Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Evening Gazette , October 9 1899, page 2:


Tesla  Promises  a  Vastly  Improved  Wireless  Telegraph.

    Colorado Springs, Colo. Oct. 9--Nikola Tesla says he has perfected a system of wireless telegraphy capable of transmitting messages at a rate of several hundred words a minute, and possibly as high as 2,000. He declares he has also succeeded in eliminating extraneous influences from other inductive apparatus, even though within a few feet of sending and receiving instruments.
    "I hope within a few weeks," he said yesterday, "to be able to announce to the world a system of wireless telegraphy which will surpass the most sanguine expectations of users of Marconi and other apparatus. As a matter of fact, present methods are entirely wrong and will never pass the experimental stage. I do not wish to discriminate against Marconi's work, but his system has the great fault that it is entirely worthless if other strong inductive apparatus is working within a radius of 100 miles. I have discovered a method of making one set of instruments absolutely individual and synchronous, so that two sets may be working side by side and yet have no effect on each other.
    "I am glad the Marconi system is making such good results at the yacht race, but it is by no means improbable that when the next International race comes off people on the boats will be able to converse with the shore by wireless telephone and vessels following alone the course will be propelled by wireless transmission of power."
    Among the friends of Tesla great concern is felt for his health, which is plainly breaking down under the strain of only four or five hours rest daily. Apparently indications of pulmonary affections are seen, and complete breakdown may come at any time. Tesla ridicules such ideas, except to admit that he is very tired, but expects to take rest by working only twelve or fourteen hours a day after his wireless telegraph is finished.