The original scan for this advertisement is at:
Washington Globe, October 6, 1901, page 8:
The  Yacht  Races
are  being  reported  to  the  newspapers,  direct  by  our  system,  from  Galilee,  N. J.,  by
Wireless   Telegraphy

    It will be the future medium for transmission of messages and signals, especially for our war vessels, merchant marine and coast service and Lake steamers.
    Great Britain has already adopted for the ships of her entire navy, as well her army, the system of wireless telegraphy, also Russia, France and Sweden.
    This Company has U. S. Patent 350,299, being the ART or BASIC PATENT of transmission of Electrical Communication without wires, issued October 5, 1886, and has ten other wireless patents, the inventions of the celebrated Americans Profs. Dolbear, Collins, Shoemaker and Pickard.
          350,299, Issued October 5, 1886.
              355,149 Issued December 28, 1886.
                  325,659 Issued September 8, 1885.
                      325,660 Issued September 8, 1885.
                          644,497 Issued February 27, 1900.
                              671,403 Issued April 2, 1901.
                                  671,406 Issued April 2, 1901.
                                      671,407 Issued April 2, 1901.
                                          671,732 Issued April 9, 1901.
                                              680,001 Issued August 6, 1901.
                                                  680,002 Issued August 6, 1901.
and  other  Patents  and  Rights  pending  in  United  States,  Canada  and  foreign  countries

has from its station on the New Jersey Coast near Long Branch, sent and received signals and messages over 260 miles. We also successfully reported the races from our vessel following the Contesting Yachts to the Leading Newspapers.
The Parent Company has granted licenses to the following Operating Sub Companies.
New England Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company,
The Federal Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company,
The Northwestern Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company,
The Atlantic Wireless Telegraph and Telephone Company.
    Therefore when you invest in PARENT  COMPANY you become interested in ALL  THE  ABOVE  Sub Companies, and all others licensed under our patents.
    A small amount of stock is now offered for public subscription par value $10  FULL  PAID  AND  NON-ASSESSABLE at
$7.00  PER  SHARE.
    PROMPT  SUBSCRIBERS  WILL  IMMEDIATELY  RECEIVE  THE  APPORTIONMENT  SCRIP  DIVIDENDS of 25 per cent. each, declared by the Company May 7th, May 28th, June 19th and July 10th, received from the sub companies.
    NOTICE--IMMEDIATE application is necessary in order to secure stock at this price, so as to participate in these and future dividends.
Price  Will  Be  Advanced  Shortly.
    All shareholders of record are entitled to the 25 PER CENT. SCRIP DIVIDENDS derived from the above-named sub-companies, which will be divided pro rata to the stockholders of the Parent Co.
to secure shares at this price before they advance!
    The Parent Company also will receive 15 per cent. in CASH from all sales of securities, etc., of all Sub Companies organized. Application will be made list the stock.
    This is an offer you should not miss. Will you GRASP  IT  NOW?
    The general value of this stock is such that it appeals forcibly to the investing public. Money invested in this Company's stock will, we confidently believe, become the most valuable and profitable security in the world, in the near future.
    Make all subscriptions payable for the full amount by check, draft, express or money order, registered letter, etc., to the order of the company.
1345  Arch  St.  Philadelphia,  Pa.