Baltimore Sun, December 19, 1901, page 7:


Company  Establishing  Stations  At  Baltimore  And  Washington.
    That wireless telegraph messages will be transmitted between Baltimore and Washington within a week is the promise made last night by engineers of the Federal Wireless Telegraph and Telephone Company of Philadelphia. The engineers are in charge of Mr. Greenleaf W. Pickard, chief engineer of the company, and are at the Hotel Lexington. Included in the party are J. K. Huerstel, D. H. Brierley, B. C. Royal, engineers, and Bertram Royal, a wireless operator.
    The tests are to be made between the station completed a short time ago, on Stafford street, in the western suburbs, and a station in Brookland, a suburb of Washington. Transmitting instruments are already in position at both stations, and receiving instruments, recently completed at the company's laboratories in Philadelphia, will be installed at the local station today.
    Mr. Pickard stated last night that he was confident the tests would be successful and that within a short time the company would be transmitting commercial messages over a line from Washington to New York and including Baltimore, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Newark and Trenton. Ground for stations in all the cities named is now being secured, he said, and instruments are being manufactured in Philadelphia.
    A station in the center of the city, Mr. Pickard said, would soon be erected. Wires fastened to masts are used, and two masts 150 feet high have been erected at the Stafford street station.