them continued are urged to communicate their wishes in writing to W. T. Spruks, Spruks' Construction company, Scranton, Pa. All letters will be attached to the petition for the permanent license.