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Washington Times, October 19, 1899, page 4:

Lyman  C.  Larned  Says  Marconi  Has  Infringed  on  His  Patent.
    NEW  YORK,  Oct.  18.--Lyman C. Larned, of Boston, has, through his counsel, Henry A. Prince, 149 Broadway, brought suit in the United States Circuit Court against Guglielmo Marconi, to restrain him and his agents from using the system of wireless telegraphy which Larned alleges is an infringement of a patent now controlled by him. The plaintiff alleges that the inventor of this system of telegraphy was Amos Emerson Dolbear, and that a patent was issued on October 5, 1886, to the Dolbear Electric Telephone Company, which had acquired from Dolbear all rights to use the system.
    These rights were transferred to Larned on July 22 last. He asserts further that he had made arrangements for reporting the yacht races by the system of wireless telegraphing; that the defendant made an arrangement with a newspaper to use this system of telegraphing reports of the yacht races, and that notice of Larned's rights in the patent were sent to the newspapers and to Marconi, the defendant.
    Larned also avers that the means described in the patent under which Marconi purports to carry on his system cannot be used for such work and are not adapted for commercial use. Larned asks damages in the sum of $100,000 and for an injunction restraining Marconi from using the alleged infringing system of telegraphy pending the termination of the suit.