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History of Communications-Electronics in the United States Navy, Captain Linwood S. Howeth, USN (Retired), 1963, page 576:

Appendix  I.  The  U.  S.  Navy  Type  Number  System

In 1916 the Navy adopted a Type Number System to identify radio equipment by the designing agency's assigned designation as listed below:
CAAmerican Radio Research Corp.CAD  Domestic Manufacturing Engineering Co.
CBCrocker Wheeler Co.CAECutler Hammer Manufacturing Co.
CDDubilier Condenser Co.CAFJohn Firth
CEE. J. SimonCAGGeneral Radio Co.
CFde Forest Radio Telephone & Telegraph Co.CAHCutter Manufacturing Co.
CGGeneral Electric Co.CAJHoltzer Manufacturing Co.
CHElectrose Insulator Co.CAKWilliam J. Murdock
CKKilbourne and ClarkCALLocke Insulator Co.
CLFritz LowensteinCAMManhattan Electrical Supply Co.
CMMarconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of America    CANSagame Electric Co.
CNNational Electric Supply Co.CADWard Leonard Co.
COCopely Manufacturing Co.CAPFrank B. Perry
CPCutting and WashingtonCAQRobbins and Meyers
CQInternational Radio Telegraph Co.CARRoller Smith
CRWireless Specialty Apparatus Co.CASChloride of Silver Co.
CSSperry Manufacturing Co.CATAmerican Transformer Co.
CTFederal Telegraph Co.CAUTriumph Electric Co.
CUMiller Resse HutchinsonCAWC. & C. Electric Co.
CVWeston Instrument Co.CAXMetropolitan Electric Co.
CWWestern Electric Co.CAVIndustrial Controller Co.
CYWireless Improvement Co.CAYWest Electric Controller Co.
CAB  Baldwin Telephone Co.SEBureau of Engineering
CACCentral Telephone Co.

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