Electrical Review, November 30, 1901, page 670:

What  Shall  We  Call  It?
    In your issue of November 9 I read the article calling for a short name for "wireless telegraphy." It strikes me that if part of the word "ATMOsphere"--viz., the first four letters--were taken it would make a nice-sounding word of two syllables. Attach to this the last two syllables of "telegraphy" and we would have a word of only four syllables, defining this art or science. This would be three syllables shorter than the present name.
    In my opinion the syllables of the word should be as follows:
                At - mog' - ra - phy,
with the strong accent on the second syllable, very similar to "geography." In fact, it would be very parallel to this name and sound as well, if not better. The pronunciation above given would hold good for English-speaking people. The Continental people of Europe would pronounce at, as well as write it,
                At - mo - gra' - phie,
with accent on the third syllable.
G.  C. DIETZ.    
Muskegon, Mich., November 16.