The original scan for this advertisement is located at:
The Washington Times, November 3, 1901, page 15:

This Wireless System Works

Acknowledged  and  Endorsed  by  Leading  Newspapers

"The Pacific Co."


Is the PARENT  COMPANY of the U. S. This company owns and controls the Basic U. S. Patent 350,299 for transmission of electrical communication without wires and has 11 other wireless patents, besides other patents and rights pending in U. S. and foreign countries.
    The Parent Company has granted licenses to the following operating sub-companies: "THE  NEW  ENGLAND," "FEDERAL," "NORTHWESTERN," "ATLANTIC," "CONTINENTAL," and "PACIFIC" Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Companies, who are now preparing to install plants for operating.
    "THE  FEDERAL  SUB-COMPANY" operates under our License in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Delaware only.
    "THE  ATLANTIC  SUB-COMPANY" operates in Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina only.
    "THE  NEW  ENGLAND  SUB-COMPANY" operates in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut only.
    "THE  NORTHWESTERN  SUB-COMPANY" operates in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa only.
    "THE  CONTINENTAL  SUB-COMPANY" operates in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, and Alaska only.
    "THE  PACIFIC  SUB-COMPANY" operates in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado.
Become interested in all of the 9 Sub-Companies organized and licensed under our Patents and also in those being formed for the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippines, which will be valuable territory; all sub-companies must pay to the Parent Company 25 per cent of their entire Capital Stock, which is divided among our stockholders as a 25 per cent Script Dividend as soon as placed in our treasury, and also receives 15 per cent royalty from the receipts of all sales of stocks, bonds, licenses, franchises, etc., and the same proportion of stock; viz 25 per cent of the Capital Stock and 15 per cent in cash, from any local sub-companies which they may organize in their territory, and if the sub-companies do not comply with the terms of their License, the Parent Company has the power to revoke their License. All sub-companies must also pay to the Parent Company a royalty on each wireless instrument used by them.
    The Parent Company has experimented and developed a successful system, and has their EXPERTS still perfecting new ideas and improvements for the operation of Long Distance Wireless Telegraphy, which in turn are to be used by all the sub-companies. The Parent Company IS ERECTING  LONG  DISTANCE  EXPERIMENTAL  STATIONS at Barnegat City, Atlantic City, Cape May, Cape Henlopen, in addition to the station at Galilee, N. J., from which the YACHT RACES were so successfully reported to the newspapers. This company was the only one which reported the races successfully and accurately without interference, and which were witnessed by a naval official who saw our wireless messages received without interference, and who stated "our rival was not getting intelligent messages." It seems we interfered seriously with our rivals in Wireless Telegraphy. It makes them howl. We are sorry for them.
    In order that the company can carry on its further Long Distance experiments, to develop and still further improve Wireless Telegraphy, and to acquire additional valuable patents, a limited amount of stock is offered at
$8.00 Per Share

    PROMPT  SUBSCRIBERS  WILL  IMMEDIATELY  RECEIVE  THE  APPORTIONMENT  DIVIDEND of 25 per cent each, declared by the Company May 7, May 28, June 19, July 10, and October 31, received from the sub-companies.
    **NOTICE--IMMEDIATE application is necessary to secure stock at this price, and to participate in the 25 per cent scrip additional dividend, derived from the "PACIFIC" operating sub-company's stock now in our treasury.
Now to make a splendid investment in best promising Industrial stock of the age--one that offers superior opportunities for future enhancement.
    Send Subscription by Draft, Express or Money Order, Registered Letter to
The American Wireless Telephone & Telegraph Co.,
REMEMBER--This is the Parent Company.