Wall Street Journal, December 9, 1904, page 7:


Facts Regarding the Company

    The stock of the Amalgamated Wireless Securities Co. was traded in on the curb Thursday. The transfer offices are located at 49 Exchange place, with the Greater New York Security Co.
    This company was incorporated under the laws of Maine, with a capital stock of $10,000,000, par value $10 per share. It secured control of the American De Forest Wireless Telegraph Co. and the several subsidiary companies embraced in the consolidation undertaken by the American De Forest Company.
    The company has already secured control of the American De Forest Company, for which concern the U. S. government has already shown a preference. This company has constructed fifty stations and has one hundred and fifty-three in the course of construction or projected. The list of the completed stations include:
    Completed--St. Louis, Mo., Kansas City, Mo., Sedalia, Mo., Dallas, Tex., Ft. Worth, Tex., Springfield, Ill., Chicago, Ill., Milwaukee, Wis., Cleveland, Ohio, Toronto, Can., Buffalo, N. Y., Providence, R. I., Quogue, L. I., New York City, Highlands of Navesink, N. J., Paterson, N. J., Easton, Pa., Atlantic City, N. J., Galilee, N. J., Lewes, Del., Washington, D. C., Cape Hatteras, N. C.
    The United Fruit Co.--Port Limon, Costa Rica, Bocas del Toro, Panama.
    U. S. Steel Corporation--S. S. "Wolvin."
    Baltimore & Ohio R. R.--S. S. "Savage."
    Twelve United States government stations including Nome and St. Michaels', Alaska, and Weather Bureau stations on the Pacific coast.
    Those under construction--Boston, Mass., New Haven, Conn., Philadelphia, Pa., Tampa, Fla., Detroit, Mich., Port Huron, Mich., Duluth, Minn., Omaha, Neb., Seattle, Wash., San Francisco, Cal., Galveston, Tex., New Orleans, La., Memphis, Tenn., Little Rock, Ark.
    U. S. Navy--Panama, Guantanamo, Cuba, Key West, Pensacola, Fla., Porto Rico; other points and naval vessels.
    It is expected that Congress at this session will make a large appropriation for the establishment of wireless stations.