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History of Communications-Electronics in the United States Navy, Captain Linwood S. Howeth, USN (Retired), 1963, pages 615-657:


Acceptor-rejector circuit  24sec5, 28sec8, A1920, Msec2
AD-tube submarine detector  26sec9
A.E.F.G. consortium  30sec11, A1921
Aerial ram project (Project Dog)  40sec7
Aero Club of America  14sec3
Agency, Army-Navy Electronic Production (ANEPA)  37sec4, A1942, A1944
Agency, Army-Navy production expediting  37sec4
Airborne radar (A models). (See Radar).
Aircraft approach system  28sec15
Aircraft, battle force  40sec1
Aircraft electronics:
      Cognizance  36sec4, 36sec6, 36sec6, A1936, A1944
      Procurement  36sec6, A1934, A1942
      Repair facilities  37sec6
Aircraft radio. (See Radio, aircraft.)
Aircraft Radio Branch, R&S Div, BuShips  36sec6
Aircraft, radio controlled. (See Radio controlled aircraft project.)
Aircraft radio control system  29sec11, A1921, A1923, A1925
Aircraft Radio Maintenance Section, Maintenance Division, BuAer  36sec6, A1941
Aircraft radio, pilot attitude  14sec3
Akers, Frank  36sec6
      Radio & Electrical Section, BuAer  A1942
Alaskan radio expeditions  13sec11, A1911, A1912
Alexander, Bill  27sec2, A1912, A1917, A1918, A1919
Alexander, Joshua W.  27sec2
Alexanderson alternator. (See Radio transmitters)
Alexanderson alternator, photograph of  20sec4
Alexanderson, E. F. W.:
      Alternator  11sec4, 18sec2, 20sec2, 21sec2, 30sec2, A1917, A1918
      Barrage system  Msec3
      Navy cooperation with  20sec5
Alien property custodian, property seizure  31sec4, 33sec2, A1918
Allen, James:
      Chief Signal Officer  10sec3, 10sec4
      Delegate Second International Radio Conference  10sec3, A1906
Allgemeine electricitats-gesellschaft. (See Slaby-Arco.)
Allied Radio Conference  42sec2
Almy, John J.  1sec5
Altimeter, NRL pulse, 1939, photograph of  38sec9
Altimeter, radio. (See Radar.)
Amateurs, radio:
      Cooperation of  42sec3
      High frequency allocation  28sec4
      High frequency research  28sec10, 32sec8, 33sec7
      High frequency stations  A1921
      Navy broadcast station  28sec3
      Objection to supervision  12sec3, 27sec3
      Recognition of  42sec5
      WWI  20sec1, A1917
      WWII  A1941, A1945
Ambrose Channel:
      Underwater pilot cable  28sec15, A1919
AMC. (See Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of America.)
American Commission to Negotiate Peace  30sec3
America Cup Races:
      Reported by radio  3sec3, 4sec3, A1899, A1901
American De Forest Radio Co.:
      Absorbed by United Wireless Co.:  11sec2, A1906
      Absorbed International Wireless Co.  7sec1, A1904
      Awarded Navy contract Caribbean stations  8sec8, A1904
      Competed with Marconi Co.  7sec1
      De Forest vice president  4sec10
      Exhibited radio St. Louis World's Fair  7sec1, A1904
      Fitted Caribbean stations  8sec8, A1904, A1905
      Obtained control International Telephone & Telegraph Construction Co.  8sec12, A1906
      Provided equipment for Navy tests  4sec10
      Unethical management  4sec10, 7sec1, 8sec8, A1903
American Mechanical Improvement Co.  31sec6
American Radio & Research Corp.  31sec5
American Radio Relay League  27sec3, 28sec10, 33sec7, A1916, A1923, A1925
American Telephone & Telegraph Co. (A.T. & T.):
      Coaxial transmission cable  A1936
      Cross-license agreements  30sec7, A1920
      Electronic tube  17sec4, 30sec12, 31sec6, A1914, A1920
      Infringement claim against Government  31sec6
      National communications resources, test of  19sec4, A1916
      Radar research support  38sec11
      Radio monopoly  30sec7, 31sec7
      Radio telephony monopoly  30sec7
      Radio telephony, transocean tests of  17sec4, A1915
      RCA stockholder  30sec7, A1920
      VS. radio group  34sec3
American Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Co.
      Control of Dolbear patents  4sec2, A1899
      Merged with Consolidated Wireless Co.  7sec1, A1902
      Organized  4sec2, A1899
      Reported America Cup Race  4sec2
Ammunition Depot, Mare Island, VT fuze assembly  41sec4
Amphridite  8sec8
Amplifier, acoustic  A1827
Amplifier, electronic  16sec3
      (See Radio amplifiers.)
ANEPA (Army-Navy Electronic Production Agency)  37sec4, A1942
Antenna (See Radio.)
Antisubmarine Devices Board  26sec7, 26sec9
Antisubmarine warfare. (See ASW.)
Applied Physics Laboratory:
      Established  41sec2, A1942
      FT fuze program  37sec3, 41sec2, A1942, A1944
Appropriations. (See Congressional appropriations.)
Appropriation system:
      Effect on radio modernization  32sec8
      Inadequacies of  32sec8
Approval Roosevelt Board  C
Ardois signal system  1sec6, A1891
Armistice negotiations, WWI  25sec8
Armstrong, Edwin:
      Frequency modulation  A1939
      Infringement claim against Government  31sec6
      Licensed manufacturers  31sec7
      Regenerative circuit  11sec4, 31sec7, A1913, A1920, A1928
      Sold patents to WEMCo.  30sec10, A1920
      Superheterodyne receiver  A1920, A1921
      Superregenerative receiving circuit  A1922
      Aircraft radio  23sec2
      Aviation interest  14sec2
Army and Navy Journal, Government Control of radio  7sec2
Army Coast Artillery Corps:
      Distant control of torpedo  29sec2
      Hammond radio control  29sec2, A1919
      Study of submarine detection  26sec7
Army, electronic procurement for  37sec2
Army-Navy Electronic Production Agency (ANEPA)  37sec4, A1942
Army-Navy Production Expediting Agency  37sec4, A1942
Army Signal Corps:
      Cooperation with Navy WWI  20sec2, 25sec11
      Electronic equipment procurement  37sec4
      Radar research and development  38sec6, 38sec10, A1937
      Radio operations delineated  7sec6
      Radio research and development  3sec1, 3sec6, A1899
Army vs. Hammond  29sec9, A1920
Arnold, Conway H.:
      Senior member Wireless Telegraph Board  5sec2, A1902
      Discussion with Fessenden  5sec4
Arnold, H. D.:
      Electronic tube theory  17sec8, A1912
      Triode in telephony  17sec4, 17sec8, A1914
A/S. (See Antisubmarine.)
ASDIC (British sonar)  26sec15, 39sec4, A1940
Assignment Section, R&S Division, BuShips  37sec3
Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Ass't SecNav), Drone  40sec3
      "Farragut letter"  21sec3, 31sec4
      G.E.Co.-BMC alternator negotiations  30sec2
      Radar  38sec6, A1937
      Radio  21sec3
      Radio monopoly  33sec2
      Radio procurement  21sec3, 24sec2, 31sec4
      RCA charter  30sec5
Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Air  36sec6
Associated Press  19sec2
ASW (antisubmarine warfare):
      Bathythermograph, use of in  39sec5, 39sec7, A1942
      Division VI, NDRC in  39sec5
      Effectiveness of  39sec1, 39sec6, A1942, A1944
      Operational Research Group, NDRC  39sec2
      Operations  39sec1, 39sec6, A1942, A1944
      Problems of  39sec2, 39sec5
      RDF in  23sec3, A1943
      Research groups  39sec5
      Sonobuoys  39sec6, A1943
      Submarine detection. (See index of.)
      Tenth Fleet operation in  39sec6
      Training in  39sec5
AT & T. (See American Telephone & Telegraph Co.)
Atlanta  2sec5
Atlantic Communication Co.:
      Navy procurement from  11sec7, 31sec2
      Quenched spark transmitter  31sec2
      Removed from control of Sayville  18sec6, 19sec2, A1915
      Sayville revenue  19sec3
      Sayville transatlantic radio station, operator of  11sec6, 11sec7, 19sec2
      Telefunken subsidiary and sales agent  11sec7, 16sec2, 18sec6
      Violated Hague Convention (1907)  18sec6
Atlantic Fleet. (See U.S. Atlantic Fleet.)
Atlantis  39sec3
Audio-telegraph submarine detector  26sec9
Austin-Cohen formula  13sec7, 17sec3
Austin, L. W.:
      Antenna systems  20sec9, A1917, A1918, Msec3, Msec4
      Arc transmitter tests  11sec5
      Cohen formula  13sec7, 17sec3
      Contributions of  13sec18, 28sec9, 31sec3, A1917, Msec3, Msec4
      Delegate Third International Radio Conference  12sec10, A1912
      Headed Naval Radio Research Laboratory  13sec4, 16sec5, 28sec9, A1908
      H.p. radio stations  16sec8, 22sec8
      International Scientific Radio Union  28sec9
      Radio headset development  11sec9
      Supported S5334  12sec9
      Synchronous rotary spark transmitter  13sec7
      "Tikker" receiver  13sec5
Automatic control systems  29sec2, 29sec10, 29sec10, A1912, A1918, A1925
Automatic course stabilization device  29sec2, A1912
Aviation, early naval  14sec1
Aylwin  26sec8


Bailey  14sec3, A1912
Bainbridge, William  1sec3
Badger, Charles J.:
      C-in-C Atlantic Fleet  15sec7
      Member Wireless Telegraph Board  5sec2
      Tactical use of radio  15sec7
Baldwin headsets, radio  11sec9
Ballantine, J. J.  29sec11
Ballantine, Stuart  22sec5
Baltic  12sec2, 12sec7
Barber, F. M.:
      Assigned duty in Europe  4sec5, 5sec1, A1901
      Biography  4sec4
      Conflict of interests  4sec5
      Delegate to radio conferences  7sec4, 10sec3, A1906
      Problems  4sec7
      Radio monopoly  2sec7, 4sec9, 7sec2
      Radio patents  4sec10
      Recommendations on use of radio  4sec5, 4sec7
Barker, Albert S.  6sec3
Barron Signal Book  1sec3, A1802
Barry, John  1sec3, A1802
Bathythermograph  39sec5, 39sec7, A1942
Battle efficiency competition  32sec4, 36sec5, A1912, A1922
Battle Force  40sec1
Battleship Divisions, Battle Force  32sec7, A1923, A1924
Baudot code keyer  29sec11, 29sec11
Bauer, L. A.  26sec7
Bean, William C.  4sec7, 13sec3, A1902
Beecher, Albert A.  5sec2, A1903
Bell, James H.  4sec7, 8sec2, A1902
Bellinger, P. N. L.  23sec8
Bellini-Tosi RDF installation  22sec3, A1912
Bellows, H. A.  42sec4
Belmar radio station:
      Operation  20sec10, 25sec3
      Ownership  20sec10
      Radio censor station, WWI  19sec2
      Transatlantic radio receiving station  20sec10, 25sec3, A1917
      Underground antenna system  20sec10, 25sec3, A1917
Bell Telephone Laboratories:
      Coaxial cable  38sec5, A1936
      Electronic tube, attempt develop high frequency  38sec5
      "lobing"  38sec11, A1941
      Magnetron, multicavity  38sec11, A1941, A1941
      Magnetron, strapped  38sec11, A1941
      Radar altimeter  A1938
      Radar, fire control  38sec11
      Radar research and development  38sec5, 38sec7, 38sec11, A1939, A1940
      Television  A1927, A1930
      Wave guide  38sec5, A1936
Bell Telephone System:
      Mobilization national communications resources  19sec4
      Navy broadcasts  28sec4
      Transocean radio telephony tests  17sec4
Bennet, Frank M.  19sec4
Bennett, James Gordon  3sec3, 4sec7, A1899
Bennington  1sec8
Berlin Convention  10sec3, 12sec5, A1906, A1909, F
Berkner, L. V.  36sec6
Berliner, Emile  A1877, A1901
Berne Bureau of Telecommunications  42sec7
Biddle, Nicholas  1sec2
Birma  12sec7
Birmingham  13sec7, 13sec13, 15sec11, 22sec4
Birmingham University  38sec11, A1941
Blair, R. H.  42sec5
Blair, William R.  38sec10
Blake, Lucian  26sec3, A1899
Blakely, sonic depthfinder tests  26sec13
Blinder signal system  1sec5
Blish, John B.  3sec3, A1899
Block, G. C.  29sec11
BMC. (See Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co., Ltd.)
Board, Antisubmarine Devices  26sec7, 26sec9
Board, Defense Communications  A1940
Board, Interdepartmental Radio  31sec5, A1921, A1922
Board, Interdepartment Radio (Roosevelt)  7sec6, A1904
Board, Joint Army-Navy, Canal Zone Radio  18sec2
Board, Joint Communications  37sec4
Board, Joint Torpedo. (See Joint Torpedo Board.)
Board, Marconi  3sec3
Board, Munitions Patent  31sec5
Board, Naval Consulting (NCB). (See Naval Consulting Board.)
Board, Navy  1sec3
Board, Navy General. (See Navy General Board.)
Board of Inspection & Survey  A1942
Board of Naval Commissioners  A1824
Board of Ordnance, Special, fire control radar  38sec5
Board on A/S Devices, Special. (See Special Board.)
Board, Pilotless Flying Bomb  29sec10
Board, Radio Controlled Aircraft  29sec11
Board, Radio Technical Planning  A1945
Board, Systems Planning, BuAer  36sec6
Board to Review Naval Radio Service  21sec1, A1914
Board, Vacuum Tube Transmitter Advisory  28sec8, A1920
Board, War Production. (See War Production Board.)
Board, Wireless Telegraph  5sec2, 6sec2, 8sec1, 8sec6, A1902, A1905
Boards, Naval Signal  1sec4, 1sec8
Boche, A. W.  1sec4
Bogart, S. S.  10sec6
Bogusch, H. R.  26sec8
Bonaparte, J.  8sec9
Borah, W. E.  28sec7
Bostwick, L. A.  29sec11
Bottomley, John  10sec6, 12sec9, 12sec10
Bourne bill  12sec9, A1912
Bowen, H. G.:
      Chief BuEng  38sec6
      Director NRL  38sec8
Bradford, Royal B.:
      Chief Bureau of Equipment  3sec3
      Comparative tests radio equipments  5sec1
      Government regulation of radio  7sec2
      Marconi equipment tests  3sec3, 3sec3, 3sec5
      Radio operator training  4sec7
Branly, Edward:
      Coherer  2sec5, A1890
      "Trespiada" detector  4sec7
Brant Rock radio station  13sec7
Braun, Karl F.  A1874, A1899
Braun-Siemans-Halsice Co. radio equipment:
      Purchased for tests  4sec5
      Tests of  5sec2
Breckinridge  26sec13, A1920
British Admiralty  25sec4, 25sec5
British Technical Mission  38sec11, 38sec11, 39sec3, A1940
Broadcast stations. (See Radio stations.)
Broadcasting, radio. (See Radio broadcasting.)
Broadcasts, radio, Navy. (See Radio broadcasts.)
Broadcasts, weather WWII  A1941
Brooke, J. M.  26sec2
Bryan, Wm. J.  12sec7
Bryant, S. W.:
      Chinese American radio circuits  30sec13
      Member Board Review Naval Radio Service  19sec6
      Naval communications  19sec7
BuAer. (See Bureau of Aeronautics.)
BuC&R. (See Bureau of Construction & Repair.)
BuEng. (See Bureau of Engineering.)
Buffalo  13sec11
Bull radio equipment:
      Description  8sec3
      Tests of  8sec2, 8sec3
Bullard, W. H. G.:
      A.E.F.G. Consortion  30sec11
      Biography  15sec8, 42sec5
      British domination radio  30sec4, 33sec2
      Chairman, Federal Radio Commission  15sec8, 34sec3, 42sec4
      Command of Arkansas  22sec8
      Comment on officers' attitude RDF  22sec8
      Director, naval communications  19sec6, 30sec2, 30sec3, A1916, A1919
      Formation RCA  30sec5, 30sec6, A1919
      G.E.Co.-BMC alternator negotiations  30sec4
      Government ownership of radio  30sec2
      Government representative RCA board  30sec6, A1920
      Land-line telegraphic network  19sec5
      Naval Reserve personnel  19sec5
      President's instruction to  30sec2
      Senior member board review Naval Radio Service  19sec6
      Superintendent, Naval Radio Service  15sec8, A1912
      WWI mobilization  25sec1
Bulletins, hydrographic, broadcast of  19sec2, A1905, A1907
Bumstead, H. A.  26sec7, 26sec8
BuNav. (See Bureau of Navigation.)
Bunce, F. M.  2sec5
BuOrd. (See Bureau of Ordnance.)
Bureau of Aeronautics (BuAer):
      Aircraft electronics cognizance  36sec4, 36sec6, 36sec6, A1936, A1944
      Aircraft electronics functions  36sec6, 36sec6
      Aircraft electronics installation  36sec6, 36sec6, A1941, A1944
      Drone  40sec1, A1934, A1938, A1942
      Electronics distribution  37sec6, A1930, A1940
      Electronics procurement  36sec6, A1934, A1942, A1944
      Electronics requirements determination  36sec6, 36sec6
      Guided missiles  40sec6, 40sec8, A1940, A1944
      Organization (electronics)  36sec6, A1932, A1941, A1944
      Project Option  40sec8, A1942, A1943
      Radar  36sec6, 38sec1, 40sec8, A1941
      Systems Planning Board  36sec6
      Telemetering  40sec5, A1937
Bureau of Construction & Repair (BuC&R):
      Aviation  14sec1
      Consolidation with BuEng  34sec5, 38sec9, A1940
      Radar  38sec1
      Radio  5sec1, 6sec3, 32sec7, 32sec9, 35sec8, A1925
Bureau of Construction, Equipment & Repair  1sec3
Bureau of Engineering (BuEng):
      Aircraft design and procurement  36sec6, A1934
      Aircraft radio functions  36sec4, 36sec6, A1937
      Chiefs of  38sec6, A1910
      Consolidated with BuC&R  34sec5, 38sec9, A1940
      Drone  40sec1, A1936
      Fleet communication plan  32sec2, 32sec9, 33sec7
      Force tone system  25sec4, A1919, A1922
      Radio echoes  32sec9, 33sec7, A1922, A1930
      Radio experiments assigned Ohio  28sec13, A1919, A1920
      Radio, high frequency  28sec11, 35sec8, A1923, A1924
      Radio improvement, temporary  32sec2, 33sec7, 35sec3
      Radio modernization  32sec5, 35sec4, 35sec8, A1923, A1924, A1927, A1929
      Radio research  33sec7, 35sec3, 35sec10, A1922, A1931
      Reorganization BuSE  A1920
      Radar  28sec3, 33sec7, 38sec1, 38sec6, 38sec7, 38sec7, A1930, A1939
      Radio controlled aircraft  40sec1, A1920, A1922, A1933
      Vacuum tube availability  30sec12, A1920, A1921
      Vacuum tube transmitter Advisory Board  28sec5
      Vacuum tube transmitters  28sec5, 33sec7, 35sec3, A1922
      Vacuum tube development  28sec5, 30sec7
Bureau of Equipment:
      Became cognizant of signaling  1sec5, A1899
      Chiefs of  3sec3, 7sec5, 14sec3, A1902, A1904
      Cognizance radio removed  13sec11, A1908
      Conclusions on use of radio  4sec4
      Disputes with Marconi Cos.  3sec1, 3sec3, 3sec4, 3sec5, 4sec9, 5sec4, 7sec3, 7sec7, 8sec2, 10sec4, 10sec4, 10sec6, 13sec8, A1899
      Disputes with National Electric Signaling Co.  4sec10, 5sec3, 7sec8, 8sec4, 8sec9, 10sec4, A1904, A1906
      Early interest in radio  3sec3
      Establishment Corps. civilian radio experts  13sec4
      Establishment Naval Radio Research Laboratory  13sec4
      Establishment of radio stations  5sec1, 6sec2
      Experiments with radio telephone  13sec3
      Favored international regulation  7sec3, 10sec4
      Federal supervision radio  7sec1, 7sec3, 10sec3, 10sec4, 10sec6, 12sec8
      Fitting radio into ships  5sec1, 6sec3
      Homing pigeons  1sec6, 4sec4
      Instruction in radio  3sec6
      Investigation of radio systems  4sec4
      Issued first international radio call book  9sec2
      Marconi Cos. offer base equipment  3sec6, 5sec4, 8sec2
      Portable radio equipment  13sec5
      Procurement of radio equipment  4sec5, 4sec10, 5sec3, 8sec4, 8sec7, 8sec10, 11sec4, 11sec5, 13sec3, 13sec4, A1903, A1905, A1907, A1908
      Radio division  6sec2, A1903
      Radio equipment in use 1906  8sec14
      Radio equipment policy  A1902
      Radio interference  7sec1, 7sec5
      Radio monopoly  7sec2, 8sec3, 8sec8
      Radio planning  13sec2
      Radio requirements  13sec2
      Radio test stations  3sec6
      Recommends modernization naval radio  13sec10
      Recommended naval control of federal radio  7sec5
      Report on tests of Marconi equipment  3sec5
      Tests of radio equipment  3sec3, 5sec2, 8sec3, 13sec4
      Unable purchase Marconi equipment  3sec6, 5sec4, 8sec2
Bureau of Naval Personnel  36sec6
Bureau of Navigation (BuNav):
      Naval Communication Reserve  19sec6
      Naval Communication Service  36sec4
      Naval Radio Service  19sec6, 21sec1
      Radiomen  5sec2, 19sec5
      Signals & ciphers  1sec4
Bureau of Ordnance (BuOrd):
      Drone  40sec1, A1934
      Electronics cognizance  36sec7
      Electronics distribution  37sec6
      Electronics procurement  37sec2
      Established  36sec6
      Guided missiles  40sec8, A1941
      Organization (electronics)  36sec7, 37sec3
      Pilot flying bomb project  29sec10, A1921
      Proximity fuze  37sec3, 41sec2, A1940, A1944
      Radar  37sec2, 38sec1, 38sec5, 38sec11, A1928
      Radio controlled weapon  29sec10, 29sec11, 40sec8, A1921, A1941
Bureau of Ordnance & Hydrography  1sec3, 1sec4, A1858
Bureau of Ships (BuShips):
      Aircraft electronics cognizance  36sec4, 36sec6, 36sec6, A1936, A1944
      Aircraft electronics functions  36sec6
      Electronics distribution  37sec3
      Electronics procurement  37sec1, 37sec4, A1944
      Electronics requirements determination  37sec2
      Established  34sec5, 36sec6, 38sec9, A1940
      Guided missiles  40sec8
      Organization (electronics)  36sec5, 37sec2, A1942, A1944
      Radar  36sec5, 38sec9, 38sec11, A1940
      Sonar  39sec1, 39sec2
Bureau of Steam Engineering (BuSE):
      Aeronautical Division  23sec1
      Aircraft radio  23sec1, 23sec5, 23sec6
      Alexanderson alternator  20sec4
      Arc transmitter decision  A1919
      Antenna systems  20sec9
      Approbation of  13sec17
      Aviation  14sec1
      Chief of  13sec11, 17sec4, 30sec5, 38sec7, A1910
      Condenser, mica  17sec9
      Federal Telegraph Co., purchase of patents and stations of  20sec11, 24sec3
      Industrial problems  13sec8, A1919
      Lafayette Radio Station  20sec6, 20sec7, A1918
      Marconi shore radio stations, purchase of  20sec11, A1918
      Monopoly, concern over  31sec7
      Naval Communications Service  19sec6
      Organized  A1910
      Pilotless flying bomb project  29sec10
      Radio  15sec7, 17sec2, A1910, A1913, A1920
      Radio installations  17sec11, 28sec7, A1919
      Radio procurement  24sec2, A1915, A1916, A1917
      Radio stations, high powered  13sec17, 20sec2
      Responsibilities (radio)  19sec6
      Retitled  34sec5, 38sec9, A1920, A1940
      Spark transmitter decision  A1919
      Underwater sound  26sec7
      Vacuum tube availability  31sec6, A1920
      Vacuum tube improvement  17sec9, 31sec6, A1920
      Vacuum tube purchase policy  17sec8
      Vacuum tube transmitter decision  A1919
Bureau of Supplies & Accounts (BuS&A):
      Contracts, radar  38sec1
      Contracts, responsibility for  A1942
      Electronics distribution  37sec6
      Electronics procurement  24sec2, 37sec1
      Transportation Section  37sec6
Bureau of Yards and Docks  13sec15, 20sec6, 25sec6, A1918
Burgess, W. B.  28sec9
Burleson, Albert  30sec3
Burroughs, S. E.  41sec4
BuSE. (See Bureau of Steam Engineering.)
BuShips. (See Bureau of Ships.)
Bush, Vannevar  26sec9, 38sec11
Butts, L. G.  17sec6, A1915
Byrd, Richard E.  A1926, A1929, A1939


