The advertisement for the Lehigh Radio Company appeared in the June, 1922 issue of Radio Broadcast.
Allentown (Pennsylvania) Morning Call, November 18, 1922, Page 5:


Ill  Leader,  Martin  Klingler,  to  Hear  Concert  in  Hospital.
Lehigh Radio Company advertisement     The following is the distinctly unusual program to be offered by the Allentown band tomorrow afternoon at its first concert of the season in the Lyric theater:
    1. March Aux Flambeaux [Meyerbeer]
    2. Selection, "Macbeth," from G. Verdi's Opera [Tobani]
    3. Basso solo, "The Bandolero" [Stewart] Mr. Clarence Reinert
    4. Symphonique, "Morceaux" [Franck] (The Redemption)
    5. Descriptive, "In the Clock Store" [C. Orth]
    6. Saxophone solo, "Sparkling Dew Drops" [Blancheteau] Mr. Clyde Wolf
    7. Prologue from "Pagiliacci" (The Clown) [Leonkavallo's]
    8. Overture, "Oberon" [Weber] "Star Spangled Banner."
    The equipment necessary for the broadcasting and receiving of the concert in order that Bandmaster Klingler, confined to Sacred Heart hospital, may be able to enjoy the program is well advanced. The work is being done by the Lehigh Valley Radio company, Arthur Breisch, proprietor, of 525 Main street, Bethlehem, and South Eighth street, Allentown.
    The set will transmit on a wave length of 360 meters and should be heard about 10 to 25 miles, although under test purposes this station has been heard 200 miles. As there are about a thousand operators throughout the Lehigh Valley, they will have an unusual opportunity tomorrow to enjoy a program from a local station. A Greb receiving set with loud speaker will be installed in Mr. Klingler's room in the hospital.