The Federal Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company was one of the subsidiary companies of the American Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company, and primarily dealt with a section of the United States running from New Jersey through Ohio. The company affairs were lead by the notorious stock promoter L. E. Pike, and most persons unfortunate enough to have bought the company's stock soon found it all but worthless. (The original scan for this advertisement is located at:
The Washington Times, October 27, 1901, Second Part, page 2:

WIRELESS  TELEGRAPHY  STOCK  will  soon  be  difficult  to  secure
at  any  reasonable  figure.

Your  Opportunity  Is  Now.

        An advance in price will take effect Friday, November 1st. We are now tabulating orders as received, for the indications are
this stock will be oversubscribed thousands of shares. If you should happen to be too late for this allotment subscribe at once for
the next allotment as it is likely to be taken up very quickly. The demand for this stock has been so overwhelming that it is simply
impossible to guarantee the price of shares for any length of time.
50  cents  a  Share
Until  November  1.

It  is  Predicted  by  Eminent  and  Well-informed  Financiers
that  Stock  in  the


Will  Advance  in  Price  to  Several  Dollars  a  Share  Within  the  Next  Few  Months.


      Would you prefer to pay 50 cents a share for this stock, or


when Bell Telephone stock was offered at 50 cents a share. Those
would you prefer to pay $50 or more a share? Some important |  that improved the opportunity are independently wealthy, the
news will soon be given out to the public,, and you will then wish |  stock now being worth several thousand dollars a share. Is there
you had improved this opportunity. Many had just such a chance |  any object lesson in this for you? If so, don't hesitate.

The Cream of the Whole Territory in the United States is Absolutely controlled by the

      No other company receives one dollar from the immense


      Does any one doubt the great commercial success of Wire-
less Telegraphy? If so let him read for the past few months
such good authority as the
  New York World,Philadelphia North American,
  New York Journal,Boston Herald,
  New York Herald,Boston Globe,
  Brooklyn Eagle,Chicago Tribune,
  Philadelphia Press,Chicago American,
  Philadelphia Inquirer,      Chicago Record Herald,
      And Many Others of the Influential Press of This Company.
earning capacity of this company. The Federal Company has |  
already absorbed two of the sub-companies and will in a short |  
time probably take over the remaining companies, ensuring for |  
this company a clear field from the Atlantic to the Pacific. This |  
company already possesses the great commercial centres of the |  
United States with a population of over 30,000,000, and seaport |  
business many times greater than all the rest of the country |  
combined. |  

The Whole World is Talking About Wireless Telegraphy.

      The inventor of this system, in an interview printed in the
"New York Journal" August 20th, states that he has no more
doubt that he will in a short time be sending Wireless Messages
across the Atlantic Ocean than he has that cars run up Broad-
A Most Marvelous Invention.

      The "Philadelphia North American," September 20th states
that the first wireless message ever received in Philadelphia was
sent to that paper, penetrating brick walls, buildings, river
craft and other obstacles. Nothing could stop it.


      Have you read in the New York papers how ocean steamers
 |  150 miles apart, communicated with each other through a dense
 |  fog. Do you suppose there will be a single steamer in 12 months'
 |  time without Wireless Telegraphy? Do you realize how many
 |  lives will be saved through this wonderful invention? It not
 |  only prevents accidents, but when a steamer is in distress she
 |  will be able to call for assistance.
 |        Do you realize that the Federal Company absolutely con-
 |  trols the great Gateway of Commerce on this side of the Atlan-
 |  tic and that the revenues from this source alone should be enor-
 |  mous?

Don't Delay.          The Opportunity is Yours.              Will You Grasp It?

For  Prospectus  and  Order  Blank,  Address  at  Once
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Washington, D. C.