Cable, coaxial  38sec5, A1930, A1936
Cable censorship, WWI  25sec8, A1917
Cable, John L.  28sec3
Cables, transoceanic:
      British monopoly of  27sec1
      Manila-Hong Kong  1sec8
      Spanish-American War  1sec8, A1898
      Transatlantic opened  A1858
      WWI  19sec3, 20sec2, 25sec11, A1918
Cable, underwater pilot  28sec15
Cady, Walter G.  28sec10, A1924
Cairo Radio Convention  42sec7
Caldwell, O. H.  42sec4
Calhoun  26sec7
Calhoun, G. K.  26sec8
California  12sec7
Campania  A1903
Canal Zone Commercial radio service  18sec2, 33sec3
      High frequency radio communications  33sec7
      High frequency radio equipment  33sec7
Carborundum rectifier  11sec1, A1906
Caribbean radio stations  8sec7
Carnegie Institution  A1925
Carpathia  12sec7
Carpenter, C.  17sec2
      Cable  25sec8
      radio  19sec2, A1941
Chadbourne, Walter  17sec2
Chamberlain, E. T.  7sec8, 10sec4, 12sec9
Chambers, W. I.  14sec2, 14sec3
Chandler, Lloyd, N.  19sec4
Charleston  8sec14
Chicago  9sec4, A1906
      (This was old Chicago.)
Chicago  38sec8
      (This was new Chicago.)
Chicago Antisubmarine Group  26sec8, 26sec11
Chief of Naval Operations (CNO):
      Code and Signal Section  25sec5
      Drones  40sec1, A1934
      Electronics equipment allowances  37sec2
      Electronics equipment military characteristics  36sec6
      Guided missiles  40sec6, 40sec8, A1920, A1944
      Naval Communications Service  19sec6, 25sec5, 36sec4, 36sec6, A1917, A1918
      Office Naval Intelligence  25sec5
      Priority communications  25sec5
      Project Option  40sec8, A1942, A1943
      Radar  38sec1, 38sec7, 38sec8, 38sec9, A1936, A1940
      Radio  35sec10, 35sec12, 35sec13, A1927, A1929
      RDF  22sec11
      Ship Movement Office  25sec6
Chief of bureau, action of. (See specific bureau.)
Childs, W. G.  29sec10
China, Republic of, communications:
      Concessions  30sec13
      Consortium to provide  30sec13, A1921
      Federal Telegraph Co. of Delaware  30sec13, A1922
      Government position on  30sec13
      Provision of  30sec13, A1922, A1930
      RCA vs. Federal Telegraph Co.  30sec13, A1921, A1922
Clark, George H.:
      Aircraft radio  23sec6, 23sec6
      Approbation for Hepburn  17sec3
      Co-designer Navy types A, B, and C receivers  17sec6, A1915
      Developed Navy type number system  17sec11
      Developed quick frequency changer  13sec16, A1912
      Equipment quality (1913)  31sec3
      Expert radio aid  13sec4, 17sec2, A1908
      Feed back circuit AT & T  17sec6
      High-powered radio stations  18sec5
      Naval Radio Research Laboratory  13sec4, A1908
      Radio Division  13sec4, A1908
      RCA historian  13sec4
      Rogers antenna system  20sec9
      Site location proposed Monroe radio station  20sec7
      Synchronous rotary transmitter tests  13sec15
      Weagant antenna experiments  20sec10
Clarke, W. J.  3sec1, 3sec3, 4sec2, 8sec14
Clay, F. W. H.  10sec4
Cleeton & Hagen  38sec5
Cleveland  41sec4, A1942
CNO. (See Chief of Naval Operations.)
Coast Guard communications, WWI  25sec8
Coast signal system  1sec8, A1898
Code and signal memorandum  25sec5
Code and signal section  25sec5, A1917
Codes and ciphers  15sec12, 15sec13, 25sec5, A1912, A1913, A1917
Coffin, C. A.  30sec4
Cohen, Louis:
      Austin--formula  13sec7, 17sec3
      Capacity coupled receiver circuit  17sec6, A1913
      Co-designer Navy types A, B, and C receivers  17sec6, A1915
      Navy receiver design consultant  17sec6, A1913
      Patent infringement claim  31sec6
      Uniwave arc transmitting key  28sec12
Coherer  2sec5, A1890
Collins, A. F.  8sec3, 8sec13
Collins Wireless Telephone Co.  11sec4
Colpitts, E. H.  26sec8
Columbia  3sec3, 4sec3
Columbia University Sonar Research Group  39sec5
Combined Chiefs of Staff  41sec8
Commandants naval districts:
Communications responsibilities of  36sec4
Commanders fleets, forces, etc. (See unit concerned.)
Commission, Federal Communications. (See Federal Communications Commission.)
Commission, Federal Radio. (See Federal Radio Commission.)
Commission, Federal Trade  30sec13, 34sec3, A1923
Commission, Maritime  37sec2
Committee, Guided Missile  40sec8
Committee, Inter-Allied Radio  20sec2, 20sec5, A1917
Committee, Interdepartmental Radio  27sec2
Committee, Interdepartmental Radio Advisory. (See Interdepartmental.)
Committee, International Technical Consulting, Radio Communications  42sec7
Committee, Marine, Continental Congress  1sec2
Committee, Microwave Research  38sec11, A1940
Committee, National Defense Research (NDRC). (See National Defense.)
Committee, Technical, on International Radio Communications  42sec2
Communication instructions, U.S. Navy, 1925  36sec4
Communication plan, fleet  32sec2
Communications Act of 1934  A1934
Communications, Coast Guard  25sec8
Communications, disregard for  36sec5
Communications equipment, WWII  35sec1
Communications for Republic of China. (See China.)
Communications, fleet:
      Failure of  32sec3
      Organization of  36sec2
      Teletype  A1944
      Unsatisfactory  15sec1, 32sec4, 35sec2, A1922, A1924
      WWI  25sec4, A1917
Communications, historic modes of  1sec1
Communications, naval message precedence system  23sec6
Communications officers:
      Assignment of  36sec5
      Duties of  36sec3
Communications problems  36sec5, A1917
Communications regulations, U.S. Navy 1918  19sec6, 36sec4
Communications resources, national mobilization tests of  19sec3, A1916
Communications responsibilities:
      Bureau of Equipment  1sec5, A1890
      BuEng  19sec6
      BuSE  19sec6
      BuShips  19sec6
      Commandants of naval districts  36sec4
      Commanders of fleets, forces, units  36sec4
      Communications, officers  36sec3
      Director Naval Communications  19sec6, 36sec6
      Radio officers  36sec3
      Superintendent Naval Radio Service  15sec8
Communications security  15sec12, 25sec5, A1912, A1914, A1917
Communications, transatlantic  33sec2
Communications, transpacific  30sec13
Communications, underwater sound:
      Experiment in  26sec5
      JK sonar used in  39sec2, A1931
Communications, voice radio:
      Air-to-ground  A1919
      Air-to-submarine  A1920
Compagnie General Télégraphie et Téléphonie Sans Fil  4sec5
Compagne Universelle de Télégraphie et Téléphonie of France (Tuckerton radio station)  18sec6
Conclusions, Roosevelt Board  7sec7
Cone, H. I.:
      Arc transmitter  13sec16
      Biography  13sec11
      Chief BuSE  13sec11, A1910
Conference, Allied Radio  42sec2
Conference, Fifth International Radio  42sec7, A1930
Conference, First International Radio:
      American delegates  7sec4
      Convened in Berlin  5sec4, 7sec4, 42sec2, A1906
      Protocol provisions  B
      Proviso against monopoly  5sec4
Conference, First International Telegraph  A1851
Conference, Fourth International Radio:
      American delegates  35sec12, 42sec5, A1927
      Committees of  42sec5
      Convened in Washington  42sec5, A1927
      Convention adopted  42sec5, N
      Established International Technical Consulting Committee on Radio Communications  42sec7, A1927
      U.S. Government extended invitation for  A1912
Conference, Havana (Western Hemisphere radio)  42sec7, A1937, A1941
Conference, Lima (regional aeronautical radio)  42sec7, A1937
Conference, National Radio:
      First  42sec3, A1922
      Second  42sec3, A1923
      Third  42sec3, A1924
      Fourth  42sec4
Conference, Navy-Industry Radio Research  35sec12, A1926
Conference, Ottawa (regional radio broadcast)  42sec7, A1937
Conference, Safety at Sea  A1913
Conference, Second International Radio  7sec8, 10sec3
      American delegates  10sec3
      Convened in Berlin  10sec3, 42sec2, A1906
      Convention (Berlin) adopted  10sec3, 42sec2, F
Conference, Seventh International Radio  A1942
Conference, Sixth International Radio:
      American delegates  42sec7, A1938
      Convened in Cairo  42sec7, A1938
      Convention (Cairo)  42sec7
Conference, Third International Radio:
      American delegates  12sec10
      Convened in London  12sec10, 42sec2, A1912
      Deliberations of  12sec5, 12sec10
      London Convention  12sec10, A1912
Congressional appropriations:
      NRL  28sec9, A1916
      Radio  18sec2, 32sec8, 35sec4, 35sec12, A1913, A1922, A1925
      Radio controlled torpedo  29sec3, 29sec7, 29sec10, A1916
      Sea planes  14sec2
Congressional consideration radio patent:
      Infringement claims  31sec6, A1918, A1921
Congressional considerations regulation of radio. (See Federal regulation.)
Connecticut  13sec6, 13sec7, 13sec12
Consolidated Wireless Co.:
      Absorbed American Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Co.  7sec1, A1902
      Chief engineer  4sec10
      Merged with International Wireless Co.  7sec1, A1902
      Navy tests of equipment  5sec2
      Organized  7sec1, A1902
      Sales to Navy  4sec10
Continental Congress Marine Committee  1sec2
      Continental Navy:
      Signal instructions of  1sec2, A1776
Contract Division, BuShips  36sec6, 37sec2, A1944
Contract Planning Section Branch, BuShips  37sec2, A1944
Contracts, negotiated  A1941
Convention, Berlin  10sec3, 12sec1, 12sec5, A1906, A1912, F
Convention, Cairo  42sec7
Convention, Fourth International Radio Conference  12sec10, A1912
Convention, London  12sec10, A1912
Convention, Sixth International Radio Conference  42sec7, A1938
Convention, Third International Radio Conferences  12sec10, A1912
Convention, Washington  42sec5, A1929, N
Converse, G. A.  7sec5, A1903
Cooke, F. H.  20sec7
Coolidge, Calvin  42sec4, 42sec5, A1927
Coolidge, W. D.  26sec9
Coontz, R. E.  32sec4, 35sec10
Cooper, Hew H., Electrical Co.  31sec5
Cooper, L.  42sec5
Copeland, D. Graham  20sec7
Costen, Gunner  1sec4
Council for Research, Navy Department  41sec2
Council, National Research  26sec7
Courtney, C. E.  36sec4, A1935
Cowlas, W. C.  14sec1
Craven, T. A. M.:
      Biography  32sec4
      Federal Communication Commission  A1937, A1945
      Fleet radio officer  32sec4, A1922
      Fourth International Radio Conference  42sec5
      Navy communication frequency plan  32sec9, 33sec7, K
      Radio modernization plan  32sec8
      Ship Section, Radio Division  32sec4, A1923
Craven, T. T.:
      Delegate Fourth International Radio Conference  42sec5
      Director Naval Communications  36sec4, A1927
      Inspector of Ordnance, Dahlgren  29sec10
      Pilotless flying bomb project  29sec10, A1919
      Tactical use of radio  13sec12, 15sec1
Crocker-Wheeler Co.  17sec11
Cronan, W. P.  26sec8
Crookes, William  A1878
Crosley Corp.  37sec3, 38sec5, 41sec8
Crossley, A.  29sec11
Crystal Controlled high-frequency radio transmitter, NRL, 1942  28sec9
C-tube submarine detector  26sec9
Curie, Jacques and Pierre  A1880
Curtis Co.  29sec10
Curtis, W. F.  38sec5, A1934
Curtiss, Glen  14sec2
Cutting and Washington:
      Aircraft spark transmitter  23sec5
      Aircraft transmitters (CP 1110 & 1110A)  23sec6
      No infringement claim against Government  31sec5


Daniels, Josephus:
      Aircraft communications  23sec8
      British domination of radio  30sec2
      Chollas Heights radio station  18sec5
      Federal Radio Co., stations and patents  24sec4
      GECO-BMC alternator negotiations  30sec2, 30sec6, A1919
      Govt. monopoly radio  24sec3, 24sec4, 27sec3, A1919
      Govt. ownership radio  30sec2, 30sec6, 30sec11, 33sec2, A1916, K
      Lafayette radio station  20sec2, 20sec6
      Navy domination of radio weakened by  30sec6
      Pan-American Co.  30sec11
      Radio legislation  27sec2
      Radio telephony  19sec4
      RCA charter  30sec5, 30sec6
      SecNav  16sec5, 18sec5, 26sec7
      Special Board on Antisubmarine Devices  26sec7, A1917
      Submarine detection conference  26sec7
      With President in Paris  30sec3, 30sec6
Darby, Samuel  11sec3
Darien, C. Z. radio station, photograph of  18sec5
Davis, A. G.:
      C.E.Co.-Navy alternator conference  30sec4
      Purchase of AMC stock  30sec6
      RCA proposed charter  30sec5, A1919
Davis, A. W.  1sec4
Davis, Cleland:
      Biography  13sec2
      Head, radio division  13sec2, A1906
      Problems  13sec3
      Radio planning  13sec3
Davis, R. P.  29sec2
Davis, T. McL.  21sec3, 28sec9
Davis, W. R.  23sec7
Decade frequency synthesizer  34sec5
De Chevalier, G.  29sec10
Decremeter  A1912
Defense Communications Board  A1940
De Forest, Freeman & Smythe  4sec3
De Forest, Lee:
      Acquitted using mails to defraud  11sec3, A1911
      American De Forest Co.  4sec10
      Amplifier  11sec3, 17sec8, A1911
      Bankrupt  11sec3, A1911
      Coplaintiff  30sec12
      Demonstrated radio telephony  A1907
      Education  4sec2
      Employee Federal Telegraph Co.  11sec3, 17sec8, A1911
      Finances  4sec3, 7sec1, 11sec3, A1911
      Heterodyne receiver, electronic  11sec3, A1911
      Ousted from United Wireless Co.  11sec2
      Pancake tuner  8sec9
      Partnership with Freeman & Smythe  4sec3
      Patents, feedback circuit  11sec4, A1914, A1928
            Loss of  11sec2, A1907
            Magnetic detector  A1903
            Triode  11sec2, A1907, A1908
      Personality  4sec3, 4sec10, 7sec1
      Radio Telephone Co.  11sec3, 17sec8, A1907
      Radio Telephone & Telegraph Co.  11sec4, 17sec8, A1913
      Reporting yacht races  4sec3, A1901
      Stone tuned circuit patent  11sec3, A1907, A1911
      Triode  17sec8, 17sec9, A1922
      Triode as oscillator  11sec3, A1913
      Triode rights  30sec12, A1922
      Triode rights, AT&T  11sec3, 11sec4, A1914
      Ultraudion  11sec3
      United Wireless Co.  11sec2, A1906
      Vs. Armstrong  11sec4, 11sec4, A1914, A1920, A1928
      Vs. Wireless Telegraph Co.  4sec3, 4sec10, A1902
      Wireless Telegraph Co. of America  4sec3, 4sec10
De Forest radio equipment:
      Description  4sec4
      Navy tests of  4sec10, 5sec2
      Schematic diagram of  8sec7, 13sec3
De Forest Radio Telephone & Telegraph Co.:
      Aircraft electronic transmitters (CF 118, 349)  23sec2, 23sec5
      Electronic tube patent  11sec2, 11sec4, 30sec12, A1913, A1914, A1916, A1922
      Electronic tubes  17sec8, 30sec12, 30sec12, A1914, A1917
      Navy CF 118, 349 aircraft radio sets  23sec2, 23sec3
      Organized  11sec4, A1913
      Ultra-audion  11sec3
      Vacuum tube manufacturing  11sec4, 17sec8, 30sec12, 30sec12, A1917, A1922
      Vacuum Tube Transmitter Advisory Board  28sec5
De Forest Radio Telephone Co.:
      Bankrupt  11sec3, A1911
      Bids to provide Navy long distance radio circuit  11sec4
      Navy radio telephone sets  11sec3, A1907
      Officers alleged using mails to defraud  11sec3, A1912
      Organized  11sec3, A1907
      Protests loss of bid on Navy equipment  11sec4
      Schematic diagram radio telephone set  13sec3
De Forest Wireless Telegraph Co.:
      Absorbed Wireless Telegraph Co. of A.  4sec10, A1902
      De Forest, vice president  4sec10
      Organized  4sec10, A1902
      Policies  4sec10
      Rented to American De Forest Co.  4sec10, A1903
      Receiver requested  4sec10
      Schematic diagram of equipment  8sec6
Defrees, J. R.  26sec8
Delaware  13sec13
Danby, Edwin:
      Communication consortion for China  30sec13, A1921
      Communications monopoly  30sec13, A1921
      Government radio policies  30sec13
      Navy responsibility for Government radio policy  30sec13
      SecNav  30sec13
Denfeld, G. W.  3sec3
Denny, C. R.  A1945
Department of Agriculture  7sec4
Department of Commerce:
      Radio channel allocation agreement  42sec4
      Regulation of radio  27sec2, 42sec2, 42sec3, 42sec3, 42sec3, A1916
      Unable refuse radio licenses  42sec4
      Underwater pilot cable  28sec15, A1919
Department of Commerce and Labor  7sec8, 7sec8, 12sec8, A1905
Department of Justice:
      Government vs. radio group  34sec3
      License powers Department of Commerce  42sec4, A1926
Deschamps, M.  20sec6
Design Branch, R&S Division BuShips  36sec6
Detection system, underwater sound:
      Acoustical devices  26sec7, 39sec3, A1917
      Asdic  26sec14, 39sec3
      Early history of  26sec7
      Sonar  39sec2, A1933, A1942
Detector, electronic  16sec3
Detector, radio. (See Radio.)
Detectors, sounds. (See Underwater sound and sonar.)
Deutschland  7sec3
Dewey, George  3sec3, A1899
      Commanded Asiatic Squadron  1sec8
      Communication problems  1sec8
      Cut Manila-Hong Kong cable  1sec8
      Interest in naval aviation  14sec1
      President, Navy General Board  6sec2
Dillon, John F.  42sec4
Director Naval Communications:
      BuSE  19sec6
      Cable censorship  25sec11, A1917
      Coast Guard communications  25sec8
      Codes and ciphers  25sec5
      Duties of  19sec6
      Fleet Communication Plan (1919)  32sec2
      German peace message  25sec8, A1918
      List of  36sec5
      Messages, priority of handling  25sec5
      Naval Communications Reserve  19sec5, 19sec6
      Office established (NGO 236)  19sec6
      RDF  22sec5
      Responsibilities  19sec6, 36sec6
      Transatlantic Communication Officer  25sec3
Director of Censorship  A1917, A1941
Disaster, use of radio  9sec4, 12sec2, 12sec7, A1906, A1909, A1912
Discipline, radio  9sec0, 15sec1, 15sec4
Distribution Liaison Section, R&S Division, BuShips  37sec6
Distribution of electronics equipment (See Electronics equipment.)
Division of Operations, BuNav:
      Operational control naval radio  13sec10, 13sec12
Division VI, NRDC  39sec5
Dodd, E. H.:
      Assistance rendered Hooper  13sec12
      Commanded Alaskan Radio Expedition, 1912  13sec11, A1912
      Initial radio assignment  9sec0
      Member board review Naval Radio Service  19sec6
Dolbear, Amos:
      Radio patents  2sec3, 4sec2, A1886, A1899
      Restraint of Marconi  3sec3
Dolphin  29sec3
Dorchester  38sec4
Dow, J. B.:
      Electron-coupled circuit  32sec9, 34sec5
      Heads R&S Division  36sec4, 36sec6, A1938, A1941
      Radio control, Ohio  28sec14
Drone (AA target)
      Development personnel  40sec2
      Developed  16sec8, 40sec1
      Need for  40sec1, A1933
      Operations  40sec4, 41sec4, A1938
      Planes assigned to development of  40sec3
      Radio control system for  40sec2, A1937
      Specifications for  40sec1
      Tests of  40sec3, A1937
Drone, assault. (See Missiles, guided.)
Dubilier Condenser Co.  31sec6
Dubilier, Wm.:
      Designed aircraft radio (CS350)  23sec2
      Mica condensers  17sec9, A1916
      Radio components  17sec11
      Vs. WASCo.  17sec9
DuBose, W. G.  29sec11
DuBridge, Lee.  38sec11
Ducretet radio equipment:
      Naval use of  4sec4
      Navy tests of  4sec5, 4sec6, 4sec8, 5sec2
      "tres-piede" test  4sec7
Duddell, Wm.  11sec3, A1900
Dunwoody, H. C.  11sec1, A1906
Duplexer, radar. (See Radar.)
Duncan  8sec2
Duricae, F. M.  15sec11
Dyer, George L.  5sec2


Earl, Charles  10sec4
Earle, Ralph  29sec10, 29sec10
East Goodwin lightship  2sec9
Eastman Kodak Co.  37sec3, 41sec8
Eaton, William A.:
      Arc transmitter uniwave key  28sec5, 32sec5
      Radio test shop  21sec3, 21sec3, 23sec6, A1917
Eberle, E. W.  35sec2
Edgar, Webster A.  8sec2
Edison, Charles:
      Assistant Secretary Navy  40sec3
      Drone radio control system demonstration  40sec3
      Radar demonstration  40sec8
Edison Society  28sec8
Edison, Thomas A.:
      Chairman, Naval Consulting Board  26sec7, 28sec9, A1915
      "Edison effect"  A1883
      "Etheric force"  A1875
      Improved telephone transmitter  A1877
      Reproduction of sound  A1877
      Wireless telegraphy patent  2sec3
Edwards, E. P.:
      G.E.Co.-BMC alternator negotiations  30sec2
      G.E.Co.-Navy alternator conference  30sec4
Edwards, John R.:
      Aided ratification Berlin Convention  12sec5, A1912
      Delegate Third International Radio Conference  12sec10, A1912
Ehret, Cornelius  A1902
Fiffel Tower  17sec6
Eitel-McCullough, Inc.  38sec7, A1934
Electrical World:
      Approbation naval radio  13sec17
      Hale bill  10sec6
      Navy radio specifications  11sec4
      Support of regulation of radio  12sec1, 12sec5
"Electrical" detector  26sec9
Electricity; early developments  1sec5, 2sec2, A1600, A1819, A1856, A1878
Electron-coupled circuit  32sec9, 34sec5
Electronic age:
      Post WWI era  34sec2
      Broadcast era  34sec2
      Depression period  34sec3
      World War II  34sec3
Electronic tube. (See Tube, vacuum.)
Electronics, aircraft, cognizance  36sec4, 36sec6, 36sec6, A1936
Electronics; application to warfare  34sec5
Electronics countermeasures, doctrinal policies  36sec6
Electronics development, magnitude of  34sec5
Electronics Division, BuShips:
      Organization  36sec6, 37sec2, A1944
      Redesignated R&S Division  36sec6, A1944
Electronics equipment, allowances  36sec6
Electronics equipment cognizance  36sec4, 36sec6, 36sec6, A1936, A1944
Electronics equipment; cost of WWII  A1945
Electronics equipment distribution  37sec5, A1931, A1939
Electronics equipment, frequency assignment  36sec6
Electronics equipment, military characteristics  36sec6
Electronics equipment, naval development of  16sec3
Electronic equipment:
      Navy expenditures, 1934  A1939
Electronics equipment policy  17sec2
Electronics equipment procurement:
      Administrative restrictions  37sec1, A1942
      Aircraft  36sec6, A1934, A1942
      Amount of  37sec2, A1942
      Army  37sec2
      Authority for request for  37sec2
      BuAer  36sec6
      BuOrd  37sec2
      BuShips  37sec2
      Contract Division, BuShips  37sec2, A1944
      Department contract directives  37sec1
      Electronic Procurement Section, BuShips  A1942
      Expediting  36sec7, 37sec4, A1942, A1944
      Handicaps in  37sec2
      Lend-Lease Administration  37sec2
      Marine Corps  37sec2
      Maritime Commission  37sec2
      Negotiated contracts  A1941
      Office of Procurement & Material  37sec1, A1942
      Presidential contract directives  37sec1, A1942
      Progress payments for  37sec1
      Project Option  A1943
      War Production Board  36sec6, 37sec3, A1942
Electronics equipment, production expediting  37sec4
Electronics equipment, requirements determination  36sec6, 36sec6, 37sec2
Electronics, future of  34sec5
Electronics, growth of naval  34sec5
Electronics industry:
      Wartime conversion  A1942
Electronics in invasion North Africa  A1942
Electronics material training program  36sec6
Electronics priority system  38sec1
Electronics, research and development  34sec2, 36sec4, A1939
Ellyson, Theodore L.  14sec2
Elwell, Charles  11sec1, 13sec16
Ely, Eugene  14sec2
Engineering Research Group (sonar)  39sec5
Equipment Branch, Electronics Division, BuShips  36sec6, 37sec2, A1944
Ericson, John  1sec3
Espenschied, Lloyd:
      Radio telephony tests  17sec5
      Coaxial cable  A1929
Evans, Robley D.:
      Chairman Lighthouse Board  7sec6
      C-in-C Atlantic Fleet  10sec1, A1906
      Directed investigate radio interference  10sec1, A1906
      Recommended Federal control radio  10sec1
      Senior member Roosevelt Board  7sec6
      Radio telephone experiment  13sec3
      Trained fleet in strategic use of radio  9sec2
Eveleth, C. E.  26sec9
Executive Orders  18sec6, 19sec2, 20sec1
Expediting production electronic equipment  37sec4
Experimental radar (X models.) (See Radar.)


