The full scan for this sheet music is located at: Indiana University sheet music.
By  Wireless  Telephone

Words  by  R. C. McPHERSON.

Music  by  JAS. T. BRYMN.
cover I have a girlie, dear little pearlie,
and though she is far away, still we are able,
'thout line or cable, to make love each day.
It matters not where my sweet-heart may be,
we still have our private line.
Our hearts affection makes sure connection.
I'll give you the sign.

When your ears are burning, you feel a yearning,
your brain begins to whirl,
now that is just the cue, your babe wants you,
oo oo oo oo oo oo.
So just keep a list'ning, soon there'll come whisp'ring,
some message from your girl.
She's calling you alone, by wireless telephone. When phone.

I hear a humming, some message coming,
Hello, central, hello, hello.
I have an inkling, 'twas just a tinkling of our telephone.
Now we have no fear, our secrets to tell,
for love holds the key alone.
Hearts without union, know no communion by wireless telephone.

(repeat chorus)