Washington Post, June 21, 1896, page 24:
Paris Opera by Telephone.

From  London  Truth.
    Science has achieved another victory. On Friday night, upon the invitation of Lord George Loftus and the directors of the Electrophone Company, a large number of people assembled at Pelican House to hear for the first time in the history of mankind an opera which was being performed in Paris. By means of the electrophone every note of "Helle," which was being given at the Grand Opera House in Paris, was heard at Pelican House in London, the voice of each singer being distinguished with ease! A portion of "Orphee," which was being performed at the Opera Comique in Paris, was also transmitted over the London-Paris telephone circuit to Pelican House. This curious entertainment was rendered possible through the courtesy of the English and French governments. Though the performance was attempted as an experiment, its success will, it is understood, shortly lead to the Paris theaters being connected with the electrophone system in London.