Fabbri, Alessandro  20sec10, 25sec3
Fahrney, D. S.:
      Assistance to author  29sec11
      Drone and guide missiles  40sec2, 40sec8, 40sec8, A1936
Fairfax  24sec3
Farnsworth, Phillip  11sec8
Farnsworth, P. T.  A1927, A1930
Farguhar, N. H.  3sec4
Farragut, David  1sec4
Fathometer  39sec2, A1927
Federal Communications Commission  30sec13, 34sec3, A1934, A1941, A1943, A1945
"Farragut Letter"  21sec3, 31sec4, A1918
Federal Radio Commission:
      Authority extended  42sec5, A1928, A1929
      Established  42sec4, 42sec5, A1927
      Chairman  34sec3, 42sec4
      Duties of  42sec4, A1927
      Members of  42sec4
      Need for  34sec3
      Political football  42sec5
      Problems of  42sec5
      Retitled  34sec3, A1934
      Schmekebier's comment on  42sec5
      Stations assigned frequencies  A1927
Federal regulation of radio, acts and events leading to:
      Commercial rivalry  6sec5, 7sec4, 7sec5, 7sec7, 11sec1, 11sec10
      Conflict of interests  7sec5
      Disasters  12sec2, 12sec3, 12sec5, 12sec9
      Frye bill  12sec5
      German protest  7sec3, 7sec8
      Interference  4sec3, 7sec1, 7sec5, 8sec4, 10sec1, 10sec4, 12sec3
      Monopoly  7sec1, 7sec2, 7sec3, 8sec3
      Non-compulsory traffic handling  10sec3, 10sec4
      Public opinion  12sec1
      Requirements Berlin Convention  A1906, F
      Third International Radio Conference  12sec5
Federal regulation of radio, Congressional considerations of:
      Alexander bill  27sec2, A1913, A1917, A1918, A1919
      Berlin Convention  10sec5, 12sec5
      Bourne bill  12sec9
      Communications Act of 1934  A1934
      Frye bill  12sec3
      Hale bill  10sec6
      House Resolution 548  30sec13, A1923
      London Convention  12sec10
      Peters bill  10sec6
      Public Law 238  12sec8, A1912
      Public Law 262  12sec3, A1910
      Public Law 264  12sec9, 33sec3, A1912, G
      Public Law 632  27sec5, A1927
      Public Resolutions  27sec5, A1920, A1922, A1925
      Roberts bill  12sec3, A1909
      Shephard bill  10sec6
      S. 3620  12sec9
      S. 5334  12sec9
      S. 5630  12sec9
Federal regulation of radio:
      Effects of political situation  10sec5, 12sec1, 12sec3, 12sec5
Federal regulation of radio, laws pertaining to:
      Communications Act of 1934  A1934
      House Resolution 548  30sec13, A1923
      Public Law 238 (amended Ship Radio Act, 1910)  12sec8, A1912
      Public Law 262 (Ship Radio Act, 1910)  12sec3, A1910
      Public Law 264 (Radio Communications)  12sec9, 33sec3, A1912, G
      Public Law 639 (Radio Act of 1927)  27sec5, A1927
      Public Resolution (5 June 1920)  27sec5, A1920
      Public Resolution (14 April 1922)  27sec5, A1922
      Public Resolution (28 Feb. 1925)  27sec5, A1925
Federal regulation of radio:
      Opposition to  7sec7, 10sec4, 10sec6, 12sec3, 12sec5, A1904
      Proponents of  7sec1, 7sec5, 10sec1, 10sec4, 10sec5, 10sec6, 12sec1, 12sec5, 12sec8, A1904, A1906, A1909
Federal Telegraph Co.:
      Arc transmitter patents  11sec5, A1911
      BMC interest in purchase of  20sec11, 24sec3
      Chinese communication concession  30sec13, A1921, A1922
      De Forest employed by  11sec3, 17sec8, A1911
      Federal Telegraph Co. of Delaware  30sec13, A1922
      Government retains license on all patents of  30sec13, A1921
      Government returned patents  30sec13, A1921
      Increased power arc transmitters  2sec10, 21sec1
      Infringement claims  31sec5
      Installed arc transmitter in Arlington station  11sec8, A1912
      Leased arc to Homag Co.  18sec6
      Navy contracts (arc transmitters)  11sec5, 18sec3, 31sec2
      Navy trial of arc transmitter  11sec5
      Officer of  11sec1, 11sec5, 21sec1
      Organized  11sec5, A1911
      Pan American Co.  30sec6, A1917
      Photograph 30 KW arc transmitter  11sec5
      Provided Navy model De Forest amplifier  17sec8
      Purchased Kolster RDF patents  22sec5
      Prohibited from sale of arc transmitter  30sec11
      Sale of patents and stations to Government  20sec11, 24sec3, 30sec7, 31sec4, A1918
      Schematic diagram KW arc transmitter  11sec5
      Schematic diagram "Tikker" receiver  11sec5
      San Francisco-Honolulu radio service  11sec5, 16sec2
      "Tikker" receivers  17sec4, 18sec3
            vs. AMC  11sec10
            vs. RCA (transpacific circuits)  30sec13, A1921, A1922
Federal Telegraph Co. of Delaware  30sec13, A1922
Federal Trade Commission  30sec13, 34sec3, A1923
Feedback circuit  11sec4, 17sec4, 31sec7, A1915, A1920, A1928
Ferrie, G. A.  17sec6, 20sec5
Fessenden, Reginald:
      Belabors Navy officials  5sec4, 8sec4, 8sec9, A1904, A1906
      Brant Rock tests  11sec1, A1906
      Chief engineer NESCO  4sec10, 11sec4, A1901
      Desired Navy test NESCO equipment  5sec4, 7sec8, 8sec4
      Electrolytic detector  7sec1, 11sec4, 31sec2, A1898, A1902
      Employee Weather Bureau  3sec1
      Heterodyne receiver  11sec4, 17sec3, 31sec3, A1911
      H.F. alternator  11sec4, A1903
      Infringement claims  12sec3, A1903
      Joined Submarine Signal Co.  26sec5, A1912
      Magnetic detector  A1902
      Navy tests of NESCO equipment  4sec10, 5sec3, 5sec4, 7sec8, 8sec4, A1904, A1905
      Personality of  5sec4, 11sec4, 11sec5
      Schematic diagrams of equipments  8sec4, 11sec4
      Synchronous rotary spark transmitter  11sec4
      Transmission & reception voice  11sec1, A1900, A1906
      Underwater sound oscillator  26sec5, 26sec9, 26sec11, 26sec14, A1914
      Vs. NESCO  11sec5, A1911
Fifth International Radio Conference  42sec7, A1932
Fire control radar (F models) (See Radar.)
Fire Control Radar Section R&D Division, BuOrd  36sec7
Fire Island RDF installation  22sec4
First International Telegraph Conference  A1851
First International Radio Conference. (See Conference.)
First National Radio Conference  42sec3, A1922
First War Powers Act  37sec1
Firth, John:
      Formed Wireless Improvement Co.  11sec9
      Infringement claims  31sec6
      International Telephone & Telegraph Construction Co.  A1904
      Navy standard head sets  11sec8
      NESCO salesman  11sec4
      Opinion United Wireless Co.  11sec2
      Radio controlled torpedoes  29sec2
      Wireless Telegraph Co. of America  4sec2
      WSACo. vice president and sales manager  11sec4
Fiske, Bradley A.:
      Degaussing  2sec5
      Electromagnet  2sec5
      Member Wireless Telegraph Board  8sec1
      Opposition to radio  6sec5
      Patented radio control system  2sec5, 31sec6, A1900
      Signaled by conduction  2sec5, A1888
Fleet Communication Plan  32sec2
Fleet Sonar School  39sec3, A1936
Fleming, John A.  30sec12, A1904, A1922
Flying Huntress  2sec9, A1898
Fly, James L.  A1940
Food administration communications  25sec8
Foot-Pierson Co.  23sec1
Forbes, A. D.:
      Expert radio aid  17sec2
      RDF  22sec5
Force tune system  25sec4, A1919, A1921, A1922
Ford Instrument Co.  29sec10
Foster, H. E.  40sec3
Fourth International Radio Conference. (See Conference.)
Fourth National Radio Conference  42sec4
Fox, A. G.  38sec11
Frankfort  12sec7
Freeman, Clarence  4sec3, 4sec10
French Military Communication System  17sec6
French radio traffic agreements  30sec11
Frequency allocations  32sec9, 33sec7, 36sec6, 42sec3, 42sec3, 42sec4, A1938, A1941, A1945, K
Frequencies, broadcasting  32sec5, 35sec4, 42sec3
Frequency band (500-150 kc):
      C-in-C vs. Fleet comment on  32sec5
      Facsimile tests on  A1937
      Frequency changer  13sec16, 13sec17, A1912
      Frequency modulated broadcast stations  A1939, A1941
      Frequency modulated radio control  40sec8
      Navy agreement to vacate  32sec5, 35sec4, 42sec3, A1923, A1924
Frequency modulation  5sec4, A1935, A1939
Frequency plan  13sec13, 25sec4, A1920, A1923, A1925, K
Frequency Plan, Naval Communications. (See Naval Communications.)
Frequency shift radio transmitter  34sec5
Frye bill  12sec3, 12sec5, A1909
Fuel administration, communications  25sec8
Fullam, W. F.  15sec1
Fuller, L. F.:
      Annapolis radio station  20sec5
      Chief Engineer Federal Telegraph Co.  21sec1
      Lafayette Radio Station  20sec6
Furlong, W. R.  15sec14
Furth, E. F.  38sec1
Fuze, proximity:
      Accelerated research on  41sec2
      Development of VT  41sec3
      Early research on  41sec1
      Priority in research  41sec2
      Requirement for  41sec1
Fuze, proximity, electronic (VT):
      Combat usage  41sec4, 41sec8, A1944, A1945
      Components of  37sec3, 41sec3
      Costs of  37sec3, 41sec8
      Development of  37sec3, 41sec3, A1940, A1941, A1942, A1945
      Electronic tubes for  41sec3
      Fluid specifications provided  41sec4
      Initial combat use  37sec3, 41sec4, A1944
      Manufacturers of components of  37sec3, 41sec2, 41sec3
      Miniaturization of components of  41sec3
      Pilot production  41sec3
      Power for  41sec3
      Production of  37sec3, 41sec4, 41sec8, A1942, A1944, A1945
      Security restrictions on use of  41sec8, 41sec10
      Service test of  41sec4, A1942
      Tests of  37sec3, 41sec3, 41sec4, A1942
      Tribute. (See Salve of;  34sec5


Gale, H. B.  15sec11
Gardner, F. Q. C.  29sec3, 29sec6
Gaston, H. E.  A1940
Gebhard, L. A.:
      Designed crystal controlled high frequency transmitter  32sec9, A1924
      Designed pulse transmitter  38sec5, A1925
      Designed SE 1385 aircraft transmitter  23sec6
      Headed NRL transmitter group  28sec3
Gehring, G. P.:
      Character  4sec2
      Organized American Wireless Telephone & Telegraph Co.  4sec2
      Organized Consolidated Wireless Co.  7sec1
      Organized International Co.  7sec1
      Ousted from American De Forest Co.  7sec1
      Ousted from control International Co.  7sec1
General Electric Co. (G.E.Co.):
      Aircraft transmitters (CG 1104A, 1130, 4050)  23sec6, 23sec6
      Aircraft tube transmitter  23sec5
      Alexanderson alternator  18sec2, 20sec2, 20sec4, 20sec11, 27sec1, A1915, A1919, Msec1
      Alternators, construction of  16sec3, 20sec2, 20sec9, 20sec10, 21sec2, A1906, A1908
      AMC agreement  30sec6, A1919
      BMC alternator negotiations  30sec2, A1919
      Cavity magnetron  38sec5
      Cross-license agreements:
            A.T.&T.  30sec7, A1920
            RCA  30sec6, A1919
            The International Radio Telegraph Co.  30sec8
            United Fruit Co.  30sec11
            WEM Co.  30sec8
            WSA Co.  30sec11
      Electronic tube  17sec9, 28sec2, 28sec5, 32sec3, A1920, A1921
      Government suit against  34sec3
      Monopoly invited to attention of  31sec7
      Navy alternator conference  30sec2, A1919
      Navy research conference  35sec12, 35sec12, A1926
      Officers of  30sec4
      Radio amplifier (SE 1605B), manufacture of  23sec7
      Radio telephone development  25sec11
      Radio transmitters. (See G.E. Co. aircraft and vacuum tube transmitters.)
      RCA, formation of  30sec5, A1919, A1920
      Screen grid electronic tube  A1929
      Underwater sound research  26sec7, A1917
      Vacuum tube research  28sec2, 28sec5, 32sec3
      Vacuum tube transmitters (models TC, TD, TE, TF & TG)  28sec5, 32sec3, A1920, A1921, A1922
      Vacuum tube transmitters (model TU)  35sec3
      Vacuum tube transmitter research  28sec2, 28sec5, 32sec3
      WEMCo. manufacturing agreement  30sec11
General Radio Co.  23sec5
George Washington:
      President broadcasts from  30sec3
      Radio transmissions of  23sec8
      Voice telephony  20sec4, 25sec11
German communications intelligence  25sec5
German naval operations  25sec4
German Transradio Co. traffic agreement  30sec11
      Peace efforts of  25sec8, A1918
      RCA traffic agreement with  30sec11
      U.S. declaration of war against  19sec7, A1917
      U.S. relations with  26sec3
      U.S. radio communications with  18sec6, 19sec3, A1918
      World War II  A1939, A1944
Given, Thomas H.:
      Beneficiaries of  30sec8, 30sec11
      Co-founder NESCO  4sec10, A1902
      Disagreement with Fessenden  26sec4
      Estate of  30sec8
      Organized International Radio Telegraph Co.  A1918
      Purchased partner's stock  30sec8
Goldschmidt alternator  18sec2, 18sec6
Goldsmith, Alfred N.:
      Opposition to regulation of radio  22sec8, 27sec2
      President IRE  27sec2
Goodrich, C. F.  1sec8
Goodrich Tire and Rubber Co.  39sec2, A1933
Government infringement radio patents. (See Patents, radio.)
Government owned or licensed radio patents (See Patents, radio.)
Government ownership of radio  24sec3, 27sec3, 30sec2, 30sec6, 30sec11, 33sec2, A1916, A1919
Government policy radio patents. (See patents, radio.)
Government radio policy, responsibility for  30sec13
Government radio system:
      Conflicts over  7sec5
      Navy to provide  7sec7
      Preponderant interest in  7sec5, 7sec8
      Roosevelt (Interdepartmental) Board  7sec6
Grande Duchesse  3sec3
Grant, A. W.  26sec7
Gray, Elisha  26sec3, A1900
Grayson, Gary T.  30sec3
Grebe, A. H.  31sec7, A1923
Greely, A. W.:
      Chief Signal Officer, U.S. Army  7sec6
      Delegate First International Radio Conference  7sec4
      Member Roosevelt Board  7sec6
Griffin, R. M.:
      Aircraft radio  23sec1
      Biography  17sec4
      Chief BuSE  17sec4, 30sec5, 38sec7
      RCA charter  30sec5
Griggs, John W.  10sec4, 10sec5, 11sec2, 19sec2, A1904, A1914
Guided Missile Committee  40sec8
Guided missiles. (See Missiles.)
Guthrie, R. C.:
      NRL radar group  38sec5
      Multitube ring mounted oscillator  38sec7, A1938
      SD radar  38sec9
      28.6 mc Pulse radar  38sec6
Gyrocompass  29sec2


Hagen & Cleeton  38sec5
Hale bill  10sec6
Hall, G. H. B.  36sec6, A1941
Halligan, J. F.  28sec13
Hallborg, H. E.:
      Arc transmitter harmonics  28sec12
      Radio aid  17sec2
Hammond, John Hays, Jr.:
      Automatic course stabilization device  29sec2, A1912
      Delegate Third International Radio Conference  12sec10
      Demonstrated remote radio control  29sec2, A1914
      Developed radio control system for torpedo  29sec9
      Gyrocompass repeaters and remote control  29sec2
      Interest in radio remote control  29sec2
      Laboratory  29sec2
      "Metal Mike"  29sec2
      Navy assistance to  29sec10, 16sec8
      Patents on radio control purchased  29sec4, 29sec7, 29sec9
      Radio Engineering Co.  29sec3
      Remote radio control system  28sec13, 29sec2, 29sec9, A1912, A1914, A1916, A1921
      Vs. Army  16sec8, 29sec9, A1921
      Vs. Joint Torpedo Board  29sec6, A1918, A1919
Hammond Laboratory  28sec8, 29sec2, 29sec9, A1912
Hammond radio remote control system:
      Acceptance of  29sec10
      Development of  29sec2, 29sec2, A1912, A1918, A1919, A1921
      Iowa  28sec15
      Legislation concerning the  29sec3, 29sec7, 29sec10, A1919
      Purchase of patents covering  29sec10
      Tests of  29sec3, 29sec6, 29sec10, A1914, A1916, A1918
      Use of in navy radio controlled aircraft project  29sec11
Hanscom, George  13sec11, 17sec2
Hanson, E. C.  28sec15
Hanson, M.  28sec10, A1924
Harbor entrance submarine detector  26sec9
Harding, W. G.  28sec3, A1922
Hartley, L. W.  17sec4
Harvard radio school  25sec2, A1917
Hastings, H. F.  40sec3
Havana Conference (Western Hemisphere radio)  42sec7, A1937, A1941
Hayden, J. F.  10sec4
Hayes, Harvey C.:
      Binaural underwater sound detection  26sec8
      Developed sounding equipment  26sec11, A1919
      Headed naval underwater sound research  26sec11, A1918, A1922
      JK Sonar  39sec2
      MV-tube underwater sound device  26sec13, A1919, A1919, A1922
      Oceanography  39sec3
Hazeltine, L. A.:
      Improved Navy radio receivers  21sec3
      Navy radio consultant  21sec3
      Neutrodyne radio reception  21sec3, A1917
Headsets, Navy radio (Baldwin)  11sec9
Helena  41sec6, A1943
Helmets, aircraft radio  23sec6
Henry, Joseph  1sec4
Hepburn, A. J.:
      Approbation of  17sec3
      Arc transmitter, adoption of  11sec6, 13sec15
      Baldwin radio headset  11sec8
      Biography  13sec11
      Headed Radio Division  13sec11, A1913
      Improvements in radio equipment  15sec14
      Radio Controlled Aircraft Board  29sec11
      RDF  22sec2
      Special Board on Antisubmarine Devices  26sec8
      Ultraudion  17sec4
      Vacuum tube availability  30sec12
Herbst, S. E.  40sec3
Hertz, Heinrich:
      Components of radio  2sec4
      Electromagnetic (radio) waves  2sec4, A1886
      Maxwell's Theory  2sec4, A1886
Herzog, C. E.  40sec3
Hewitt, Peter Cooper  16sec8, 29sec10, A1915
Higginston, F. J.  6sec3
High frequency radio (See radio.)
Hill, Guy:
      Devised Navy Standard Drawing Number System  17sec3
      Expert radio aid  17sec2
      Improved frequency changer  13sec17, A1912
      Improved mica condenser  17sec9
      Member Interdepartmental Radio Board  31sec5
Hill, F. K.  3sec4
Hogan, J. V. L.:
      Antenna patent claim  20sec10
      President, IRE  23sec8
Hogg, W. S. Jr  42sec5
Holker, G. J.  42sec5
Homag Co., Tuckerton transatlantic station  16sec2, 18sec6, 19sec3
Hoogewerif, John A.  29sec3, A1916
Hooper, S. C.:
      A.E.F.G. consortium  30sec11
      Aircraft radio  23sec1
      AMC, comments on policy and ownership  30sec5
      Biography  9sec4, 13sec12
      British radio monopoly, opposition to  32sec3
      Chinese American communications  30sec13
      Director, Naval Communications  35sec13, 36sec4, A1928
      Discipline, radio  15sec1, 15sec4, A1912
      Electronic transmitter, development of  33sec7
      Fairfax, command of  24sec3
      "Father of naval radio"  9sec4
      Fleet Radio Officer  15sec3, 28sec11, 32sec4, 33sec7, 35sec3, A1912, A1922
      Fourth International Radio Conference  35sec12, 42sec5
      French radio traffic agreement  30sec11
      Frequency band, broadcast, views on Navy vacating  32sec7, 33sec7, 34sec5
      Frequency plan, force tune system  25sec4
      G.E.Co.-BMC alternator negotiations  30sec2, 30sec4, A1919
      Government monopoly radio  24sec3
      High frequency radio, tests of  28sec11, 35sec12
      High frequency radio, views on  28sec11, 35sec12
      Insulators, high powered radio  18sec6
      Interdepartmental Radio Board  31sec5, A1918
      Monopoly, radio  24sec3, 30sec12, 30sec13
      National communication resources, test of  19sec5
      Naval Communications Service  35sec13, 36sec4
      Naval Radio Service, war time readiness  19sec6
      NRL, criticism of personnel  35sec12, A1921
      Pan American Co.  30sec11
      Personality  32sec7, 35sec12
      R&S Division  17sec3, 23sec1, 24sec4, 29sec10, 36sec4, A1915, A1926
      Radio control flying bombs  29sec10
      Radio equipment high powered stations  18sec2
      Radio equipment, misguided development of  35sec3, 35sec8
      Radio equipment, procurement of, WWI  24sec2
      Radio observer Europe, WWI  15sec14, A1914
      Radio officers, requirements of  36sec5
      Radio station Chollas Heights, dedication of  18sec5
      Radio tactical use of  11sec5
      Radio, use of during San Francisco disaster  9sec4
      RCA, criticism of  30sec13, A1920
      RCA, formation of  30sec5, 30sec7, A1921
      RCA policy, comments on  30sec12, A1921
      RDF  22sec2
      RDF, Kolster patents on  22sec5
      Shipping Board radio installations  24sec3
      Sixth International Radio Conference  42sec7, A1937
      Static vs. signal  15sec7
      Tactical use of radio  11sec5
      Vacuum tube monopoly  30sec12, A1920
Hoover, Herbert:
      Chairman, Fourth International Radio Conference  42sec5, 42sec5, A1927
      National Radio Conference  42sec3
      Secretary of Commerce  42sec3, A1927
      Supervision of radio  42sec3
Hopkins, Ezek  1sec2, A1776
Horle, Worrel & Shapiro  21sec3
Home, F. J.:
      Guided missile program  40sec8
      Project Option  40sec8
      Vice Chief Naval Operations  40sec8
Horton, Harry:
      Aircraft antenna system  23sec3
      Special infringement grant  31sec6
      Supervised testing De Forest radio equipment  5sec2
House, E. M.  25sec8
House of Representatives  28sec3
House Resolution 548  30sec13
House Resolution 6501  31sec6
House Resolution 7111  31sec6
Hozier Braun Co.  4sec8
Hudgins, J, M.:
      Bibliography  4sec7
      Head, radio division  4sec7, A1903
      Member-recorder Wireless Telegraph Board  5sec2
      Prepared first Navy radio manual  4sec7, 9sec1, A1903
      Studied and reported on foreign radio  4sec7, A1902
Hughes, Charles F.  15sec7
Hulbert, E. O.  28sec11, A1924
Hull, A. W.:
      Cavity magnetron  38sec5
      Screened grid vacuum tube  A1929
Hunsacker, J. C.  29sec10
Hustvadt, O. M.  29sec11
Hydrographic bulletins; broadcasts of  19sec2, A1904, A1907
Hydrophone School  26sec10, A1918
Hyland, J. J.  9sec2
Hyland, L. A.  38sec4, A1931


