Utica (New York) Herald-Dispatch, May 7, 1903, page 1:


Arrangements  Made  by  the  Herald-Dispatch's  News  Associative  for  Exclusive  Use  of  Service.

    New York, May 7.--The Publishers' Press has completed arrangements with the DeForest Wireless Telegraph Company for the exclusive use of their service for reporting the international yacht races. The DeForest Company has successfully demonstrated its ability to "talk through the air" and was highly commended by United States army officers for its services during the army and navy maneuvers in Long Island Sound last summer. The government since then has adopted the DeForest system. H. M. Horton, chief operator of the DeForest Wireless Telegraph Company, sailed to-day on the steamer Deutschland for Glasgow. Mr. Horton carries with him full wireless equipment for Sir Thomas Lipton's yacht, the Erin, telegraph apparatus which will be placed on each of the two Shamrocks in order that they may be communicated with by the Erin on the trip over. The DeForest Wireless Telegraph Company has three stations in New York harbor and vicinity and one at Point Judith. The Erin can thus be communicated with from the shore here and news of her obtained three or four days prior to her arrival.