Brooklyn Eagle, April 21, 1901, page 5:


Says  He  Is  Not  Associated  With  Any  American  Company.

    Owing to the number of companies advertising in America to sell stock in wireless telegraphy and telephone companies on large dividends are promised, G. Marconi, the inventor of wireless telegraphy, before sailing for Europe on the steamship Campania, requested his counsel, E. H. Morean of 34 Pine street, Manhattan, to cause the publication of the following letter:
    "In view of the persistent representations of certain advertising parties, describing themselves as wireless telegraphy companies and claiming to be connected or suggesting that they are connected with the development of his system of wireless telegraphy in this country, and proceeding thereupon to appeal for subscriptions, Mr. Marconi feels that the time has come when it is only right and fair to the American public that he should make a personal statement on the subject. He, therefore, begs to state, and wishes it to be distinctly understood, that he is associated in no way whatever with any American company having for its object the development of wireless telegraphy in this country.
(Signed)          "G.  MARCONI.    
    "April 19, 1901."