Identification, friend or foe. (See IFF.)
IFF (identification, friend or foe):
      Development of  38sec9
      Funds for  36sec6
      Policy  36sec6
Independent Wireless Telegraph Co.:
      De Forest tubes in commercial installations  30sec12
      RCA suit against  30sec12
Indianapolis  39sec7
Installation & Maintenance Branch, R&S Division, BuShips  36sec6
Institute of Radio Engineers  27sec2, A1912
Inter-Allied Radio Committee  20sec2, 20sec5
Interdepartmental Radio Board:
      Established  31sec5, A1921
      Patent infringement awards  31sec6, A1921
      Work of  31sec5
Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee:
      Frequency band 500-1500 KCS  32sec5, 35sec4, A1923
      Naval Communications Frequency Plan  32sec9, 42sec3, A1926
Interdepartment Radio Committee  27sec2, A1916
Interdepartment Radio Board (Roosevelt Board)  7sec6, A1904
Interference, radio. (See Radio interference.) International Code of Signals:
      First American edition  1sec5
      International Radio Communications, Technical Committee on  42sec2
International Radio Conference. (See Conference.)
International radio disputes, arbitration of  42sec5
International Radio Telegraph Co.:
      Aircraft transmitters (CQ 11118115)  23sec6
      Aircraft spark transmitter  23sec5
      Infringement claim against Government  23sec6
      Organized  A1918
      Reorganized  30sec8
International regulation of radio. (See Convention.)
International Scientific Radio Union  28sec9
International Technical Consulting Committee on Radio, Communications  42sec7, A1927
International Telephone and Telegraph Construction Co.:
      Absorbed by American De Forest Radio Co.  8sec12, A1906
      Founded by Firth & Shoemaker  8sec12, A1904
      Sales to Navy  8sec11, A1905
      Radio controlled torpedoes  29sec1
International Wireless Co.:
      Absorbed by American De Forest Radio Co.  7sec1
      Absorbed Consolidated Wireless Co.  7sec1
      Navy tests of equipment  8sec2
Iowa  28sec13, A1921
IP76 radio receiver  13sec4, 13sec15, 14sec3
Isbell, Arthur  8sec4
Iselin, C. O.  39sec3
Israel, Lester:
      Designed aircraft radio (CE615)  23sec2
      Radio aid  17sec2
      Radio Test Shop  23sec2
Ives, H. E.  7sec1, 26sec8


Jackson, Henry  4sec8, A1895, A1896
Jayne, J. L.:
      Assisted in draft of proposed radio legislation  7sec8
      Assisted in preparation Robison's Manual  9sec2
      Head, Radio Division  8sec6, 9sec2, A1904
      Member Roosevelt Board  7sec6
      Member Wireless Telegraph Board  5sec2, 8sec1
Jenkins, C. Francis  A1923
Jewett, F. B.:
      Director, Bell Telephone Laboratories  38sec11
      Fire control radar research  38sec11
      National Defense Research Committee  38sec11
      President, American Academy of Sciences  38sec11
      Special Board on Antisubmarine Devices  26sec7
JK Sonar  39sec2, A1930
Johns Hopkins University  37sec3, 41sec2, A1942
Johnson, A. W.  38sec7
Johnson, P. C.  1sec5
Johnson, T. Jr.  23sec2, 23sec8
Joint Army-Navy Board, Canal Zone radio  18sec2
Joint Communications Board  37sec4, 38sec1
Joint Torpedo Board:
      Actions of  29sec6, 29sec9, A1918, A1921
      Appointed and convened  29sec3, A1916
      Continued in advisory capacity  29sec9
      Vs. Hammond  29sec6
Jones, Hilliary P.  32sec4, 35sec2, A1922
Jones, Loren F.  A1941
Jones, R. F.  40sec6, 40sec7, A1940
Jovett  26sec8


Kearny  39sec5
Kellogg, W. M.  38sec11
Kelly, M. J.  38sec11
Kelvin, William T.  2sec7, 26sec3, A1875
Kempenfelt, Richard  1sec3
Kendall, B. W.  17sec4
Kennelly, Arthur E.:
      Kennelly-Heavside Theory  32sec9
      Opposed to regulation of radio  27sec2
      President IRE  27sec2
Kennelly-Heaviside Theory  32sec8, 33sec7, A1925
Kilbourne & Clark Manufacturing Co.  31sec5
King, E: J.:
      Chief BuAer  40sec1
      CNO and C-in-C U.S. Fleet  34sec5
      Electronics research & development, approbation of  34sec5
      Established Tenth Fleet (ASW)  39sec6
      Guided missiles  40sec8
      Project Option  40sec8
      Radio controlled aircraft targets  40sec1
King, James F.  8sec2, 8sec6
Kingston Regatta  2sec9, A1898
Kinney, E. M.  23sec6
Kinter, Samuel:
      International radio traffic agreements  30sec8
      President, The International Radio Telegraph Co.  30sec8
Kitts, W. A.  36sec6
Knight, Harry E.  31sec5
Kolster, Frederick A.:
      Coil (SE 74)  22sec5
      Developed decremeter  A1912
      Developed RDF equipment  22sec4, A1915
      Employed by Bureau Standards  22sec4
      RDF consultant to Navy  22sec5
      Sold RDF patent rights  22sec5, A1916
K-tube submarine detector  26sec9


Laboratory, Naval Radio Research. (See Naval Radio Research Laboratory.)
Laboratory, Naval Research. (See Naval Research Laboratory.)
Laboratory, Radiation. (See Radiation Laboratory.)
Lafayette radio station:
      Arc transmitter for  21sec1
      Authorized  20sec4, A1918
      Commemorative plaque  20sec6
      Construction agreements  20sec5, 20sec6
      Construction credits  20sec6
      Construction of  20sec6, A1918, A1918, A1919
      Site of  20sec6
      Turned over to French  20sec6, A1920
Lamme, B. G.  26sec9
Land lines:
      Leased telephone and telegraph  25sec3, A1917
      Leased teletypewriter system  A1941
      Relaying radio messages by  25sec3
      Remote radio reception by  20sec10, 25sec4, A1916, A1918
      Remote transmitter keying by  20sec10, 25sec3, 25sec4, A1916, A1918
      Responsibility for  25sec6, A1918
Langevin submarine detector:
      Curie technique  26sec8
      MV-tube set  26sec9
Langmuir, Irving:
      Co-developer triode as repeater  17sec4, 17sec8, A1914
      Developed high vacuum tube  A1912
      High vacuum theory  17sec8, A1912
      Submarine detectors  26sec9
La Touraine  12sec2
Lavalette, E. A.  1sec4
Lavender, R. A.  23sec8
Leahy, Wm. D.  38sec6
Lear, Benjamin  41sec10
Leary, radar tests in  38sec6, 38sec10, A1937
Lebanon  22sec2
Le Clair, H. P.:
      Biography  23sec6
      Fleet Radio Officer  35sec12
      Head, Radio and Sound Division  23sec6, 24sec3
      Pan-American Co.  30sec11
      Purchase of Federal Telegraph Co., patents and stations  24sec3
      Wartime radio problems  24sec3
Lee, M. J.  28sec11, A1924
Lee, S. P.  1sec5
Lend-Lease Administration, electronic procurement for  37sec2
Lewis, George  17sec2
Libbey, M. A.  26sec7
Liberty Electric Corp.  31sec5
Lighthouse reservations as radio stations  5sec2
Lima Conference (regional aeronautical radio)  42sec7, A1937
Lincoln Memorial, radio broadcast of dedication  28sec3
Link, F. M. Co., frequency modulated radio control  40sec8
Link, J. C.  40sec3
Lloyd George, David  30sec3
Lloyd's Marconi contracts  2sec9, 2sec10, A1898
Lobing  38sec11, 38sec11, A1941
Locke Insulator Co.  18sec6
Lodge, Henry Cabot  28sec3
Lodge-Muirhead Co.:
      Navy tests of equipment  5sec2
      Radio detector  4sec8
      Sales to Navy  4sec10
      Visited by naval observers  4sec8
Lodge, Oliver:
      Assembled components radio system  2sec6
      Patented method radio tuning  A1898
Loftin, F. H.:
      Aircraft radio  23sec1
      Chairman Interdepartmental Radio Board  31sec5
      District Communication Officer  23sec3, A1917
      Lafayette radio station  20sec5
      Member Inter-Allied Committees  20sec5
      NARL  23sec3
      Patent infringement claims  31sec5, A1921
      RCA proposed charter  30sec5
      Subsurface antenna experiment  20sec9, A1917
Logwood, Charles  11sec3, A1916
London Radio Convention  12sec10, A1912
London Times radio coverage Russo-Japanese War  7sec5, A1904
Long, Breckinridge  A1940
Longitude determination by radio  A1913, A1916
Loomis, Alfred, microwave committee, NDRC  13sec1, A1940
Loomis, Mahlon:
      Failed develop radio system  2sec3
      First patent on radio system  2sec3, A1872
Loran  A1940, A1942
Los Angeles  A1925
Lowell & Willoughby  28sec8
Lowenstein, Fritz:
      Aircraft radio  24sec4
      Infringement claim against Government  31sec6
      Quenched spark transmitter  31sec2
      Radio reception of  8sec2
Luke, Elmer:
      NRL aircraft radio control system  29sec11
      NRL drone radio control system  40sec3
Lunn, A. C.  26sec7
Lusitania  19sec3
Lysistrata  4sec7


McCalla, Bowman H.  7sec2
McCormick, B. B.  29sec10, A1917
McCuley, Charles  1sec4
McDonald, J. D.  35sec2
McDowell, C. S.  26sec7
McHenry, James  1sec3
MacKay, Bennett  3sec3
McLean, Ridley:
      Biography  33sec7
      Director Naval Communications  33sec7, 36sec4, A1924
      Fourth International Radio Conference  35sec12
      High frequency radio  33sec7, 35sec8
MacLaurin, W. Rupert  11sec5
McNeely, R. W.  11sec5
      Head Radio Division  32sec4, 33sec7, 35sec3, 42sec7, A1923
      High frequency radio research and development  32sec4, 35sec8
      Modernization Navy radio installations  32sec7, 35sec3, 35sec13
      Radio improvement  35sec13
McQuay-Norris Co.  37sec3, 41sec8
Maddox, C. H.:
      Aircraft radio experiments  14sec3, 14sec3, 23sec1, A1912
      Biography  14sec3
      Commended  14sec3
      Tactical use of radio  15sec1
Magnavox Co.  23sec7
      Cavity  38sec5, A1934, A1936
      Multicavity  38sec11, A1941, A1941
      Strapped  38sec11, A1941, A1942
Magruder, T. P.  6sec4
Maintenance Division; BuAer  36sec6, A1941
Manahan, S. A.  36sec4
Mangborne, J. O.  A1940
Manney, Henry M.:
      Biography  8sec4
      Chief, Bureau of Equipment  7sec6, A1904
      Comment on De Forest radio  8sec9
      Delegate Second International Radio Conference  10sec3, A1906
      Member Roosevelt Board  7sec6, 8sec4, 8sec6
      Problems with Fessenden  8sec4, 8sec6
      Proposed radio legislation  7sec8
      Supported Berlin Convention  10sec4
      U.S. position in radio  10sec4
Manila-Hong Kong cable  1sec8
Manuals, radio:
      Instructions for the transmission of messages by wireless telegraphy, 1904  9sec1, A1904
      Instructions for the use of wireless telegraph apparatus  9sec1, A1904
      Manual of wireless telegraphy for use of naval electricians (Robison's Manual)  9sec2, A1905
      Special notice to mariners  9sec1, E
Marchand, J. B.  1sec4
Massie Wireless Telegraph Co.:
      Absorbed by AMC  11sec6
      Navy purchases of equipment  4sec10, 8sec11, A1905
      Objected federal supervision radio  12sec3
      Organized  A1902
      Provided radio service  8sec11
      Schematic diagram of equipment  8sec11
      Tendered bid for equipment  11sec4
Marconi Board:
      Description Marconi equipment  3sec3
      Members  3sec3
      Observations  3sec3
      Report  3sec3
Marconi, Guglielmo:
      Accused of attempting form monopoly  4sec9
      Demonstrated ship-shore radio  A1897
      First practical radio system  2sec6, A1895
      Improved apparatus  2sec7, A1899
      Kaiser Wilhelm's comment on monopoly  7sec3
      Navy observes equipment  3sec3
      Navy tests equipment  3sec3, A1899
      Navy recommends purchase from  3sec5
      Navy receives unacceptable offer  3sec6
      Organized Wireless Telegraphy & Signal Co.  2sec6
      Patents magnetic detector  A1902
      Patents radio system  2sec6, 3sec1, A1897, A1900
      Patents tuned radio system  17sec3, A1900
      Payment for first radiogram  2sec7
      Predicted radar  38sec4
      Radioed reports America Cup races  3sec3, 4sec3, A1899, A1901
      Recorded Poldhu distant transmission  A1902
Marconi International Marine Communication Co.  2sec10
Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co., Ltd. (BMC):
      Alternator negotiations with G.E.Co.  20sec2, 20sec11, 30sec2, A1915, A1919
      Bellini-Tosi patents  A1912, A1916
      British Empire radio network  11sec10
      Cross-license  A1914
      Demonstrated equipment in Navy ships  3sec1, 3sec4, A1899, A1899
      Description of equipment  3sec3, 3sec4
      Diagrammatic sketch of equipment  3sec4
      Disposed of AMC stock  30sec6, A1919
      Equipment, comment on  4sec4, 4sec8
      Equipment improved  4sec4
      Equipment purchase recommended  4sec5, A1899
      Expansion curbed by WWI  27sec1
      Federal Telegraph Co., interest in patents of  11sec10, 20sec11, 24sec3, 27sec2, 32sec1
      First transatlantic radio service  A1908
      Lease offer unacceptable to Navy  3sec6
      Makes lease offer to Navy  3sec6
      Monopoly, efforts to establish  31sec1
      Organized  2sec7, A1899
      Pan American Co.  30sec11, A1917
      Patent infringements  11sec2, 11sec10, 11sec10, A1912, A1915
      Policies of  4sec4, 7sec3
      Research failure maintain  31sec3, A1914
      Slaby-Arco.  4sec9
      Telefunken Co.  11sec10, 11sec10
      United Wireless Co.  11sec2, 11sec10, A1912
      WSA Co.  11sec10
Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of America (AMC):
      Acquired United Wireless Co.  11sec10, A1912
      Aircraft spark transmitter (CM 295)  23sec2
      Antenna experiments of  20sec9
      Bid on Caribbean stations equipment  11sec4
      Censorship  19sec2, A1914
      Competition  7sec1, 7sec7
      Criticism of Navy  7sec7, 7sec7, 7sec8, 8sec2, 8sec2, 19sec2, 31sec1, A1904, A1914
      Cross-license agreement  12sec3, A1914
      Formation of  3sec6, A1899
      Legislation control radio  22sec8, 27sec1, 27sec4, A1917
      Litigation  11sec10, 11sec10, 31sec3, 31sec4, 31sec6, A1915, A1916
      AMC merger with RCA  30sec6, A1919
      Monopoly  2sec7, 4sec9, 5sec4, 7sec1, 7sec2, 7sec3, 8sec2, 27sec1, A1904, A1904
      Nantucket Shoals lightship radio station  4sec4, 7sec2
      Navy tests of equipment  4sec9, 7sec8, 8sec2, 8sec6, 22sec4, A1916
      Officers of  19sec2, 27sec2, 30sec5, A1904
      Pan-American Co.  30sec11, A1917, A1918, A1918
      Patent position  11sec6, 11sec10
      Patents  31sec2
      AMC personnel in naval service  19sec5
      Policy, sales  4sec10, 5sec4, A1903
      Radio, aircraft (CM 295)  23sec2
            Aircraft (SE1100)  23sec6
            Components  17sec11
            Research  11sec6, 16sec3, 31sec3
      RCA, formation of  30sec5, A1919, A1920
      RDF equipments  22sec4, A1916
      South American enterprise  30sec11, A1917, A1918, A1918
      Stations, operation of WWI  20sec11
            Sale of  20sec11, 24sec4, A1918
      Status in communications  11sec10, 16sec2
      Stock, majority ownership  30sec6
      Stock purchased by G.E.Co.  30sec6
      Transmitter, aircraft  23sec5
      Underwater radio reception tests  28sec8, 29sec9, A1911
Mare Island Navy Yard electronic transmitters  35sec4
Mare Island radio school  25sec1, A1917
Marine Committee, Continental Congress  1sec2
Marine Corps, electronic procurement for  37sec2
Maritime Commission, electronic procurement for  37sec2
Marriot, Robt. H.:
      President, IRE  A1912
      Radio aid  17sec2, A1912
Marshall, Cloyd  10sec4
Mason, M.:
      Binaural underwater sound detection  26sec8
      MV-tube detector  26sec9, A1917
Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
      Radar School  36sec6
      Radiation Laboratory  38sec11, A1940
      Wave guide  A1936
Massie, W. M.  10sec4
Maury-Brooke sounding device  26sec2
Maury, Matthew Fontaine  26sec2, A1841, A1854
Maxim, H. P.  27sec3, A1915
Maximilian of Baden  25sec8
Maxwell, James Clerk  2sec2, A1867
Mayflower  10sec1
Meissner, B. F.:
      Aircraft radio and communication study  23sec3
      Balanced aircraft microphone  23sec7
      "Cat whisker"  13sec5
      Enclosed transmitter spark gap  23sec5
      NARL  23sec3
Malling, Robert E.  35sec2
Memphis  35sec12
Meneratti, H. J.:
      De Forest radio telephone  13sec3
      Radio experiments in Ohio  28sec13, 28sec15
Merritt, Ernest:
      Binaural detection  26sec8
      Detection submarines at rest  26sec9
      Developed AD-Tube sound detector  26sec9
      Magnetic detection  26sec7
Mershon, R. D.  26sec8
Miami  26sec5
Michelson, A. A.  26sec8
Michigan  13sec13
Microwave Research Committee  38sec11, A1940
Middlebrook, C. C.  29sec11
Miller, J. M.:
      Headed NRL radio precision measurements group  28sec9
      Radio controlled aircraft  29sec11
Millet, Joshua B.  15sec11
Milliken, R. A.  26sec7
Mills, E. W.  36sec6
Mirick, C. B.:
      Aircraft antenna system  23sec5
      Headed NRL aircraft radio group  28sec9
      Radio controlled aircraft project  29sec11, 29sec11, 29sec11, A1922, A1923, A1924
      Radio echo  38sec4
Missiles, guided:
      Board to study proposals  40sec6, A1934
      Characteristics  A1942
      C-in-C Pacific Fleet against using  40sec8, A1943
      Considerations on use  40sec6, A1942
      Combat test program  A1943
      Definition  40sec6
      Delivery rate  A1943
      Frequency modulated control for  40sec8
      Guidance system  40sec5, 40sec8, 40sec8, A1940, A1941
      Investigation of components  40sec6, A1940
      Planes for use as  40sec6, 40sec8, A1942, A1943
      Practicability tests  40sec6, 42sec7, A1942
      Progress  A1941
      Project Dog  40sec7
      Project Fox  40sec7
      Project Option  40sec8, A1942, A1943
      Project status reports  40sec6, 40sec6, 40sec8
      Radar and radar repeat back system  A1941
      Radar sniffer  40sec8, A1942
      Recommendation for development  40sec5, A1934, A1941
      Test of as torpedo  A1940, A1941
      Training for use  A1943
      Trials of  A1942
Mission, Naval Communications  36sec3
Mississippi  15sec1
Mistletoe  3sec1
Model RB receiving equipment:
      Photograph of  28sec8
Model RE receiving equipment:
      Photograph of  35sec7
Moltke  25sec4
Monahan, S. A.  A1930
Monar, F. B.  23sec6
Monopoly, radio:
      Failures to establish  27sec4, 30sec6, 30sec13, 31sec7, 34sec3
      Marconi Cos. efforts to establish  2sec7, 4sec9, 5sec4, 7sec1, 7sec2, 27sec1, A1904
      RCA efforts to establish  30sec5, 30sec12, 31sec6
      U.S. Government efforts to establish  27sec2
Moody, Wm. H.  7sec6
Moore, Willis L.  7sec6, 12sec10
Morkum teletype selector  29sec11, 29sec11
Morris, Robert  1sec2
Morse, P. M.  39sec2
Morse, Samuel  A1843
Morton, L. P.  7sec8
Motor buzzer  35sec3, A1920
Motor, induction  A1891
Mount Temple  12sec7
Multiplex radio transmitter  34sec5
Multispot underwater sound detection system  26sec9, 39sec3, A1939
Mundy, A. J.  26sec3, A1900
Munitions Patent Board  31sec5
Murphy, M. E.  36sec7
MV-tube submarine detector:
      Description  26sec9
      Experiments  26sec13
      Improved  26sec13
      Langevin  26sec8, 26sec9
      Mason  26sec9, A1917
      Ships fitted  A1917
      Soundings  26sec13, A1919, A1920, A1922
      Watzer  26sec8, 26sec9
Myers system of signaling  1sec4


