Electrical World and Engineer, February 14, 1903, page 281:

    WIRELESS  STOCK  QUOTATIONS--Last week quotations at the curb stocks were sent in New York City by wireless telegraph to the office of Dow, Jones & Co., at 44 Broad Street. An automobile with a De Forest wireless apparatus on board sent the messages up a seven-foot brass pole into the air. The "responder" was put up in one of the inside private offices of Dow, Jones & Co. in the basement of the Edison Building and the door was closed. A ground connection was made by connecting the little machine with a water pipe. The sending operator sat on the side of the automobile and clicked away on an ordinary telegraph key. The curb reporter hands the quotations to the operator on the wagon instead of to messenger boys, thus saving three or four minutes on each quotation. Stocks sometimes go up three points in a minute on the curb and reporting them has been slow compared with the exchange quotations. President White, of the De Forest Wireless Telegraph Company, said that Henry Clews & Co., Miller & Co. and several other firms were going to try the experiment of having receivers in their offices in Broad Street, where the curb market is. There was no doubt, he said, that messages could be sent to Broadway offices, too. The company has had four automobiles constructed with the sending apparatus and poles for this purpose and propose eventually, so its promoters say, to supply a news service.