The Telefon Hirmondó began operation in Budapest, Hungary in 1893. The company operating the system added radio broadcasting in 1925, although the original telephone network continued to be used until it was destroyed during World War II.
The Electrical World, March 18, 1893, page 212:

    Telephonic  News  Distribution.--In the city of Pesth (Budapest), in Hungary, a system, which might be termed a "telephonic newspaper," has just been started; the latest items of news are sent out from a central telephone office to a large number of subscribers. The news is received at the central office, where it is properly edited and then sent out over telephones. The subscribers may receive the news while at work by having a telephone continually secured to the ear. The service commences at 8 in the morning and lasts until 9 in the evening. (If news was thus distributed at certain fixed times, say, at every half-hour, such a system might become practical in this country also.)