NAF. (See Naval Aircraft Factory.)
Nahant Antisubmarine group  26sec7, 26sec9, 28sec2, A1917
Nally, E. J.:
      AMC official  27sec2, 30sec5
      G.E.Co.-AMC negotiations  30sec5
      G.E.Co.-BMC negotiations  30sec5, A1919
      Opposed to federal regulation radio  27sec2
      Pan-American official  30sec11
      Pan-American plans  30sec11
      RCA official  30sec6, A1919
Nantucket Shoals lightship:
      Marconi radio station  4sec10, 7sec2, 7sec7
      Navy radio station  7sec7, 7sec8
NARL. (See Naval Aircraft Radio Laboratory.)
Nashville  4sec7
Natalia  29sec2
National Amateur Wireless Association  19sec5
National Broadcasting Co.  A1939
National Carbon Co.  41sec3
National control of radio:
      Proposed legislation for  D
National Defense Research Committee (NDRC):
      ASW Operational Research Group  39sec2
      ASW research  39sec2, A1941
      Division VI  39sec5
      Established  38sec11, A1940
      Microwave Research Committee  38sec11, A1940
      Office Scientific Research & Development  38sec11
      Proximity (VT) fuze  37sec3, 41sec2, A1940
      Radar (fire control)  37sec2
      Radar (recognition) CIFF  A1941
National Electric Signaling Co. (NESCO):
      Assets transferred  A1917
      Bid on Caribbean stations equipment  8sec7
      Brant Rock tests  11sec1, A1905
      Comment on Navy policy  8sec8
      Cross-license, agreement  11sec10, A1914
      Desired Navy test equipment  5sec3, 7sec8, 8sec4
      Electrolytic detector  7sec1, 11sec4, 31sec2, A1898, A1902
      Employees of  4sec10, 8sec4, 17sec3
      Equipment claims  8sec4, 13sec7, A1908
      Financial condition  11sec5, 16sec3, A1911
      Formation of  4sec10
      Heterodyne receiver  11sec4, 17sec3, 31sec3, A1911
      Legislation regulate radio  12sec3, 12sec5
      Protest of Navy actions  5sec3, 5sec4, 8sec8, 8sec9, 31sec1, 31sec2, A1904, A1905
      Navy installations of equipment  8sec4, 13sec7, 13sec15, A1904, A1909, A1912
      Navy purchases of equipment  8sec4, 11sec5, A1904, A1909
      Navy tests of equipment  4sec10, 5sec4, 8sec2, 8sec4, 13sec7, 13sec15, A1909, A1910
      Patent litigation  11sec10
      Patents  11sec10, 11sec10
      Patents infringed  7sec1, 23sec6
      Policies  4sec10, 8sec9
      Quality of equipment  8sec6, A1904
      RDF, proposal supply Navy  22sec4
      Schematic diagrams of equipments  8sec4, 11sec4
      Synchronous rotary spark transmitter  11sec4, 11sec4, 11sec5, 13sec7, 13sec15, 15sec10, A1909, A1910, A1912, A1913
      Transmitter, C. W. failed to develop  31sec2
      Vs. Fessenden  11sec5, A1911
National Electric Supply Co.:
      Aircraft radio receiver (SE-950)  23sec6
      Aircraft radio spark transmitter  23sec5
      Aircraft radio transmitter (CN1105)  23sec6
      Infringement claim against Government  31sec6
      Radio equipment, portable, Navy  13sec5
      Radio receivers (CN1438208)  21sec3
      Radio research & development  21sec3
National Electronics Laboratory  A1942
National Radio Conference. (See Conferences index.)
National Research Council  26sec8, A1917
National Wireless Association  27sec4
Nauen radio station:
      Acknowledged receipt wartime broadcast  25sec8, A1918, A1918
      Addressed German peace message to DNC  25sec8, A1918
Naval Aircraft Factory (NAF):
      Drone  40sec2
      Electronic equipment distribution  37sec6
      Guided missile  40sec6, A1942
      Procurement  A1943
      Project Dog  40sec8
      Project Fox  40sec8
      Radar altimeter  40sec8, K
      Telemetering  40sec5
      Television guidance system  40sec6, A1940
Naval Aircraft Radio Laboratory (NARL):
      Aircraft antenna  23sec3
      Aircraft ignition interference  23sec3
      Aircraft interior communications  23sec3
      Aircraft radio helmet (SE4005)  23sec7
      Aircraft radio transceiver (SE1345)  28sec5
      Aircraft radio transmitters (SE1375 & 1385)  23sec6
      Aircraft radio transmitters, spark gap  23sec5
      Aircraft RDF  23sec3, A1916, A1920
      Broadcasts  28sec4, A1920, A1922
      Directors of  23sec3, 23sec6, A1918
      Established  16sec7, 23sec3, A1916
      Functions  23sec3, 23sec6, A1916
      Integrated form NRL  29sec11, A1923
      Locations  23sec3, 23sec6, 23sec6, A1916
      Post WWI research and development  28sec3
      Radio controlled aircraft project  29sec11, A1922, A1923
      Radio echoes noted  32sec9, 33sec2, 38sec4, A1922
      Staff increased  23sec6
      Work progress  23sec6
Naval Air Station Anacostia:
      Aircraft approach system  28sec15
      NARL  23sec3, 23sec6, 23sec6, A1918
Naval Cipher Box  25sec5, A1917
Naval Communications Frequency Plan:
      Allocations  K
      Approved  32sec9, 42sec3, A1926
      As basic international allocations  32sec9, 33sec7, 42sec3, A1929
      Development of  32sec9, 33sec7, 34sec3, 42sec3, A1925
      Guidance modernization installations  32sec9, 33sec7
      Permanency of  32sec8
Naval Communications mission  36sec3
Naval Communications policy  32sec3, 36sec3, A1922
Naval Communications Reserve:
      Formation of  19sec5, A1915, A1917
      Mobilization of  25sec1
      Training  34sec5, A1938
Naval Communications Service:
      Administration of  36sec4
      Approbation of  25sec8
      Area communication officers  A1929
      Budgetary support  36sec4
      Code & Signal Section  A1917
      Commercial operations  33sec3, A1919, A1920, A1922, A1924, A1927
      Cooperation polar expeditions  A1926
      Directors  19sec6, 36sec4, A1916, A1919
      Established  19sec6, A1916
      Expansion of WWI  20sec1, 20sec5, 20sec10, 26sec2, A1917
      Improvement of WWI  20sec4, A1917
      Landlines  25sec3, A1917, A1941
      Mission  20sec1, 36sec3
      Material support  36sec4
      Operations of WWI  18sec6, 20sec1, 20sec10, 25sec3, A1914
      Organization  19sec6, 33sec5
      Personnel  36sec4, A1938, A1944
      Policy  32sec3, 36sec3, A1922
      Presidential communications  30sec3
      Radio teletype  34sec5, A1929, A1944
      Tasks of, WWI  32sec1
      Services rendered commercial radio companies  33sec3
      Services rendered Government departments  25sec8, 33sec5
      Services rendered mariners  33sec3
      Services rendered polar expeditions  A1926, A1928, A1939
      Ship-shore communications, WWI  25sec4
      Status of  32sec4, 32sec5, 32sec7, 35sec3, A1923, A1929, A1938
      Status of, end WWI  32sec1
      Traffic volume, WWI  25sec11
      Traffic volume, 1919  A1919
      WWII  34sec5
Naval communications, WWII  34sec5
Naval Consulting Board (NCB):
      Established  26sec7, 29sec10, 42sec5, A1915, A1917
      NRL  28sec9
      Pilotless flying bomb  16sec8, 29sec10, A1915, A1917
      Special Problems Committee  26sec7, A1917
      Submarine detection  26sec7, A1917
Naval Experimental Station:
      Established  26sec8, A1917
      Functions of  A1917
      Head of  26sec11, A1918
      Location of  26sec8, 26sec13
      Underwater sound group transferred  26sec14, A1923
Naval Intelligence, Office of  25sec5
Naval Observatory  1sec5, A1869
Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgren:
      Pilotless flying bomb project  29sec10, A1919
      Proximity fuze  39sec7
Naval radio design group:
      Assignments  17sec2
      Impact on radio industry  21sec3
      Productiveness  17sec11
Naval Radio Research Laboratory:
      Aircraft radio study  23sec1
      Approbation of  13sec17
      Arc transmitter tests  11sec5, 13sec4, A1908
      Established  13sec4, 16sec5, A1908
      Organization  13sec4, 16sec5, A1908
      Qualitative analysis  13sec4
      Tasks  13sec4, 28sec3
Naval Radio Service:
      Board to review readiness  19sec6, A1914
      Canal Zone  18sec2, 33sec3
      Office of superintendent established  15sec8, A1912
      Organization  15sec8
      Organized  15sec8, A1912
      Reorganized as Naval Communications Service  19sec6
      Requirement for  15sec8
      Responsibilities for  15sec8
      Services rendered  18sec5, A1916
      Ship position reports  18sec5
Naval radio stations: 1925  L
Naval Radio System:
      Administration  13sec10
      Inadequacy of organization  13sec11
      Reorganized as Naval Radio Service  15sec8
      Responsibilities for  13sec10
Naval radio, WWI  16sec5
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL):
      Activities amalgamated into  16sec8, 28sec9, 29sec11, A1923
      Aircraft radio control systems  29sec11, 40sec2, 40sec6, 40sec8, A1923, A1924, A1937, A1940, A1941
      Aircraft reception, transcontinental  A1928
      Composition  28sec9, 26sec14, 29sec11, A1923
      Criticism of  35sec12, A1926
      Drone radar and radar repeat back  A1941
      Established  28sec9, A1916, A1920, A1923
      High frequencies, investigation of  28sec9, 32sec8, 32sec9, 34sec3, A1923, A1925
      High frequency radio equipment development  35sec10
      High frequency radio equipment, Shenandoah  33sec7, A1923
      High frequency radio receiver (Model RG)  28sec10, 32sec9, A1924
      High frequency radio, tests of  28sec11, 33sec7, 35sec4, A1925
      High frequency radio transmitters  28sec9, A1924, A1926
      Kennelly-Heaviside theory  32sec9, 33sec7, A1925
      Magnetron experiments  38sec5, A1934, A1936
      Manufacturing activities  35sec12, A1926
      Operating activities  35sec12, A1926
      Organization  28sec9
      Personnel  16sec8, 28sec9, 38sec5
      Personnel problems  35sec12
      Photograph of  28sec9
      Pulse type high frequency transmitter  38sec5, A1925
      Radar altimeter  38sec9, A1939, A1941, A1941
      Radar development  34sec3, 38sec1, 38sec7, 38sec8, A1931, A1934, A1937, A1939, A1940, A1941
      Radar disclosures  38sec6, 38sec7, 38sec7, A1937, A1938, A1941
      Radar duplexer  38sec6, A1936, A1940
      Radar frequencies; advised necessity higher  A1939
      Radar guidance system  40sec6, 40sec8, A1941
      Radar homing  40sec8
      Radar identification (IFF)  38sec10, 40sec8, A1960
      Radar plan position indicator (PPI)  38sec9, 38sec12, A1940, A1941
      Radar pulse transmitter  38sec6, A1936
      Radio and Sound School  39sec3
      Radio Division  16sec8
      Radio echoes  32sec9, 38sec4, A1922, A1931
      Radio receiver (Model RAC)  35sec13, A1930
      Radar receivers (Models RE and RF)  28sec10, 32sec9, 35sec4
      Radio receivers, high frequency (Model RG)  28sec10, 32sec9
      Radio transmitters, high frequency  28sec9
      Radio transmitter, high frequency, crystal controlled  28sec10, A1924
      Radio transmitters, pulse  38sec5, A1925
      Radio transmitters (Models TV, TW and TX)  35sec4
      Radio wave propagation  28sec10, A1924
      Skip distance  28sec10, A1924
      Sound Division  16sec10
      Tasks  16sec8, 28sec9
Naval Research Laboratory (Sound Division):
      Established  16sec10
      Sonar development  16sec8, 39sec2, A1930, A1933
      Study of oceanography  26sec2, 39sec3, A1935
Naval signal boards  1sec4, 1sec8
Naval Torpedo Station, Newport  29sec9
Navigational aids:
      Submarine bell system  16sec8, 26sec3, A1912
      Time signals  1sec5, 19sec2, A1904
      Hydro bulletins  19sec2, A1904, A1907
Navy Board  1sec3
Navy broadcast station, NSF, photograph of  28sec4
Navy Department Council for Research  41sec2
Navy development of electronic equipment  16sec3
Navy General Board:
      Aircraft electronics equipment  36sec6
      Aviation  14sec1
      Radio  6sec2, 7sec5, 7sec5, 32sec3, 35sec12, A1922
      Radio controlled torpedo  29sec10
Navy General Order 236  19sec6, A1916
Navy-Industry Radio Research Conference  35sec12, A1926
Navy news broadcasts  19sec2
Navy press broadcasts  19sec2
Navy radio organization, early  9sec0, 13sec10
Navy radio policy  4sec2, 7sec5, 31sec2, A1899, A1902, A1904, A1914
Navy Signal Office  1sec5, A1869, A1890
Navy sounding device  26sec11
Navy Standard Drawing Number System  17sec3, H
Navy Type Number System  17sec9, A1916, I
NCB. (See Naval Consulting Board.)
NC planes radio installation:
      Photograph of  23sec8
NC transatlantic flight  23sec8, A1919
NDRC. (See National Defense Research Committee.)
NESCO. (See National Electric Signaling Co.)
Neutrality Proclamation, WWI  19sec2, A1914
New Hampshire  1sec8, 19sec4, A1916
New Jersey  8sec14, 15sec7
New London Antisubmarine group:
      Binaural detection  26sec8
      Expanded into Naval Experimental Station  26sec8, A1917
News broadcast, Navy  19sec2
Newspapers, ship radio  3sec6, A1899, A1903
Newton, J. T.:
      Observed Marconi equipment  3sec3
      Senior member Marconi Board  3sec4
New York (old)  3sec4, A1899
New York, (new):
      Service tested XAF radar  38sec7, A1939
      Simulated aircraft carrier  35sec2
New York Antisubmarine group  26sec8, 26sec11
New York Herald  3sec3, 3sec4, 4sec4
New York Times:
      Navy radio tests  3sec4
New York World  14sec3
Nichols, W. H.  26sec7
Nimitz, Chester W.:
      Guided missiles  40sec8
      Introduction XI-XV
Norden, Carl L.:
      Automatic control system  29sec11, A1924
      Pilotless flying bomb  29sec10, 29sec10, 29sec11, A1918, A1918, A1919, A1920
      Radio controlled aircraft  29sec11
Northampton  38sec8
Northampton, photograph of  38sec11
North Dakota  13sec13
Notice to Mariners, Special  E
Noyes, Leigh  36sec4, A1937, A1940
NRL experimental pulse radar, 1936:
      Photograph of  38sec6
NRL pulse altimeter, 1939:
      Photograph of  38sec9
NRL radar equipment on Leary, 1937:
      Photograph of  38sec6
NRL radio transmitter, 1924:
      Photograph of  28sec9
NRL rotating beam radar antenna, 1937:
      Photograph of  38sec6
NRL. (See Naval Research Laboratory.)
Nulton, L. M.  32sec7


Oarfield, J. R.  7sec8
Oceanography  26sec2, 39sec3, A1935, A1936, A1941
Office of Facts & Figures  A1942
Office of Procurement and Material:
      Assisted in contract negotiation  37sec2
      Critical of BuShips procurement methods  37sec2
      Established  A1942
      Purpose  37sec1, A1942
Office of Scientific Research and Development  34sec5, 37sec2, 37sec3, 39sec2, 41sec2, A1942
Office of War Information  A1942, A1945
Officers, communication:
      Assignment of  36sec5
      Duties of  36sec3
Officers, lack of interest in radio  13sec2, 36sec2, 36sec5, A1925
Ogan, Joseph V.  29sec3, 29sec6, A1916
      Converted to radio experimental vessel  28sec13, A1919
      Decommissioned  28sec15, A1922
      Radio control ship  28sec14, A1921
      Radio experiments  26sec13
      Radio tasks  28sec13, A1920
      Sound experiments  26sec13, A1922
Ohio Insulator Co.  20sec5
Oklahoma  35sec2, 35sec13
OK-tube submarine detector  26sec9, 26sec9
Olympia  3sec3, 6sec3, 6sec4, A1899
Oppe, John D.  7sec8
Organization, naval radio  6sec2, 9sec0, 13sec10, 15sec8, 19sec6, 33sec5
Oscillator, electronic tube  17sec4
Oscillator Fessenden underwater sound:
      Deep water sounds  26sec11, A1922
      Description  26sec4
      Discarded  26sec14
      Multispot system  26sec9
Oscillator, multitube ringmounted radar  38sec7, A1938
Oscilloscope, cathode ray for scanning  A1897
Osterhaus, Hugo:
      C-in-C Atlantic Fleet  15sec3
      Member Wireless Telegraph Board  5sec2
      Tactical use of radio  15sec7
OS-tube submarine detector  26sec9
Ottawa Conference (regional radio broadcast)  42sec7, A1937
OV-tube submarine detector  26sec9
Owen, H. C.  36sec6


Pace, E. M.  36sec6
Pacific cable survey  1sec8
Pacific Fleet:
      Guided missiles  40sec8, A1943
      Radio communications  32sec4, A1922
Page, R. M.:
      Decade frequency synthesizer  34sec5
      Headed NRL radar group  38sec5, A1935
      Multitube ringmounted oscillator  38sec7, A1938
      Pulse radar  38sec6, A1935, A1938, A1939
      Radar contributions of  38sec5, A1935, A1939, A1941
      Radar development reports  38sec8
      Radar duplexer  38sec6
      Radar frequencies  38sec8, A1939
      Radar plan position indicator  38sec9, A1941
Palmer, C. D.  23sec7
Pan-American Wireless Telegraph & Telephone Co.  30sec6, 30sec11, A1917, A1918, A1918
Pannill, Charles  8sec8
Parker, E. C.  26sec8
Parker, Foxhall  1sec5
Patents, radio:
      Arc transmitter  11sec1, A1912, A1918
      Barber's comment on  4sec9
      Capacity coupled circuit  A1913
      Effect on industry  30sec7, 30sec12, 31sec1, 31sec6, A1921
      Effect on Navy  16sec3, 31sec1, A1921
      Electrolytic detector  11sec4, 31sec2, A1898, A1903
      Feedback circuit  17sec4, 17sec6, A1913
      Frequency modulation  A1902
      Heterodyne receiver  13sec5
      Magnetic detector  A1902
      Navy policy regarding  30sec8, 30sec12, 31sec6, 35sec12
      Navy position on  3sec6, 4sec5, 4sec9, 5sec4, 16sec5, 16sec11, 30sec7, 30sec12, 31sec1, A1921
      Radio control of objects  2sec5, A1900
      Radio systems  2sec3, 2sec6, 3sec1, 3sec3, 4sec2, A1872, A1882, A1898
      RCA position  31sec6, A1921
      RDF  22sec4, A1913, A1915, A1916
      Regenerative circuit  17sec4, 17sec6, A1913
      Superheterodyne  A1920
      Three element vacuum tube  11sec2, 11sec4, 17sec8, A1908, A1914
      Tuned circuit  31sec2, A1898, A1900, A1907
      Two element vacuum tube  A1904, A1922
Patents, radio control:
      Fiske  2sec5, 29sec2, A1900
      Hammond  29sec3, 29sec7, 29sec10, A1912, A1914
      Tesla  2sec5, 29sec2, A1900
Patents, radio cross licensing  11sec10, 30sec8, 30sec10, 30sec12, 31sec6, A1914, A1921
Patents, radio, Government infringement of:
      Decision concerning  A1918
      "Farragut letter"  21sec3, 31sec4, A1918
      Firms claiming  12sec3, 31sec6, A1904
      Interdepartmental Radio Board, study of  31sec5, A1921
      Legislation concerning  31sec2, 31sec5, A1910, A1918, A1918, A1921
      Precaution against  7sec8, 17sec3
      Recommended awards for  31sec6
      Responsibility for  17sec11, 21sec3, 31sec2, 31sec5, A1918
Patents, radio, Government owned or licensed:
      Alien property  31sec4, A1918
      Cohen  17sec3, 31sec3, 31sec4
      Federal Telegraph Co.  20sec11, 24sec3, 30sec7, 30sec13, 31sec4, A1921
      Hammond  29sec3, 29sec7, 29sec10
      Hazeltime  31sec4
      List of  J
      The International Radio Telegraph Co.  30sec8, 30sec10, A1920
      W.E.M.Co.  30sec8, 30sec10, A1920
Patents radio, Government policy:
      Cross-licensing  30sec8, 30sec12, 31sec6
      Developments of Navy personnel  35sec12
Patents, radio, infringement claims:
      AMC  7sec1, 7sec8, 11sec2, 11sec6, 11sec10, 31sec2, 31sec6, A1912, A1915
      Armstrong  11sec4, 31sec6
      A.T.&T.  31sec4
      BMC  2sec7, 4sec10
      Cohen  31sec6
      De Forest  8sec11, 11sec4, 31sec4
      Dolbear  31sec1
      Dubilier  17sec9, 31sec6
      Firth  31sec6
      G.E. Co.  31sec4
      Hogan  23sec8
      Horton  31sec6
      International Radio Telegraph Co.  31sec6
      Lowenstein  31sec6
      National Electric Supply Co.  31sec6
      NESCO  5sec4, 7sec1, 8sec9, 11sec10, 11sec10, 31sec2, 31sec3, A1905
      RCA  30sec13, 31sec7
      Simon  31sec6
      Sperry Inst. Co.  31sec6
      Taylor  23sec8
      Weagant  23sec8
      W.S.A.Co.  31sec6
Patents, radio, litigation:
      AMC  7sec1, 11sec2, 11sec6, 11sec10, 11sec10, 31sec3, 31sec6, A1912, A1915, A1916
      Armstrong  11sec4, 31sec4
      A.T.&T.  31sec4
      De Forest  8sec12, 11sec4, 31sec4, A1916, A1928
      Dubilier  17sec9
      G.E.Co. 374
      Government  31sec4, A1918
      NESCO  7sec1, 11sec10, 11sec10, A1905
      RCA  30sec13, 31sec7
      Supreme Court decisions  A1918, A1940, A1943
      WSACo.  31sec6
Patents, sound recording  A1895
Patents, television  A1884
Patoka  33sec7
Patton, George  41sec10
PB-Tube submarine detector  26sec9
Pennsylvania  22sec4
Pensacola  38sec8
Pershing, John J.  20sec2
Peters bill  10sec6
Peters, George H.  5sec2, 8sec1
Petrel  2sec5
Pfund, Richard  12sec9
Philadelphia  38sec11
Philpott, L. R.  38sec5, 38sec6
Phototube  A1890
Pickard, John G.:
      Chief Engineer WSACo.  13sec4
      Discovered rectifying property silicon  11sec1, A1906
      Engineer American Wireless T&T Co.  1sec3, 2sec5
      Established own laboratory  7sec1
      Perikon detector  A1912
      Yacht race reporting  4sec3
Pierce, G. W.  14sec3, 26sec8, A1912
Pigeons, homing:
      Radio in lieu of  1sec6, 4sec4
      Service established  1sec6
Piggot, Charles S.  8sec2, 8sec6
Pilotless Flying Bomb Board  29sec10
      Approved  29sec10, 29sec10
      Automatic control system  29sec10, 29sec10, 29sec10, 29sec10
      Board on  29sec10
      Catapults  29sec10, 29sec10, A1918
      Contracts  29sec10, 29sec10, A1918
      Discontinuance of  29sec10, A1921
      Development requirements  29sec10
      Developmental work  29sec10, 29sec10, 29sec10, A1918, A1920
      Initiated  29sec10, A1917, A1918
      Interest in  29sec10, 29sec10, 29sec10
      Location  29sec10, 29sec10, A1919
      Naval bureau cognizance  29sec10, 29sec10, 29sec10
      Navy Board on  29sec10
      Planes  29sec10, 29sec10, 29sec10, A1919
      Radio control system  29sec10
      Recommendations  29sec10, 29sec10, A1915, A1916, A1917, A1919
      Sperry Co. assistance in  29sec10, 29sec10, 29sec10
      Supervision  29sec10, 29sec10, A1918
Pittsburgh-Des Moines Co.  20sec6
Poland radio traffic agreement  30sec11
Polar expeditions, Navy cooperation in  A1926, A1928, A1939
Policy, Government radio  30sec13, A1921
Policy, Naval Communications  30sec13, 32sec3, 36sec3
Policy, naval radio  8sec8, 17sec2, 17sec8, 28sec2, 32sec3, 36sec3, A1922, A1923
Policy, U.S. naval  32sec3
Ponce  3sec3, A1899
Popoff, A. S.  2sec6
Porter  3sec4, 3sec4, A1899
Position reports, ship  19sec2
Post Office Department  25sec8
Poulsen arc transmitter  11sec1, 11sec3, A1908
Poulsen, V.  11sec1, 11sec3, A1908
Pratt, Haraden  20sec5, 20sec7
Preace, William  2sec5, 2sec6, A1892
Preiss, W. H.  17sec2, 21sec3
President United States:
      Broadcasts of  25sec8, 28sec3, 28sec5, A1918, A1918, A1919, A1922
      Canal Zone radio stations  18sec2
      Communication Act of 1934  A1934
      Communications for  25sec8
      Declaration War  19sec7, A1917
      Executive Orders of  18sec6, 19sec2, 20sec1
      Govt. representative RCA board  30sec6, A1920
      International communications  30sec3
      International Radio Conference  42sec5
      Monopoly, television  A1940
      National communications prestige  30sec2
      National Radio Conference  42sec3
      Radio censorship  19sec2, A1942
      Radio interference  10sec1
      Radio legislation  10sec4, 10sec6, 42sec4
      Radio policy, Govt.  7sec7, 30sec13, A1904
      Radio system, Govt.  7sec7, A1904
      Transatlantic radio stations  18sec6, 20sec1
Press broadcasts, Navy  19sec2
Price, A. I.  42sec5
Princeton  1sec4
Prinz Joachim  12sec7
Proctor loop collector system  Msec3
Procurement & Production Branch, R&S Division, BuShips  36sec6
Procurement Branch, Production Division, BuOrd  37sec3
Procurement of elctronic equipment. (See Electronics procurement.)
Production Division, BuAer  36sec6, A1942
Production Division, BuOrd  36sec7
Progress Section, BuShips  A1942
Project Dog. (See missiles.)
Project Fox. (See missiles.)
Project Option. (See missiles.)
Protocol, First International Radio Conference  B
Proximity fuze. (See Fuze.)
Public Law 238:
      Amended Public Law 262 (Radio Ship Act, 1910)  12sec8
Public Law 262. (See Ship Radio Act, 1910.)
Public Law 264 (radio communications):
      Enacted  12sec9, A1912
      Federal supervision  12sec9, 33sec3
      Provisions  12sec9, G
Public Law 632:
      Federal Radio Commission  42sec4
      Naval communications enabling act  27sec5
      Regulation radio communications  27sec5
Public Law 671  37sec1, A1940
Public Resolutions  27sec5, 30sec13, A1920, A1921, A1923, A1924
Pupin, M. I.  26sec8, A1898
Purvis, T. F.  42sec5


Quintard Iron Works  29sec2
Qualtrough, E. F.  3sec3
QB Sonar  39sec2, A1931, A1933


