Electrical Review, October 5, 1901, page 414:

Electrophone in England.

    The popularity of the electrophone in England is increasing. The London Electrophone Company has recently reduced its rates and now it will be possible for one to enjoy unlimited supplies of music, speeches and so forth, for less than four cents per day. The company intends to reduce its tariff from its present rate of $50 to $12 per annum, and there will be no extra charges for installing the system into a private house, or for maintenance. The company has recently introduced several new devices in the apparatus which considerably improves it. One of the most important is a loud-sounding receiver. With this device it is only necessary to turn the switch, and every one within the room in which the receiver is installed is able to hear. The instrument is already connected with the Grand Opera House, leading amusement halls and churches in the metropolis. The company also proposes to introduce a traveling telephone, applicable to railway carriages.