Radiation Laboratory  37sec2, 38sec11, A1940
      Airborne interceptor system  38sec12, A1940
      Air surveillance system  38sec5, A1932
      Altimeter  38sec9, 40sec6, 40sec8, A1939, A1941
      Antenna, rotating beam; NRL, 1937, photograph  38sec6
      Antenna, 28 MC, NRL, photograph of  38sec6
      Antenna, XAF, New York, 1938, photograph  38sec7
      Army research in  38sec10, A1937
      ASB  38sec8, 38sec9, A1940, A1941, A1942
      ASV  38sec12, A1942
      Bell Laboratories development of  38sec5, 38sec7, 38sec11, A1937, A1939
      Bombers  38sec8
      Cognizances  38sec1, A1940
      CXAM  38sec8, A1940
      CXAM-1  38sec9, A1940
      CXAS  38sec11, A1940
      CXAS-1 (FA)  38sec11, A1940
      CXZ  38sec7, A1938, A1938
      Definition of  38sec1
      Developments necessary  38sec5
      Disclosures of information on  38sec6, 38sec7, 38sec7, A1937, A1938
      Drone  A1941
      Duplexer  38sec6, A1936
      FA  38sec11, A1940
      FB  38sec11
      FC  38sec11, A1941
      FD  38sec11, A1941
      Fire control  38sec5, 38sec7, 38sec8, 38sec9, 38sec11, A1933, A1940, A1941
      Flight safety system  A1938
      Frequencies, higher  A1939
      Funds for  38sec7, 38sec9, A1939
      Guidance systems  40sec6, 40sec8, 40sec8, 40sec8, A1941
      Harbor defense  38sec12
      Identification (IFF)  38sec9
      Installation, XAF, New York, 1938, photograph  38sec7
      Microwave system  A1940
      Military interest in  38sec4
      NRL research  38sec5, A1930, A1934, A1936, A1939, A1941
      NRL rotating beam, 1931, photograph  38sec6
      Navy demonstrations of  38sec6, A1936, A1937
      Navy development of  38sec4, 38sec5, 38sec11, A1930, A1934, A1936, A1941
      Oscillator. (See Magnetron and Oscillator.)
      Phenomena noted  32sec9, 38sec4, A1922, A1931
      PPI (plan position indicator)  38sec9, 38sec12, A1941
      Predictions of  38sec4, A1900
      Principles of  38sec2
      Procurement  37sec2, A1939, A1940, A1941
      Pulse, 60 mc  34sec5, 38sec6, A1934
      Pulse, 28.6 mc  38sec6, A1936
      Radiation laboratory development of  38sec11
      RCA development of  38sec7, 38sec8, 38sec9, 38sec9, 38sec9
      SA  38sec9, A1940
      SC  38sec9, A1940
      SCR  23sec2, 38sec10, A1937
      SD  38sec9, A1940
      SG  38sec12, A1941
      Sniffer  40sec8, A1942
      Super sniffer  A1943
      Use of term  A1940
      W.E.Co.  38sec7, 38sec8, 38sec11, A1937, A1940, A1940, A1941
      XAF  38sec6, A1938, A1939
      XAR (SA) (SC)  38sec9, A1940
Radio  A1912
Radio Act of 1927  42sec4, 42sec5
Radio aids air navigation  A1928
Radio aids to navigation  16sec8, 19sec2, 22sec11, A1904, A1906, A1918, A1919, A1920, A1940, A1942
Radio, aircraft:
      Antenna systems  23sec3
      Cognizance  36sec4, 36sec6, 36sec6, A1936, A1942
      Early Navy experiments  13sec11, 23sec1, A1912
      Installation of  23sec6, 36sec6, 36sec6, A1941, A1944
      Interest in  23sec1
      Microphone  23sec7
      Pilot attitude  14sec3
      Procurement  23sec2, 36sec6
      Procurement conflicts  32sec3, 36sec6
      Procurement responsibility  36sec6, A1934, A1942, A1944
      Requirement for  23sec5, 36sec6, 36sec6
      Specifications for  23sec1, 23sec5
      Transmitters (SE1100), photograph  23sec6
      Transmitter (SE1300); photograph  23sec6
      Vacuum tube receiver (SE950), photograph  23sec6
Radio, air to ground, voice  A1919
      Air to submarine, voice  A1920
Radio allowances by ship types, 1926  35sec11, 35sec13
Radio and Electrical Branch, Engineering Division, BuAer  36sec6, A1943
Radio and Electrical Section, (Material Division, BuAer)  36sec6, A1932, A1942
Radio and Sound Branch, BuShips  36sec5, A1940
      Electronics procurement  A1942
      Electronics Procurement Section  A1942
Radio and Sound Division, BuEng (R&S). (See BuEng.)
      Heads of  36sec4
      Research & Development  36sec4
Radio and Sound Division, BuSE (R&S). (See BuSE.)
      Heads of  13sec11, 17sec3, 23sec6, 24sec3, A1915, A1918, A1918
Radio and Sound Division, BuShips (R&S). (See BuShips.)
      Development electronics equipment  34sec5
      Establishment  36sec6, A1942
      Organization  36sec6
      Redesignated  36sec6, A1944
Radio and Sound School  39sec3
Radio amplifiers  11sec3, 17sec8, 21sec3, 23sec8, A1912, A1913
Radio antenna systems:
      Descriptions of  3sec4, 20sec9, 25sec3, Msec3
      Experiments with  20sec9, 25sec3, A1916, A1917
      Installations  20sec9, 20sec10, 25sec3
      Multifrequency transmitting  A1922
      Multiplex  32sec2, A1918
      Sleet melting equipment for  A1919
Radio antenna trunks  32sec2
Radio auxilliaries, improvement of  4sec3
Radio broadcast  42sec3
      Educational  A1938
      Facsimile tests on  A1937
      Government  A1942
Radio broadcasting:
      Boom  32sec5, A1922, A1923
      C-in-C U.S. Fleet comment on  32sec7
      Controversy  34sec2
      Developments  34sec2
      Effects of growth of  42sec3, A1922
      Effect on policy  30sec13, A1922
      Frequencies  32sec5, 35sec4, 42sec3, 42sec3
      Interference to  32sec4, A1922, A1945
      Navy problems caused by  34sec3
      Number of stations  32sec5, A1922, A1923
      Prognostication of future of  33sec2
Radio broadcasting station, Navy (NSF), photograph  28sec4
Radio broadcasts, Navy:
      Educational  28sec4, A1920, A1922
      Hydrographic  19sec1, A1904, A1907, A1915
      News  19sec1, A1904
      Time  1sec5, 9sec2, 19sec2, A1904
Radio call signs:
      International allocation of blocks of  42sec5
      List of  9sec2
Radio censorship. (See Censorship.)
Radio circuit:
      Acceptor-rejector  24sec5, 28sec8, A1920, Msec2
      Capacity coupled  17sec6, A1913
      Electron-coupled  32sec9
      Feedback  11sec4, 17sec4, A1913, A1915, A1928
      Heterodyne  11sec4, 18sec3, A1911, A1914
      Inductive coupled  31sec2
      Neutrodyne  21sec3
      Regenerative  11sec4, 17sec4, A1913, A1928
      Superregenerative  A1922
      Tuning  31sec2, A1900
Radio circuits:
      Fleet requirements for  32sec2
      Fleet teletype  A1944
      Initial Navy high frequency  33sec7
Radio commercial:
      AMC domination  16sec2
      BMC establishes in Hawaii  A1901
      Navy assistance to  15sec8, 33sec2, A1912
      WWI  20sec1
Radio communications. (See Communications.)
Radio Communications Act, 1912. (See Public Law 264A.)
Radio communications, regulation of. (See Federal regulation.)
Radio companies, rivalry  7sec1, 7sec5, 11sec10, A1906
Radio compass. (See Radio Direction Finder.)
Radio components:
      Navy Yards responsible for  17sec2, A1913
Radio condensers  17sec9, A1916
Radio Conference, International. (See Conference.)
Radio Conference, National. (See Conference.)
Radio conferences, regional:
      Havana (Western Hemisphere)  42sec7
      Lima (regional aeronautical)  42sec7
      Ottawa (regional broadcast)  42sec7
Radio, control of. (See Federal regulation and Government radio system.)
Radio control ship  28sec14, A1921
Radio control system  29sec11, A1920, A1923, A1924
      Aircraft  29sec11, A1920, A1923, A1924, A1933, A1937
      Drone. (See Drone index.)
      Early patents on  29sec2
      For gyroscope  29sec2
      For pilotless flying bomb  29sec10
      For surface craft  29sec2, A1920
      For torpedos  29sec2, 29sec9, 29sec10
      Hammond  29sec2, 29sec6, 29sec11, 34sec3, A1912, A1914, A1916, A1919, A1921
      Mirick  29sec11, 29sec11, 29sec11, A1922, A1923, A1924
      Sperry  29sec10
      Surface ships  28sec13
      Tests of  29sec11, A1923, A1924
      WECo.  29sec10
Radio control unit Utah photograph  28sec14
Radio Controlled Aircraft Board  29sec11
Radio controlled aircraft project:
      Approved  29sec11, A1920
      Automatic control system  29sec11, A1924
      Cognizance  29sec11, 40sec2, A1920
      Dormant  29sec11, A1925, 40sec1
      Drone. (See Drone index.)
      First sustained pilotless flight  29sec11, A1924
      Hammond radio control system  29sec11
      Location  29sec11, 40sec2
      NRL, R&D of radio equipment  29sec11, 29sec11, 29sec11, A1922, A1925
      Planes for  29sec11, 29sec11
Radio controlled aerial torpedo. (See Missiles.)
Radio controlled aircraft project:
      Reactivation  40sec2
Radio controlled aircraft targets. (See Drone index.)
Radio controlled ship  28sec13, A1921
Radio Conventions, International. (See Convention.)
Radio Corporation of America (RCA):
      Absorbed AMC personnel  30sec6
      A.E.F.G. consortium  30sec11
      Aldene plant purchased  30sec6
      Alexanderson alternator  30sec6
      Alexanderson barrage system  20sec10
      American radio operating monopoly  30sec5, 30sec6
      Articles of incorporation  30sec6, A1919
      Assets and liabilities  30sec6
      A.T. & T. purchases stock in  30sec7, A1920
      Charter  30sec5, 30sec6, 30sec11, A1919
      Cross-license agreements  30sec6, A1919, A1920
      Cross-licenses, Navy  A1921
      Communications traffic agreements  30sec6, A1921
      Criticism of  30sec12, 30sec13, 31sec7, A1920
      Federal Telegraph Co. of Delaware  30sec13
      G.E.Co.-AMC agreement  30sec6
      G.E.Co. divorced from  34sec3
      G.E.Co. organized  30sec6, A1919
      G.E.Co. stock in  30sec6, A1919
      Government advisor to board  30sec6, A1920
      Government investigation of  30sec13, 31sec7, 34sec3
      Government returns long-distance radio stations  30sec7, A1920
      Government suit against  34sec3
      Growth of  30sec7
      High power broadcast stations  42sec3
      House Resolution 548  30sec13, 31sec7
      Incorporation of  30sec6, A1919
      Investigation of  30sec13, 34sec3, A1923
      Liabilities and assets  30sec6
      License practices  30sec8, 30sec11, 31sec7, 34sec3
      Monopoly  30sec5, 30sec6, 30sec11, 34sec3, A1920, A1921, A1923
      Naval advisor to board  30sec6, A1920
      Navy officials assist in forming  30sec5, A1919, A1922
      Navy research conference  35sec12, 35sec12, A1926
      Officers  30sec6
      Patents  31sec6, A1921
      Prohibited from manufacturing  30sec6, 30sec12, A1919
      Proximity fuze  37sec3, 38sec6
      Radar  38sec7, A1937, A1939, A1940, A1941
      Radar altimeter  40sec8, A1941
      Radar flight safety system  A1938
      Radar sniffer  40sec8, A1942
      Radio  35sec13
      Radio facsimile  A1926, A1936
      Radio maintenance  30sec6
      Radio photo  A1924, A1926
      Radio relay system, VHF  A1936
      Sales monopoly G.E.Co. radio equipment  30sec6, A1919, A1922
      Sales monopoly W.E.M.Co. radio equipment  30sec11, A1921, A1922
      Ship-shore radio monopoly  30sec12, 31sec7, A1922
      Sonar  39sec3, A1939, A1942
      Stockholders  30sec6, 30sec7, 30sec10
      Super sniffer  A1943
      Taylor antenna system  20sec10
      Television  40sec6, A1927, A1935, A1937, A1939
      Television for telemetering  40sec5
      Television guidance system  40sec6, A1940, A1941
      Transpacific radio circuits  30sec13
      United Fruit Co.  30sec11, A1921
      U.S. Shipping Board  30sec6
      Vacuum tube manufacturing agreement  30sec12
      Vacuum tube monopoly  30sec12, 31sec7, A1922
      Victor Talking Machine Co.  A1929
      Vs. A. H. Grebe Co.  31sec7, A1923
      W.E.M. Co. participation in  30sec10, 34sec3, A1921
      W.S.A. Co.  30sec11, A1921
Radio Corporation of America-Victor Co.  35sec13, A1929
Radio, crystal control of frequency  28sec10
Radio deficiencies, naval board to investigate  32sec7
Radio desk, Material Division, BuAer  36sec6
Radio detectors  2sec5, 4sec3, 4sec8, 7sec1, 11sec3, 21sec3, A1898, A1901, A1903, A1907, A1912
Radio developments affecting Navy design  17sec4
Radio Direction Finder (RDF):
      Adaptation for ship installations  22sec5, A1916
      Attitude of officers toward  22sec8
      Bay of Biscay installations  22sec8, 16sec8
      Bellini-Tosi installations  22sec4, A1916
      Coastal installations  22sec5, 22sec11
      Description of  Msec4
      Harbor groups of  16sec8, 22sec11, A1916, A1918
      Homing  A1911, A1921
      Improvements of  22sec11, 32sec9, A1919, Msec4
      Investigations of  22sec2
      Kolster equipment  22sec4, 22sec5, A1915, 16sec8, A1916, Msec4
      Navy interest in  22sec2
      Operational use of  16sec8, 22sec8, A1916, A1943
      Patents  16sec8, 22sec4, 22sec5, A1916
      Problems with ship installations of  3sec3, 22sec5
      Schematic diagram of  Msec4
      Stone installation  22sec2, A1906
      Transatlantic flight  23sec8, A1919
      Types of  Msec4
      Undirectional  16sec8, 22sec8, A1917
Radio, disaster use of  9sec4, 12sec2, 12sec7, A1906, A1912
Radio discipline  9sec0, 15sec1, 15sec4, 15sec7, A1912
Radio disputes, internation, arbitration of  42sec5
Radio Division, Bureau of Equipment. (See Bureau of Equipment.)
      Established  6sec2
      Heads  4sec6, 5sec2, 8sec6, 13sec2, 13sec11, A1903, A1905, A1906
Radio echoes  32sec9, 33sec7, 38sec4, A1922, A1931
Radio, effect of depression on  34sec3
Radio emissions:
      Continuous wave  11sec4, 13sec5, A1912
      Damped wave restrictions  42sec5
      Interrupted continuous wave  32sec7
Radio equipment, early:
      BMC  2sec6, 3sec1, 3sec4, 4sec4, 4sec8, A1895, A1899, A1900
      Braun  4sec5, 5sec2
      Bull  8sec2, 8sec3
      Clarke  3sec1, 3sec3, 4sec2
      Components, development of  2sec3
      Composite  7sec7, 8sec14, A1906
      De Forest  4sec4, 4sec10, 5sec2, 8sec2, 8sec8, 8sec14
      Ducretet  4sec4, 4sec7, 4sec8, 5sec2
      Installations, 1906  8sec14
      International Wireless Co.  8sec2
      King  8sec2, 8sec6
      Lodge Muirhead  4sec10, 5sec2
      Massie  4sec10, 8sec11, 8sec14, A1905
      Navy installations of  6sec3, 8sec4, 8sec8, 8sec10, 8sec14
      NESCO  7sec8, 8sec2, 8sec4, 8sec14, 13sec5, 13sec15, A1904
      Pierce  8sec13, 8sec14
      Piggott  8sec2, 8sec6
      Poulsen "tikker"  13sec15
      Rochefort  4sec5, 5sec2
      Shoemaker  3sec5, 8sec12, 8sec14, A1904
      Slaby-Arco  4sec5, 5sec2, 8sec14, 31sec1
      Stone  8sec9, 8sec14, A1905
      Telefunken  8sec2, 8sec6, 8sec14
      W.S.A. Co.  13sec4, 13sec5, 13sec15, 14sec3
Radio equipment, fleet requirements for  32sec2
Radio equipment in naval use, 1906  8sec14
Radio equipment, Navy specifications for  16sec3
Radio equipment, obsolescence of  A1939
Radio equipment purchased 1910-1920  31sec5
Radio, essential to Navy  7sec5
Radio experimental tasks, Ohio  28sec13
Radio experimenters  2sec2
Radio experts, Navy  A1908, A1912, A1912
Radio facsimile  A1926, A1936, A1937, A1944
Radio, Federal regulation of. (See Federal regulation.)
Radio frequencies:
      Broadcasting  32sec5, 35sec4, 42sec3, 42sec3
      Decremeter for measurement of  A1912
      International allocations  N
      National allocations  42sec3
      Navy allocations  13sec13, K
      Research in high  28sec9, 32sec8, 34sec3
Radio frequency driver  21sec3
Radio frequency plans, Navy  13sec13, 25sec4, 32sec7, 35sec2, K
Radio, Government ownership of. (See Government.)
Radio group  30sec13, 34sec3
Radio headsets, Baldwin  11sec9
Radio, high frequency:
      Effect on modernization plan  35sec8
      Fleet experimental use of  32sec9, 34sec3
      Increased use of  33sec7, 34sec3
      Lack of knowledge of  35sec10
      Problems of fleet use of  29sec11
      Research in  28sec9, 32sec8, 34sec3
      Tests of use  28sec11
Radio, high-speed keying  32sec9
Radio, high-speed recording  32sec9
Radio industry, condition of  11sec1
      Fight for control of  11sec10
      Vacuum tube transmitter research  A1908
      Wartime conversion  A1942
Radio installation NC planes photograph  23sec8
Radio installations, ship, Navy:
      Arizona  32sec7, 35sec13
      Baltimore  6sec3
      Birmingham  13sec7, 13sec13, 15sec11, 22sec4, A1909
      California  8sec14, 32sec7, 35sec12, 35sec13
      Canopus  33sec7, 33sec7
      Charleston  8sec14
      Colorado  8sec14, 9sec3, 32sec7
      Comparison  17sec14
      Connecticut  8sec14, 13sec3, 13sec6, 13sec13, A1908
      Delaware  13sec13
      Dolphin  8sec4, 8sec14
      Georgia  8sec14
      Glacier  9sec3
      Idaho  8sec14
      Illinois  6sec3, 8sec4, 8sec14, 9sec3
      Indiana  6sec3
      Initial  6sec3
      Instructions for  5sec1
      Iowa  9sec3
      Kansas  8sec14
      Kearsage  6sec3, 6sec4, 9sec3
      Lebanon  8sec10, 8sec14, 22sec2, A1906
      Louisiana  8sec14
      Maine  9sec3
      Maryland  9sec3
      Massachusetts  3sec4, 6sec3, A1899
      Memphis  35sec12
      Michigan  13sec13
      Milwaukee  8sec14
      Minnesota  8sec14
      Mississippi  8sec14
      Missouri  9sec3
      Models E.F.&R.  24sec5
      Modernization of  32sec5, 32sec7, 35sec4
      Montana  8sec14
      Nebraska  8sec14
      Nevada  35sec13
      New Jersey  8sec14, 15sec7
      New York  3sec4, 35sec2, 38sec6, A1899, A1938
      North Carolina  8sec14
      North Dakota  13sec13
      Ohio  8sec14, 13sec3
      Oklahoma  35sec13
      Olympia  6sec3
      Patoka  33sec7
      Pennsylvania  8sec14, 9sec3, 22sec4, 35sec13, A1916
      Prairie  6sec3, 6sec4, A1902
      Quality of  17sec14
      Rhode Island  8sec14
      St. Louis  8sec14
      Salem  13sec7, 13sec18, A1909, A1913
      Seattle  28sec11, 32sec3, 33sec7
      Shenendoah  28sec10, 33sec7
      South Carolina  13sec13
      South Dakota  8sec14
      Specifications for early  6sec3
      Standardization of  17sec11
      Tennessee  8sec14, 33sec7, 35sec13
      Texas  6sec3, 6sec5, 35sec12
      Topeka  6sec3
      Type  24sec5, 35sec11, 35sec13, Msec1, Msec1, Msec1, Msec2
      Utah  33sec7
      Vermont  8sec14
      Vestal  35sec13
      Virginia  8sec14, 13sec3, 13sec6
      Washington  8sec14
      West Virginia  8sec14, 9sec3, 32sec7
      Wyoming  22sec4, 28sec7, 33sec2, 33sec7, A1913
      WWI  24sec4
Radio installations, ship temporary  28sec7
Radio installations, standardization of  24sec1
Radio interference  4sec3, 7sec1, 7sec5, 10sec1, 15sec11, 28sec12, A1901, A1906, A1919, A1924, A1937
Radio, international regulation of. (See Conventions.)
Radio manufacturers:
      Effect of depression on  34sec3
      Effect of infringement liability on  21sec3
      Failure meet Navy specifications  16sec3
      Patent infringement liability  17sec11, 21sec3, 31sec2
Radio manufacturers and/or operators. (See Index of specific company.)
      American De Forest Co.
      American Telephone & Telegraph Co. (A.T. & T.)
      American Wireless Telephone & Telegraph Co.
      Atlantic Communication Co.
      Clarke, W. J.
      Consolidated Wireless Co.
      Crocker-Wheeler Co.
      Crosley Corp.
      Cutting & Washington
      De Forest, Freeman & Smythe
      De Forest Radio Telephone & Telegraph Co.
      De Forest Radio Telephone Co.
      De Forest Wireless Telegraph Co.
      Federal Telegraph Co.
      Federal Telegraph Co. of Delaware
      General Electric Co. (G.E., Co.)
      General Radio Co.
      International Radio Telegraph Co.
      International Telephone & Telegraph Construction Co.
      Kilbourne & Clarke Locke Insulator Co.
      Lowenstein, Fritz
      Marconi International Marine Communication Co.
      Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co., Ltd. (BMC)
      Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of America (AMC)
      Massie Wireless Telegraph Co.
      National Electric Signaling Co. (NESCO)
      National Electric Supply Co.
      Ohio Insulator Co.
      Radio Corporation of America (RCA)
      Radio Corporation of America-Victor Co. (RCA-Victor)
      Simon, E. J.
      Sperry Manufacturing Co.
      Stone Telephone & Telegraph Co.
      Telefunken Co.
      The International Radio Telegraph Co.
      Tropical Radio Co.
      Union Carbide Co.
      United Wireless Co.
      Western Electric Co. (WECO)
      Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. (W.E.M. Co.)
      Wireless Improvement Co.
      Wireless Specialty Apparatus Co. (WSA)
      Wireless Telegraphy & Signal Co.
      Wireless Telegraph Co. of America
Radio maintenance, WWI  24sec4
Radio, master oscillator power amplifier:
      Control of frequency  32sec9
Radio, methods of use, increase in  42sec5
Radio monopoly:
      AMC  7sec2, 8sec3
      BMC  2sec7, 7sec8
      Navy views on  2sec7, 7sec2, 7sec8, 8sec3, 8sec8
      NESCO  8sec8
      RCA  30sec5, 30sec6, 30sec11, 34sec3, A1920, A1920
Radio, Navy:
      Broadcasts  19sec1, 28sec4, A1904, A1907, A1908, A1920, A1922
      Commercial business  7sec7, 15sec8, 20sec1, 33sec2, A1912, A1920, A1922, A1925, A1927
      Design, affect of developments on  17sec4
      High power system  13sec17, 18sec2
      Modernization of  32sec9, 35sec4, A1923, A1924, A1927, A1929
      Preponderant interest in  7sec5
      Principal user WWI  34sec2
      Telephone trials  13sec3, A1907
      Trend to higher frequencies  32sec8
Radio news reporting  2sec8
Radio officers, appointment directed:
      Duties of  36sec2
Radio operating companies:
      Government competition with  7sec7, 7sec8, 7sec8
      Navy assistance provided  Msec1
Radio operating company, Government controlled  30sec5, A1919
Radio operators, Navy:
      Comparison capabilities of  15sec11
      Lack of  5sec3
      Training of  4sec7, 5sec2, 25sec1, A1938
Radio organization on, Navy  6sec2, 9sec0, 13sec10, 15sec4, 15sec8, 19sec5, 19sec6, 19sec7
Radio patents. (See Patents.)
Radio photo  A1923, A1924, A1926, A1936, A1937, A1944, A1945
Radio policy. (See policy.)
Radio portable  13sec5, A1909
Radio predicted  A1849
Radio problems combined operations, WWI  24sec4
Radio problems requiring solution, 1914  15sec14
Radio procurement, WWI:
      Contract awards  24sec2
      Manufacturers allocations  24sec2
      Requirements determination  24sec2
Radio receiver; photograph of  20sec10
Radio receiver SE143; photograph of  21sec3
Radio receiver SE1420; photograph of  21sec3
Radio receiver, RAC  A1926, A1930
Radio receivers, aircraft  23sec6, 23sec8
Radio receivers, early. (See Radio equipment, early.)
Radio receivers, electronic:
      Heterodyne  11sec4, 13sec5, 18sec3, A1911, A1913, A1914
      Improvement of  21sec3
      Navy  17sec6, 21sec3, 28sec8, 28sec10, 32sec3, 32sec9, 35sec4, 35sec11, 35sec13, 36sec2, A1915, A1916, A1917, A1919, A1921, E
Radio receiving:
      Equipment, comparison of  A1919
      Equipment, Model RB, photograph  28sec8
      Equipment, Model RE, photograph  35sec7
      Equipment, Model & Type Numbers  Msec2
      Helmets, aircraft  23sec7
      Installation, 1914; photograph  15sec14
      Installations, ship  28sec8, A1919, Msec2
      Remote by landline  20sec10
Radio relay system, VHF  A1936
Radio remote control. (See Radio control.)
Radio research and development:
      Amplifier  11sec3, 17sec8, 21sec3, 24sec5
      Antenna  20sec9, 25sec3, 32sec2, A1920, A1922, Msec3, Msec4
      Decisions concerning  28sec2
      Effect of depression  34sec3
      Electronic equipment  34sec2, A1922
      Electronic tube  28sec2, 28sec5, 28sec7
      Frequency spectrum  28sec2, 28sec9, 32sec8, 34sec3, A1923
      High frequency equipment  28sec9, 32sec8, 33sec7, A1923, A1926
      Multiplex reception  28sec2
      Navy Yard contributions to  28sec2
      Post WWI  32sec2
      Problems involved in  11sec1, 28sec2
      Receiving equipment  28sec2, A1924, A1929
      Support for  33sec7, 33sec7, 33sec7, 35sec8
      Telephony  13sec3, 17sec4, 19sec3, 25sec11, A1908, A1917, A1919, A1920
      Transceivers  21sec2, 23sec6, 25sec4, 28sec7
      Transmitters  28sec2, 28sec5, 28sec7, A1922
      Wave propagation  33sec7, A1924
Radio schools  5sec2, 25sec1, A1903, A1912, A1917
Radio, screen grid tube  A1929
Radio Section, Design Branch, Material Division, BuAer:
      Established  36sec6
      Retitled  A1932
Radio, senior officer opposition to  6sec5, 9sec0, A1906
Radio service, commercial, Canal Zone  18sec2, 33sec3
Radio silence  25sec4
Radio situation commencement WWI  16sec2
Radio stations, amateur:
      Assistance in developing high frequency  A1918, 32sec8, 33sec7
      Closed WWI  20sec1, A1917
      Closed WWII  A1941
      Frequencies assigned  28sec3
      Interference by number of high frequency  E
      Opposition to regulation  12sec3
      Participated in Navy Reserve training  A1938
Radio stations, broadcast:
      C-in-C U.S. Fleet comment on  32sec7, A1924
      Frequency modulated  A1940, A1941, A1941
      High powered  42sec3
      Licenses  42sec4, A1926, A1940, A1941
      Number of  32sec5, A1922, A1923, A1940, A1941, A1945
      Regulations for  A1943
      Short wave  A1942
Radio stations, commercial:
      Appropriated  20sec11, A1917
      Censorship of, WWI  19sec2
      Compensation for  20sec11
      Earnings of (1920)  33sec2
      Lloyds  A1898
      Maintenance of  20sec11
      Ownership after WWI  33sec2
      Participated in Naval Reserve training  A1938
      Returned to owners  27sec5, 33sec2, A1920
      Sale of  20sec11, 24sec3, 30sec7, 30sec13, A1918, A1918
Radio stations, Navy:
      Annapolis (Naval Academy)  5sec1, 8sec14, 14sec3, A1902, A1912
            (Transmitter)  20sec4, 21sec1, A1918
      Arlington (Radio Va)  13sec10, 13sec13, 13sec18, 15sec10, 17sec4, 19sec2, 19sec7, 20sec5, 21sec1, 25sec3, 28sec7, 35sec4, 35sec12, A1912, A1913, A1916
      Beaufort  8sec14
      Belmar  20sec10, A1917, A1919
      Boston  5sec2, 8sec10, 8sec14, A1915
      Canal Zone  8sec8, 8sec8, 8sec14, 17sec4, 18sec2, 28sec11, 33sec7, A1904
      Cape Ann  6sec2
      Cape Blanco  8sec14
      Cape Cod  5sec2, 22sec4
      Cape Elizabeth  6sec2
      Cape Henlopen  8sec14
      Cape Henry  5sec2
      Cavite  18sec2, 21sec1, 25sec3, 35sec4, A1916, A1916, A1932
      Charleston  8sec14
      Chatham  20sec10, 25sec3
      Cheltenham  A1939
      Chollas Heights (San Diego)  18sec3, 21sec1, 25sec3, 35sec4, A1916, A1926
      Classes of  33sec5
      Cordova (Alaska)  13sec12, A1908, A1912, A1915
      Corregidor  6sec2
      Darien (Canal Zone)  18sec2, 21sec1
      Difficulties in establishing  7sec5
      Dutch Harbor (Alaska)  13sec11, 13sec12, A1911, A1912
      Farralones Island  8sec14
      Golden Gates (Bonita)  5sec2
      Great Lakes  20sec9, 25sec3, A1915
      Guam  18sec2, A1912, A1944
      Guantanamo  8sec8, 8sec8, 8sec14, A1904, A1906, A1915
      Highlands of Navesink  3sec3, 3sec4, 5sec2, 8sec1, 38sec11, 38sec11
      High powered  13sec17, 18sec2
      Jupiter Inlet  8sec14
      Key West  4sec5, 5sec2, 8sec8, 8sec8, 8sec14, 19sec2, A1904
      Kodiak  13sec11, A1911, A1912
      Lighthouse reservations  5sec1
      Lightship 78  8sec14
      List of (1925)  L
      Luzon  6sec2
      Missions of  33sec5
      Mare Island  5sec2, 17sec4
      Monroe, N.C.  20sec7, 21sec1, A1918
      Montauk  4sec5, 5sec2
      New Brunswick  20sec2, 21sec2, A1917, A1917, A1918
      New Orleans  8sec14, 20sec9
      Newport  3sec6, 4sec5, 5sec2
      New York  5sec2, 8sec1
      Norfolk  5sec2, 19sec4, 20sec9
      Northead  8sec14
      Otter Cliffs  20sec10, 25sec3, A1917, A1918
      Participated in Naval Reserve training  A1938
      Pearl Harbor  17sec4, 18sec2, 18sec5, 21sec1, 25sec3, 28sec11, 35sec4, A1912, A1916, A1944
      Pensacola  8sec14
      Point Arguello  8sec14
      Point Loma  8sec14
      Portsmouth  8sec10, 8sec14
      Primary WWI  20sec1
      Puget Sound  8sec14
      Samoa  18sec2, A1912
      St. Augustine  8sec14
      St. George (Alaska)  13sec12, A1912
      St. Paul (Alaska)  13sec11, 13sec12, A1911, A1912
      San Diego  19sec4, 33sec7, A1916
      San Francisco  5sec2, 28sec11, A1944
      San Juan  6sec2, 8sec8, 8sec8, 8sec14, A1904, A1915
      Sayville  18sec6, 19sec2, 19sec3, 20sec1, 20sec5, 25sec3, A1915, C
      South Wellfleet  19sec2
      Table Bluff  8sec14
      Tatoosh  8sec14
      Tortugas  4sec5, 5sec2
      Tuckerton  18sec6, 19sec2, 19sec5, 20sec1, 20sec5, 20sec10, 25sec3, A1914, A1916
      Unalaga (Alaska)  13sec12, A1912
      Washington  5sec1, 5sec2, 8sec14, A1902, A1915, A1944
Radio stock promotion  4sec2, 4sec10, 4sec10, 7sec1, A1902, A1903, A1907
Radio system, Government. (See Government radio system.)
Radio Technical Planning Board  A1945
Radio telegraph, domestic, WWII  A1942
Radio Telephone Co. 136, 137, 139, 140, 521\1907, 523\1911,
Radio Telephone (CW936); photograph of  21sec2
Radio telephony:
      Battleship installation W.E. Co. equipment  A1917
      G.E. Co. development of  25sec11
      Navy De Forest experiment  13sec3, A1907, A1908
      Officers aversion to  35sec2
      Presidential usage of  20sec4, 25sec11
      SecNav usage of, photograph of  19sec4
      Transocean tests of  17sec4
      WECo. development of  A1917
Radio Test Shop:
      Amplifiers  21sec3, 23sec6, 23sec7, A1913
      Arc transmitter uniwave key  28sec2, 28sec12
      De Forest amplifier, redesign of  A1914
      Established  16sec5
      Impact on commercial manufacturers
      Mission  16sec5, 17sec6, A1914
      Officer-in-charge of  21sec3
      Personnel shortages  28sec2
      Radio receivers  17sec6, 21sec3, 21sec3, 23sec6, A1915, A1916, A1917, A1919, A1919
Radio receiving equipment, provision for  28sec2
Radio receiving systems  28sec8
Radio research & development  21sec3
      Ship receiving installations, standardization of  28sec8
      Transferred to Radio Division NRL  28sec9
      Transmitters, electronic design of  28sec2
Radio teletype  34sec5, A1929, A1944
Radio transceivers:
      BuS&E (SE1345)  28sec5
      Requirement for  21sec2
      WECo. (CW936)  21sec2, 21sec2, 25sec4, 32sec1, 32sec7, 35sec3, A1916, A1917, A1923
            (CW1058)  23sec6
Radio transmission lines:
      Coaxial cable  A1929, A1936, A1936
      Waveguides  38sec5, A1936
Radio transmitters, AC tube:
      Models TL, TM, TN and TO  28sec7, 32sec7, 35sec3, 35sec4, A1922, Msec1
Radio transmitters, aircraft  14sec3, 23sec1, 23sec5, 23sec8
Radio transmitters, aircraft, electronic  23sec6, 23sec6, 23sec8
Radio transmitters, alternator:
            Advantages of  21sec2
            Description of  Msec1
            G.E. Co.-BMC negotiations for  20sec11, 27sec1, 30sec2, A1919
            G.E. Co. high power, low frequency  16sec3, A1906
            Improvements to  20sec9, 20sec10
            Installations of  20sec2, 20sec9, 21sec2, A1917, A1918
            Photograph of  20sec4
            Proposed installations  18sec2
            Proposed use for  30sec5
            RCA monopoly of  30sec6
      Goldschmidt; installation of  19sec2
            Initial construction of  11sec4
Radio transmitters, arc:
      BMC interest in  20sec11, 24sec3
      Commercial use prohibited  30sec11
      Compared with synchronous spark  11sec5, 13sec15, A1912
      Compensating frequency  28sec12
      Description of  Msec1
      Developed  11sec1, A1900, A1908
      Faults of  21sec1, 28sec12
      Harmonics  28sec12
      Improvements to  16sec3, 21sec1, 21sec2, 28sec12, 35sec3, Msec1
      Interference created by  28sec12, Msec1
      Leased to Homag  18sec6
      List of by power, type number and usage  Msec1
      Navy contracts for  11sec5, 18sec3, 31sec2
      Navy installations  11sec5, 18sec3, A1912, A1915, A1918
      Navy selection of  11sec5, 13sec16, A1908, Msec1
      Outlawed  34sec3, 35sec10
      Photographs of  20sec6, Msec1, Msec1
      Power increases of  18sec3, 21sec1, Msec1
      Relegation of  34sec3
      Replaced synchronous spark  18sec2
      Research to improve  32sec2
      Uniwave key for  28sec12, 32sec5, Msec1
      U.S. patent rights  11sec1, 11sec5, 20sec11, 24sec3, 30sec7, 30sec13, A1911
Radio transmitters, battleship installations, 1923  32sec7
Radio transmitters, damped wave:
      Restorations on  42sec5
Radio transmitters, early. (See Radio equipment.)
Radio transmitters, electronic, high frequency:
      Crystal controlled  28sec9, 32sec9, A1924
      Experimental  35sec11, 35sec13, A1926
      Laboratory model  28sec9, A1926
      Shenendoah  33sec7, A1923, A1924
Radio transmitters, electronic, high power, Navy  A1932
Radio transmitters, electronic, Navy  28sec5, 28sec12, 32sec3, 32sec7, 35sec3, 35sec11, 35sec13, A1919, A1920, A1922, A1926, A1932, Msec2
Radio transmitters, frequency shift  34sec5
Radio transmitters, improvement during WWI  21sec1
Radio transmitters, list of by frequency, type number, power & ship assignments  Msec1, Msec1, Msec1
Radio transmitters, low frequency, ship installations  13sec13
Radio transmitters, motor buzzer  35sec3, A1920, A1923, Msec1
Radio transmitters, quenched spark  A1909
Radio transmitters, remove keying of  20sec10
Radio transmitters, research  32sec2, 34sec2, A1922
Radio transmitters, spark. (See Radio equipment.)
      List by power, type number and usage  Msec1
      Quenched gap  13sec5, 13sec18, 14sec3, 15sec14, A1906, A1909, Msec1
      Tune softened  8sec14, 13sec5, A1905
Radio transmitters, synchronous rotary spark:
      Comparison with arc  11sec5, 13sec15, A1912, A1913
      Installations of  13sec7, 13sec8, 13sec15, 15sec10, A1912
      Navy acceptance of  A1913
      Navy contract for  11sec4, 11sec4, 13sec7, A1909
      Navy tests of  13sec7, 13sec15, A1909, A1910, A1913
      Performance guarantee  13sec7, A1909, A1913
      Outlawed  34sec3, 35sec10
      Replaced by arc  18sec2
Radio transmitters, timed spark  20sec2
Radio transmitter, TX, photograph of  35sec7
Radio transmitting station license  42sec4, A1926
Radio, ultra high frequency, use of  34sec5
Radio, underwater reception of  28sec8, 29sec9, A1912
Radio usage, changes in importance of  34sec3
Radio, VHF relay system  A1936
Radio wave propagation  33sec7
Raguet, E. C.  35sec13, 36sec4, A1928
R&S. (See Radio and Sound Division.)
Raleigh  19sec4
Ranger  40sec4, A1938
Ranging experiment, underwater, and above water sound and radio  26sec5, A1911
Reber, Samuel  3sec6
Receivers radio. (See Radio.)
Receivers, sound. (See Sonar and underwater sound.)
Recommendations, Roosevelt Board  C
Redman, Joseph R.  36sec6
Reed, A. C.  23sec8, A1919
Regenerative circuit  11sec4, 17sec4, A1913, A1928
Regional radio conference  42sec7
Regulations, Berlin Radio Convention  F
Regulations, London Radio Convention  42sec5
Regulations, Washington Radio Convention  42sec5
Reinartz, John L.  28sec10, A1918
Revised Statute 3709  37sec1
R. F. Matthews  2sec9
Rice, Edwin W., Jr.:
      GECo. Navy alternator conference  30sec4
      President GECo.  30sec4
Riebel, Fred  36sec6
Roberts bill  12sec3, A1910
Roberts, F. H.  42sec5
Robinson, James  23sec3
Robinson, S. M.  36sec6, 38sec9
Robison, S. S.:
      Headed radio division  8sec6, A1904
      Prepared radio manual  9sec2, A1906
      Stone radio equipment  8sec13
      Tests of radio equipment  8sec6
Rochefort, M.  5sec2
Rochefort radio equipment  4sec5, 5sec2
Rodd, H. C.  23sec8, A1919
Rodgers, J. A.  8sec1, 8sec4
Rodgers, John:
      Selected for aviation training  14sec2
      Assisted in development aircraft radio  14sec3
Roe  38sec11, A1940
Rogers and Black semaphore dictionary  7sec7, A1847
Rogers, B.  35sec2
Rogers, J. H.  20sec9, A1916, Msec3
Rogers underground collector system  20sec9, A1916, Msec3, Msec3
Rogers, Waiter S.  30sec3
Roosevelt Board (Interdepartment Radio Board):
      AMC  7sec7
      Approval of recommendations  7sec7, A1904
      Composite radio equipment  7sec7
      Convened by President  7sec6, A1904
      Established Navy dominance radio  7sec6, A1904
      NESCO  7sec8
Roosevelt, F. D.:
      Alternator negotiations  30sec2
      Assistant Secretary Navy  21sec3
      British radio monopoly  33sec2
      Censorship  A1941
      Communications Act of 1934  A1934
      "Farragut letter"  21sec3, 31sec4
      NDRC  38sec11
      Negotiated contracts  B
      Radio procurement, WWI  21sec3, 24sec2, 31sec4
      RCA charter  30sec5
      Television monopoly  A1940
Roosevelt, Theodore:
      Approved recommendations Roosevelt Board  7sec7, 30sec13, A1904
      Convened Interdepartment Radio Board  7sec6, A1904
      Memorandum on control of radio  10sec1
      Ratification Berlin Convention  10sec4, 10sec6
Root, Elihu:
      Chinese-American communications  30sec13
      Delegate Washington Disarmament Conference  30sec13
Rostron, Arthur  12sec7
Rueben James  39sec5
Russel, Edward  12sec10, A1917
Ryan, H. J.  26sec8


Sadenwater, Harry  23sec8
Safety at Sea Conference  A1913
St. Paul  3sec5, A1899
Salem  13sec7, 13sec13, 13sec15, 13sec18
Saltzman, Charles  12sec10
Sanders, R. C.  40sec8
Sandpiper  35sec2
Sands, James H.:
      Strategic use of radio  6sec3
San Francisco earthquake:
      Use of radio  9sec4, A1906
Sangamo Electric Co.  39sec3
San Pedro A/S Group  26sec8, 26sec11
Sarnoff, David  27sec2, 30sec5, 30sec6, 30sec12, 42sec3, A1919
Scanlin, John  6sec3, 8sec2
Scanning  A1907
Scheffer, V. H.  C
Schmekebier, L. F.  42sec5
Schnell, Frederick  28sec11, 29sec10, E
Schrenk, Matthew:
      Drone radio control system  40sec3, 40sec4, A1936
      Crystal controlled high frequency transmitter  32sec9, A1924
Schultz, H. O.  40sec3
Scientific American  8sec3
Scientific development, increase in  38sec9
Scientific effort WWII  34sec5
Scientific Research and Development, Office of  34sec5, 37sec3, 39sec2, 41sec2
Scripps Institution of Oceanography  39sec5
Sebree, Uriel  7sec8
Sec. Navy. (See Secretary of the Navy.)
SecNav, Ass't. (See Assistant Secretary of the Navy.)
Second International Radio Conference. (See Conference.)
Second National Radio Conference  42sec3, A1923
Secretary of the Navy (SecNav):
      BMC-G.E. Co. alternator negotiations  30sec2, A1919
      Chinese communications  30sec13, A1921, A1921
      Contract responsibility  A1942
      Electronics cognizance  36sec4, 36sec5, 36sec6, 36sec6, A1936, A1942
      Electronics procurement  37sec1
      "Farragut letter"  21sec3, 31sec4
      Federal control of radio, legislation on  27sec2
      Government monopoly radio  24sec3, 24sec4, 27sec3, A1919
      Government ownership radio  30sec2, 30sec6, 30sec11, A1916, A1919
      Government radio policies  30sec13
      Government responsibility radio  30sec13
      Lafayette radio station  20sec2, 20sec6
      Naval communications  19sec6, 25sec5, 36sec6, A1906
      Naval Consulting Board  A1915, A1917
      Navy radio dominance  30sec6
      Pan-American Co.  30sec11, D
      Personnel electronics  36sec6
      Problems with radio companies  5sec4, 7sec8, 19sec2, A1904, A1906, A1914, A1920
      Radar  38sec5, A1932
      Radio  1sec3, 1sec6, 3sec3, 3sec4, 4sec4, 4sec5, 4sec7, 4sec10, 5sec2, 6sec3, 6sec5, 7sec1, 7sec3, 7sec6, 8sec9, 8sec14, 13sec10, 15sec8, 18sec6, 19sec4, 19sec6, 32sec4, 35sec3, A1921, A1936
      Radio censorship  19sec2, A1917
      Radio telephone with New Hampshire, photograph of  19sec5
      RCA  30sec5, 30sec13, A1919, A1920
      Submarine detection  26sec7, A1917
Secretary of Agriculture:
      Comments on Fessenden  5sec4
      Control of Government use of radio  7sec5
Secretary of Commerce. (See also Department of Commerce)
      Proposed amendment Public Law 264  27sec2
      Radio licenses  42sec4
      Sayville radio station license  18sec6
Section T, National Defense Research Committee:
      Assisted by Bureau of Standards  41sec2
      Established  41sec2, A1940
      Purpose  41sec2
      Research  41sec2
Selfridge, T. E.  14sec1
      Radar test  38sec12, A1941
      Underwater pilot cable test  28sec15, A1919
Seventh International Radio Conference  A1942
Shamrock I and II  3sec3, 4sec3
Shapiro, Horle and Worrel  21sec3
Sheffield, J. R.  7sec7
Shelley, Tully  42sec5
      High frequency transmitter  33sec7, A1923, A1924
      RG receiver  A1924
Shephard bill  10sec6
Ship Control Board, radio room location  35sec10, 35sec13
Ship Movement Office  25sec6
Ship position reports  19sec2
Ship Purchase Act  24sec3
Ship Radio Act, 1910  12sec3, 12sec5, A1910
Ship radio installations, Navy. (See Radio installations.)
Ship radio allowances, 1926  35sec11, 35sec13
Ships movements information, WWI  25sec6
Shoemaker, Harry:
      Co-founder International Telephone and Telegraph Construction Co.  8sec12, A1904
      Designed radio controlled torpedo  29sec2
      Engineer for radio companies  4sec2, 4sec10, 7sec1, A1899
      Gains prominence  4sec3
Siasconsett radio station  4sec4, 19sec2
Signal boards, naval  1sec4, 1sec4, 1sec8
Signal books, Navy:
      Barron  1sec3, A1802
      Barron (revised)  1sec3, A1813, A1847
      Battle, 1913  15sec12, A1913
      Battle, 1913 (revised)  15sec13, A1913
      Continental Navy Orders & Directions  1sec2
      Fighting instructions  1sec1
      First U.S. Navy  1sec3, A1797
      International  1sec5, A1872
      Kempenfelt's  1sec3
      Private cipher  1sec3, 1sec4
      Rogers and Black  1sec3, A1847
      Rogers Commercial Code of Signals  1sec4
      Truxton's  1sec3, A1797
      U.S. Navy, 1858  1sec4, A1858
      U.S. Navy, 1861  1sec4, A1861
      U.S. Navy, 1869  1sec5, A1869
      U.S. Navy, 1898  A1908
      U.S. Navy, 1898 (revised)  15sec12, A1908
      U.S. Navy, 1908  15sec12, A1913
Signal Corps, U.S. Army. (See Army Signal Corps.)
Signal system, coast  1sec8, A1898
Signaling, Civil War  1sec4
Signaling, conduction  2sec5, 2sec5, A1885
Signaling, visual  1sec1
Signals and ciphers, responsibility for naval  1sec2, 1sec3, 1sec4, 1sec4, 1sec5, 25sec5, A1824, A1858, A1890
Sigsbee sounding device  26sec3
      Rectifying properties  11sec1, A1906
Simon, E. J.:
      Aircraft radio (CE615)  3sec3
      Aircraft spark transmitter  23sec5
      AMC patent litigation  31sec3, A1915
      Infringement claim against Government  31sec6
Sixth Battle Squadron  24sec4, A1917
Sixth International Radio Conference  42sec7, A1937
Skip distance  28sec10, 32sec9, 35sec10, A1924
Slaby-Arco radio equipment:
      Comments on Navy purchases of  4sec8
      Comparison competing equipments  4sec8, A1902
      Diagrammatic sketch of  5sec4
      Navy purchases of  4sec6, 5sec3, A1903
      Navy tests of  5sec2
Smith, James Dunlop:
      Radio stock salesman  11sec3
      Associated with De Forest  11sec3
Smith, Oscar:
      Director Plans Division  40sec8
      Guided missiles  40sec8, A1942
      Guided Missiles Committee  40sec8
      Project Dog  40sec8, A1942, A1943
Smith, Russell  41sec4
Smith, St. Clair  20sec7
Smith, W. S.  29sec10
Smythe, Edward:
      De Forest partner  4sec3, 4sec10
      Allied research in  39sec3, A1940
      ASDIC  26sec14, 39sec3
      Bearing deviation indicator  39sec5, A1942
      Bureau of Ships design of  39sec2
      Destroyer  39sec3, A1941
      Development of  16sec8, 39sec2, A1927, A1939
      Effectiveness  39sec1, 39sec6, A1942
      Improvement in  39sec2, 39sec5, 39sec6, 39sec7, A1939, A1942
      JK  39sec2, A1929
      Laboratory  39sec5
      Large vessel  39sec6
      Maintenance of true bearing instrument  39sec5, A1942
      NRL research  26sec14, 39sec2
      Oceanography  26sec2, 39sec3, A1854, A1936, A1936, A1941
      Operational research  39sec5, A1941
      Operation  39sec6
      Production  39sec2, 39sec3, 39sec5, A1934, A1939, A1942, A1942
      QB  39sec2, A1933
      Transducer  39sec2, A1933
      Use of. (See ASW.)
      Use of bathythermograph with  39sec5, 39sec7, A1942
Sonar School, Fleet  39sec3, A1936
Sonobuoys  39sec6, A1943
Sounding devices  26sec2, 26sec11, A1919, A1920, A1922
Soundings, sonic  26sec14, A1922
Sound, underwater:
      ASW. (See ASW index.)
      Detection systems, early  26sec7
      Endeavor to use as signal system  26sec3, A1899
      Fathometer. (See Fathometer index.)
      For ascertaining ocean depths  A1854
      Formation of Submarine Signal Co.  26sec3
      Historical background  26sec2
      Mundy and Gray experiments  26sec3, A1900
      Research  39sec5, A1917, A1917, A1941
      Signaling equipment, installation of  A1913
      Signaling equipment, tests of  A1913
      Sonar. (See Sonar index.)
      Submarine hell warning system  26sec4
      Submarine detection. (See Submarine detection index.)
      Submarine Signal Co. (See Submarine Signal Co. index.)
South Carolina  13sec13
Southworth, G. C.  38sec5
Spangenberg, George A.  40sec3
Speaker, A. C.  35sec3
Special Board of Ordnance, fire control radar  38sec5
Special Board on Antisubmarine Devices:
      Activities  26sec8, 26sec9, A1917
      Composition  26sec7, 26sec8
      Groups of  26sec7, 26sec8
      Progress  26sec8
      Purpose  26sec7, A1917
Special Service Squadron  13sec6
Sperry, Elmer A.  29sec10, 29sec10, A1915
Sperry Gyroscope Co.:
      Gyrocompass  29sec2
Sperry Instrument Co.
      Aircraft radio (CS350)  23sec2
      Infringement claim against Government  31sec6
      Pilotless flying bomb  16sec8, 29sec10, 29sec10, A1918
      RDF equipment  22sec4
Spriggs, A. J.  36sec6, A1940
Squier, George O.  12sec9, 12sec10, 24sec2, 29sec3
Standley, William H.:
      Radio controlled aircraft target  40sec1
      CNO  40sec1
State Department:
      Communications for  25sec8
      Pan American Co.  30sec11
Stearman Hammond  40sec3, 40sec3
Sterdman, Charles  1sec4
Stewart  26sec14, A1922
Stone, C. W.  30sec4
Stone, John S.:
      Diagram of equipment  8sec10
      Navy equipment  8sec10, 8sec14, A1905
      RDF tests  22sec2, A1905
      Stone Telephone & Telegraph Co.  8sec10, A1902
      Tuned circuit patent  11sec3, A1900, A1907
Stone Telephone and Telegraph Co.:
      Description and diagram of equipment  8sec10
      Exploited Stone invention  8sec9, A1902
      Insolvent  A1906
      Navy purchases  8sec10, 8sec14, A1905
      Navy tests equipment  8sec9, A1905
      No radio patent infringement claim  H
      Organized  A1902
      RDF  22sec2, A1905
      Renders bid on Navy equipment  11sec4
Stratton, S. W.  13sec4
Stringham  5sec2, 14sec3, A1912
Submarine Bell Warning System  26sec4
Submarine detection:
      AD-tube  26sec9
      ASW. (See ASW index.)
      Audio telegraph  26sec9
      Conference on  26sec7
      Comparison of, World Wars I and II  26sec11
      Compenstor in  26sec9
      C-tube  26sec9
      Drifter set  26sec7
      "Electric eel"  26sec9
      Harbor entrance  26sec9
      JK Sonar  39sec2, A1929
      K-tube  26sec9
      Lamme device  26sec9
      Langevin device  26sec8, 26sec9
      Magnetic  26sec7
      Multispot system  39sec3, A1942
      MV-tube  26sec9, A1917
      OK-tube  26sec9, 26sec9
      Oceanography  39sec3, 39sec5, A1935
      Operational use of  26sec10
      Oscillator for  26sec9, 26sec11
      OS-tube  26sec9
      OV-tube  26sec9
      PB-tube  26sec9
      Post World War I developments in  26sec11
      QB Sonar  39sec2, A1931, A1933
      Research  26sec7, A1917, A1917
      SC-tube  39sec2
      Sonar. (See Sonar index.)
      Training in  26sec10
      Tranducer for  26sec14, 35sec12
      Watzer device  26sec8, 26sec9
Submarine Signal Co.:
      Conference on submarine detection  26sec7
      Drifter underwater sound detection device  26sec7
      Fathometer  26sec11, 39sec2, A1927, A1934
      Fessenden underwater sound oscillator  26sec4, A1914
      Improved underwater sound microphone  26sec3
      Investigated underwater sounds  26sec3
      Multispot underwater sound detection system  39sec3, A1939
      Organized  26sec3, A1901
      Personnel of  26sec3, A1912
      QB Sonar production  39sec2, A1933
      Research aided by WECo. and GECo.  26sec7
      Sonar production  39sec2, A1939, A1942
      Underwater sound aid to navigation  16sec8, 26sec3, 26sec4, A1911
      Underwater sound research station  26sec7
      Volunteered underwater sound research  26sec7, A1917
Suffolk, HMS  19sec2
Sullivan, H. W.  4sec8
Superintendent Naval Radio Service:
      Communications neutrality  19sec2, A1914
      Establishment of office  15sec8
      Organization of office of  15sec8
      Responsibilities of  15sec8
Supreme Court Decisions  A1918, A1940, A1943
Surface search radar (S models.) (See Radar.)
Sussex  19sec4
Sweet, George C.:
      Assistant head radio division  11sec4
      Biography  13sec3
      Early interest in aviation  14sec1, 14sec3
      Service tested portable radio sets  13sec6
      Transatlantic radio stations  20sec5, 20sec7
      Sylvania Electric Products, Inc.:
      VT fuze  37sec3, 41sec8
Sykes, E. O.  42sec4
Systems Planning Board, BuAer  36sec6
S. 3620:
      Introduced  12sec9
      Replaced by 5. 5334  12sec9
S. 5334 (Public Law 264, Radio Communications):
      Advocates  12sec9
      Changes  12sec9
      Drafters of  12sec9
      Enacted  12sec9
      Introduced  12sec9
      Opponents  12sec9
      Provisions  12sec9, G
      Substitute for S. 3620, S. 5630  12sec9
S. 5630, Replaced by S. 5334  12sec9


Taft, W. H.  12sec3, 28sec3
Tardieu, M.  20sec2
Target Practice Instructions, 1912  13sec12, 13sec16, 15sec1
Tarrant, W. T.  26sec8
Tate, J. T.  39sec5, A1941
Taylor, A. Hoyt:
      Aircraft ignition interference  23sec3
      Aircraft radio receiving helmet  23sec7
      Antenna patent  20sec10
      Antenna system  20sec9, 20sec10, Msec3
      Director, NARL  28sec3, 29sec11, A1918
      District Communication Officer, 9th N.D.  20sec9, A1917
      "Father of radar"  38sec4
      Head, Radio Division NRL  28sec9, A1923
      High frequency radio tests  35sec4, 35sec8, A1925
      High frequency spectrum research  28sec3, 33sec7, 33sec7
      High frequency transmitter, crystal controlled  28sec10, A1924
      Kennelly-Heaviside Theory, confirmation of  33sec7
      Multicoupling system  32sec5
      NARL  28sec3, 29sec11
      NRL  28sec9
      Radio controlled aircraft  29sec11, 29sec11, 32sec2
      Radio echo  28sec3, 38sec4
      Research, antenna  20sec9, 20sec10, A1917
            high frequency spectrum  28sec3, 33sec7, 33sec7
            radar  28sec3, 33sec7, A1925
      Shenendoah, equipping with HF radio  33sec7
      Transatlantic Communication Officer  25sec3, A1917
      Wave propagation theory, revision of  28sec11, A1924
Taylor, M. B.  40sec8, A1942
Taylor-Young multicoupler  32sec5, Msec4
Teal  35sec2
Technical Committee on International Radio Communications  42sec2
Telefunken Company:
      Agreement with BMC  11sec10
      Alternator for Cavite  18sec2
      Atlantic Communication Co.  11sec6, 16sec2, 18sec6
      Bids on Washington-Canal Zone equipment  11sec4
      Navy comparative radio tests  8sec2, 8sec6
      Organization  8sec2
      Radio traffic agreement  30sec11
      Vs. BMC  11sec10
      Vs. NESCO  11sec10
Telegraph  A1837
      Development of  40sec5
      Television for  40sec5, 40sec6
Telephone  A1861, A1877
Telephone Review  19sec4
Telephotos Signaling System  1sec5, A1897
Teleran  A1941
Teletypewriter system, leased landline  A1941
      Airborne  A1934, A1939, A1941
      Bell Telephone laboratories  A1930
      Commercial operation  A1940
      Effect of depression on development  34sec3
      Farnsworth  B, A1930
      Guidance system  40sec5, 40sec8, A1940
      Kerr cell  A1875
      Landline  A1927
      Monopoly  A1940
      NAF tests of  A1939
      Philco  A1937
      RCA  40sec6, A1928, A1935, A1937, A1941
      Scanning disc  A1884
      Telemetering  40sec5, A1941
      Zworykin  40sec6, A1928, A1937
Television stations:
      NBC  A1928
      Number of stations licensed  A1945
Temple, H. B.:
      Guided missiles  40sec8, A1944
Tenth Fleet  39sec6
Terrell, Wm. D.  12sec10, A1912
Tesla, Nikola:
      Experiments of  4sec4
      Induction coil  A1894
      Induction motor  A1894
      Radar prediction of  A1900
      Radio control of objects  2sec5, A1900
      Radio equipment for navy tests  4sec10
      Rotary magnetic field  A1894
      Wireless transmission of power  2sec5
Texas  38sec7
Thayer, Henry B.  26sec7
The International Radio Telegraph Co.:
      Organized  30sec8, A1920
      Purchased by RCA  30sec10
      Radio cross-license agreements  30sec8, 30sec10
      Sales agent for WEMCo.  30sec8
Theoretical Analysis Group (Sonar)  39sec5
Third International Radio Conference. (See Conference.)
Third National Radio Conference. (See Conference, National Radio.)
Thompson, Beach  11sec5
Time signals, Navy broadcasts of  1sec5, 9sec2, 19sec2, A1904
Tinus, W. C.  38sec11
Titanic  12sec7
Titterington, M. M.  29sec10
Tizord, Henry  41sec2
Todd, D. W.:
      Alexander bill  27sec4
      Assistance rendered Hooper  13sec12
      Biography  13sec11
      Delegate, Third International Radio Conference  12sec10
      DNC  19sec7, 27sec4, 30sec2
      Head, Radio Division  13sec11, A1910, A1913
      Member Joint Torpedo Board  29sec3, A1915
      Navy procurement policy  31sec2
      Support of S. 5334  12sec9
      Tactical use of radio  13sec12
Tompkins, J. T.:
      Sonar development  39sec1
      Special A/S Devices Board  26sec8
Topeka  5sec2, 6sec3, 8sec4, A1902
Torpedo, radio controlled  16sec8, 29sec2, 29sec6, 29sec11, 34sec3, A1900, A1916, A1918, A1919, A1921
Towers, Charlemagne:
      Headed U.S. Delegation Second International Radio conference  10sec3, A1906
Towers, John H.:
      Aircraft electronics equipment  36sec6
      Aviation training  14sec2
      Chief BuAer  36sec6, 40sec8
      Project Option  40sec8, A1942, A1943
      Transatlantic flight  23sec8
Townsend, W. K.  7sec1, A1905
Transatlantic Communication Officer  25sec3, 25sec4, A1917
Transatlantic communications  33sec2, A1917, A1918, A1919
Transatlantic flight, NC planes  23sec8, A1919
Transatlantic Times  3sec5, A1899
Transceivers, radio. (See Radio.)
Transceivers, sound. (See Sonar and underwater sound.)
Transmitters, radio. (See Radio.)
Transmitters, sound. (See Sonar and underwater sound.)
Transpacific communications  30sec13, A1916
Transportation Section, BuS&A  37sec6
Triode, 100 TH  A1934
Trogner, A. M.  17sec11
Tropical Radio Co.:
      Patent cross-license radio group  30sec11
      Stations  16sec2
      Subsidiary United Fruit Co.  16sec2
Tube, electronic. (See Tube, vacuum.)
Truxtun  6sec3
Truxton, Thomas  1sec3, A1797
Tube, vacuum:
      Action of  A1880
      Amplifier  16sec3
      Arnold theory on  17sec8, A1912
      CG 916 and 1144  28sec5
      CG 1353  28sec7
      CW 1887  28sec7
      Detector  16sec3, 30sec7, A1919, A1920, A1922
      Improvements to  17sec8, 28sec5, 30sec7, A1919, A1920, A1922
      Langmuir theory on  17sec8, A1912
      Manufacture of  30sec12, A1920, A1921
      Monopoly  30sec12, A1919, A1921, A1922
      Navy efforts to make available  30sec12, A1920, A1921
      Oscillator  17sec4
      RCA control of  30sec12, A1919, A1921
      Three element  11sec1, 17sec8, A1906, A1908, A1912, A1920, A1922, A1923
      Two element  A1904, A1922
Tucker, D. P.  36sec6, 36sec7
Tucker, S. P.  38sec1
Tuve, M. A.  41sec2, A1940


Ultraudion  11sec3, 17sec4
Ultra high frequency radio  34sec5
Under Secretary of the Navy  37sec1
Underwater detection apparatus, WWI, photograph of  26sec9
Underwater pilot cable:
      Tested in Ambrose Channel  28sec15, A1919
      Tested as aircraft approach system  28sec15
Underwater reception radio  28sec8, 29sec9, A1911
Underwater Sound. (See Sound.)
Underwater Sound Reference Library  39sec5
United Fruit Co.:
      Radio cross-license agreements  30sec11
      RCA stock  30sec11, A1921
      Sold interest in WSACo. to GECo.  30sec11
United Wireless Telegraph Co.:
      Absorbed American De Forest Co.  11sec2, A1906
      Assets acquired by Marconi Cos.  11sec2, 11sec10, A1912
      Bankrupt  11sec2, 11sec10, A1911
      De Forest ousted from  11sec2, A1906
      Disagreement among officials of  11sec2, A1907
      Infringed Marconi Cos. patents  11sec2, 11sec10, A1912
      Organized  11sec2, A1906
      Stock sales policy of  11sec2, A1907
      Vs. MWTCOA  11sec10
      Vs. NESCO  11sec10
University of California Sonar Laboratory  39sec5
U.S. Atlantic Fleet:
      Radio communication deficiencies  15sec10, 32sec4, A1922
      Radio discipline  15sec1, 15sec4, A1912
      Radio interference  10sec1, A1906
      Radio officer  15sec3
      Radio, tactical use of  15sec7
      Radio telephone experiments  13sec3
      Radio training  6sec3, 11sec5, 13sec12, 15sec1, 15sec7, A1903, A1906, A1912
U.S. Bureau of Standards:
      Proximity fuze  29sec9, 41sec2, A1940
      Study of radio problems  42sec3
      Underwater radio reception tests  28sec8, 29sec9, A1911
      Vacuum Tube Transmitter Advisory Board  28sec5
U.S. Court of Claims  16sec3, 17sec3, 31sec5, A1921
U.S. Fleet:
      Comment on broadcasting stations  32sec7, A1924
      High frequency radio  28sec11, 32sec7, 33sec7, 35sec10, A1925
      High frequency radio problems  28sec11
      High frequency radio tests  28sec11, 32sec9, 33sec7, 34sec3, A1925
      Organized  32sec4, E
      Radio communications  32sec4, 32sec5, 32sec7, 35sec3, A1923, A1925, A1930, A1939
      Radio controlled aerial torpedo  40sec6, 40sec7
      Radio controlled aircraft target  40sec1
      Radio installations  32sec5, 35sec4, A1925, A1928
      Shenendoah's high frequency radio  33sec7
      Status of communications  32sec4, 32sec5, 32sec7, 35sec3, A1923, A1930, A1939
      Teletype circuits  A1944
U.S. naval forces, Brest  22sec8
U.S. Naval Radio Stations, 1925  L
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, photograph of  28sec9
U.S. Shipping Board:
      Communication for, WWI  25sec8
      Created  24sec3
      Purchase of ship radio installations  20sec11, 24sec4
      Radio installation, maintenance and operation  24sec3, 30sec6
U.S. Weather Bureau:
      Radio development  3sec1
      Radio weather reports to  9sec2, A1904
      Weather broadcasts, WWII  A1941
      Weather reports by Navy radio  19sec2
      Drone target for  40sec5, A1938
      Gyrocompass tests  30sec5
Utility Squadron 5 (US-5)  40sec7
Utility Squadron 6 (VJ-6)  40sec8


Vacuum tube. (See tube, vacuum.)
Vacuum Tube Transmitter Advisory Board  28sec5, A1919
Vail, Theodore N.  19sec4
Van Dyke, Karl  29sec11, A1924
Van Etter, Herbert  11sec3
Varela, A. A.:
      Multitube ring mounted oscillator  38sec7, A1938
      NRL radar group  38sec5
      SD radar  38sec9
      Proving ground of Naval Communications  15sec10
Vermont  8sec14
Very high frequency. (See Radio relay.)
Vice Chief of Naval Operations:
      Guided missile program  A1942
      Project Option  A1942
Virginia  13sec6
Von Steuben  26sec13
VT fuze. (See Fuze.)


Wait, William, Jr.  40sec3
Wake Island  1sec8
Walker, Hay:
      Co-founder NESCO  4sec10, A1902
      Disagreement with Fessenden  26sec4
      Organized International Radio Telegraph Co.  A1917
      Stock purchased by Given
Wallace, F.  40sec3, 40sec3
War Department:
      Radio legislation  7sec8
      Radio system  7sec4
      Transatlantic communications, WWI  25sec8
War Production Board:
      Contracts  37sec1
      Directives  37sec1, A1942, A1945
      Electronics industry  A1945
      Expediting  37sec3
Washington  8sec14, 26sec5, A1911
Washington-Canal Zone radio circuit:
      Equipment contract protests  11sec4
      Equipment procurement  11sec4, 11sec5
Washington Disarmament Conference  30sec13, 32sec3
Washington Limitation of Arms Agreement:
      Effect of on naval radio  28sec7, A1922
Washington Navy Yard:
      Aircraft radio receivers (SE950 and 1414)  23sec6
      Radio receivers (Navy types A, B and C)  17sec6, 21sec3, A1915
      Radio receivers (Navy types A and B (1917)  21sec3
      Radio receivers (SE93 and 143)  21sec3
      Sonar (JK and QB)  39sec2, A1933
      Transmitters (Arlington radio station)  35sec4
      Transmitters (model TO)  35sec4
Washington Radio Convention  42sec5, N
Waterbury, John I.:
      Delegate International Radio
      Conferences  7sec4, 10sec3, 12sec10, A1906
      Supported ratification Berlin Convention  10sec4
Watson-Webb, Robert  38sec5
Watzer submarine detector  26sec9
Waveguide  38sec5, A1936
Waves, electromagnetic  A1886, A1914
Waves, light  A1676
Weagant, Roy A.:
      Antenna system  20sec9, Msec3
      Chief Engineer; AMC  20sec9
Weather reports:
      Direct radio information on  19sec2
      Navy broadcasts of  9sec2, 9sec2, 19sec2
      Radio weather reports to Weather Bureau  9sec2, A1904
Weaver, E. M.  29sec2
Webster, A. G.  12sec10, A1912
Webster, W. W.:
      Manager, Naval Aircraft Factory  40sec6
      Reports on guided missile Development  40sec6
WECo. (See Western Electric Co.)
Wein, Max  A1906
Welles, Gideon  1sec4
WEMCo. (See Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.)
Western Electric Co. (W.E.Co.):
      Aircraft radio  21sec3, 23sec2, 23sec5
      Aircraft transceiver (CW 1058)  23sec6
      Cross-license agreements  30sec7, 30sec10, 30sec12
      CXAS, CXAS-1 radar  38sec11, A1940, A1940
      FA radar  38sec11, A1940
      Magnetron production  A1941, A1942
      Pilotless flying bomb, radio control for  29sec10
      Radar altimeter  40sec6, 40sec6
      Radar, fire control  38sec9, 38sec11, A1940, A1940
      Radar, XAF  38sec8
      Radar, 700 MC  38sec7, A1937
      Radio cross-license agreements  30sec7, 30sec10, 30sec12
      Radio telephone  A1917, A1917
      Radio transceiver (CW936)  21sec2, A1916, A1917
      Radio transmitters (model TB)  28sec5, 32sec3, A1920
      Radio transmitters (models TL, TP, and TU-2)  35sec3
      Sonar, JK  39sec2
      Submarine detection  26sec7, A1917
      Submarine detector, harbor entrance  26sec9
      Submarine Signal Co.  26sec7, A1917
      Vacuum tube improvement  17sec9
      Vacuum tube research  28sec2, 28sec5, 32sec3
      Vacuum Tube Transmitter Advisory Board  28sec5
      Vacuum tube transmitter research  28sec2, 28sec5, 32sec3
Western Union Telegraph Co.:
      Telegraphic time signals  1sec5
      Transmission Navy news broadcasts  19sec2
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. (W.E.M.Co.):
      Aircraft radio receiver (SE414)  23sec6
      ASB radar  38sec9, A1941
      Cross-license agreements  30sec8, 30sec10, A1921
      Federal Telegraph Co.  30sec10
      GECo. manufacturing agreement  30sec11
      Government vs. radio group  34sec3
      Naval Experimental Station  26sec8
      Navy-Industry, Radio Research Conference  35sec12, A1926
      Patent position  30sec10, A1920, A1920
      Radar ASB  38sec9, A1941
      Radio transmitter (model TO)  35sec4
      RCA exclusive sales agent for  30sec11, A1921
      RCA stock  30sec10, 34sec3, A1921
      Submarine detection device  26sec9
      The International Radio Telegraph Co.  30sec8, A1920
      Transocean communications effort  30sec10
      Vacuum Tube Transmitter Advisory Board  28sec5
Whipple  6sec3
White, Abraham:
      AMC  3sec5
      American De Forest Radio Co.  4sec10
      Business methods  4sec10, 7sec1, 7sec1, 11sec2
      Character  4sec10, 7sec1, 11sec2, A1906
      De Forest Wireless Telegraph Co.  4sec10, 12sec2, A1903
      International Wireless Co.  7sec1
      International Telephone & Telegraph Construction Co.  8sec12, A1906
      Policies  4sec10, 7sec1
      United Wireless Co.  11sec2, 12sec2, A1906
White bill  42sec3
White, Edwin  32sec9, A1924
White, Wallace H.:
      Bill embodying recommendations National Radio Conference  42sec3
      Delegate Sixth International Radio Conference  42sec7
      Member, First National Radio Conference  42sec3
Whitney, W. R.  26sec7
Wichita  38sec11
Wilkinson, T. S.:
      Pilotless flying bomb project  29sec10, 29sec10, A1916
      Special Board on Anti-Submarine Devices  26sec8
Willoughby & Lowell  28sec8
Wilson, Christopher Columbus:
      Convicted of fraud  11sec2
      Gained control United Wireless Co.  11sec2, A1907
      Supported ratification Berlin Convention  10sec4
      Unethical policies  11sec2
Wilson, H. B.:
      Bay of Biscay RDF installations  22sec8
Wilson, R. H.  17sec4
Wilson, Russell  25sec5, J
Wilson, Woodrow:
      British communications monopoly  30sec3
      Communications for  25sec8
      National communications policy  30sec2
      Negotiations with German Government  19sec7, A1918
      Radio broadcast of speeches  25sec8, A1918, A1918, A1919
      RCA Government representation  30sec6, A1920
Winterhalter, A. C.  26sec5, A1911
Wireless Age:
      Alexander bill  27sec4
      Public Law 264  27sec2
Wireless Board for Marconi equipment tests:
      Directive to  3sec4
      Members of  3sec4
      Report of  3sec5, A1899
      Tests by  3sec4
Wireless Improvement Co.  11sec9, 31sec7
Wireless Institute  A1912
Wireless Specialty Apparatus Co. (WSACo.):
      Aircraft radio set, first  14sec3
      BMC attempt purchase  11sec10
      Basic business  11sec8
      Infringement claim  31sec6
      Navy procurement  11sec8, A1912
      Officials of  11sec8
      Patents  12sec3, 31sec2
      Radio condensers  17sec9
      Radio receiver (1P76)  13sec4, 31sec2
      RCA  30sec11, A1921
      Tropical Radio obtained control of  11sec9, A1912
Wireless Telegraph Board:
      Ad interim report  5sec2, A1902
      Ceases to function  8sec1, A1905
      Convened  5sec2, A1902
      Final report  5sec3
      Ineffectiveness of  8sec6
      Instructions to  5sec2
      Members of  5sec2, 8sec1
      Recommendations of  5sec3, 6sec2
      Revitalized  8sec1
      Tests conducted by  5sec2
Wireless Telegraph Co. of America:
      Absorbed by De Forest Wireless Telegraph Co.  4sec10, A1902
      Absorbed De Forest and partners  4sec3
      Established  4sec3, A1901
Wireless Telegraph Engineers  A1912
Wireless Telegraphy and Signal Co., Ltd.  2sec6, 2sec7, A1897, A1900
Wisconsin Antisubmarine Group  26sec8, 26sec11
Witteman-Lewis Co.  29sec10, 29sec10
      Improved Slaby-Arco Transmitters  8sec14, 31sec2
Wolff, Irving  40sec8
Wood, Leonard  29sec3
Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institution  39sec3, 39sec5, A1935
Wood, W. N.; blinker signal system  1sec5, A1877, A1878
Worden  6sec3
Worrel, Shapiro and Horle  21sec3
Wright Brothers  14sec2
WSACo. (See Wireless Specialty Apparatus Co.)
Wurtsbaugh, W. R.  13sec6
Wyoming  15sec11, 22sec4


XAF radar antenna, New York, 1938, photograph of  38sec7
XAF radar installation, New York, 1938, photograph of  38sec7


Yorktown  38sec8
Young, H. W.:
      Attorney National Electric Signaling Co.  8sec8
      Comment on naval policy  8sec8
Young, L.C.:
      Crystal controlled high frequency transmitter  29sec11
      Drone radio control system  40sec3
      General radio research  28sec9
      High frequency research  38sec5
      Radar duplexer  38sec6, A1936
      Radar pulse transmitter  38sec5, A1934
      Radio echoes  28sec3, 38sec4
      Tube multicoupling system  32sec5
Young, Owen D:
      A.E.F.G. consortium  30sec11, A1921
      Aided in submarine detection  26sec7
      Advised Navy of GECo.-BMC alternator negotiations  30sec3
      Board chairman RCA  30sec6, A1919
      Chinese-American radio communications  30sec13, A1921, A1922, A1923
      Efforts avoid radio competition  30sec7
      Formation of RCA  30sec6, A1919, A1919, A1922
      Government responsibility for radio  30sec13
      Industrial concept of  30sec12
      On exploiting new inventions  7sec1
      Radio and cable competition  30sec13
      Radio monopoly  30sec12, A1921
Young, Robert H.  31sec5


Zenith Radio Corporation  42sec4
Zworykin, V. K.:
      Guided missiles  40sec6, A1934, A1937
      Television  40sec6, A1928, A1937

               U.S.  GOVERNMENT  PRINTING  OFFICE :  1965 O--647-618
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