A Corner in Women and Other Follies, Tom Masson, 1905, pages 234-235; (Caught Short! cover is from 1929):
illustration     Look at the Man jump up and down! He seems to be excited. Yes, he is excited. He hears a Noise. Look over there, and you will see where the Noise comes from. The man is in his Office, and he is listening to the Ticker. What is the Ticker? Oh, that is a little Machine to show how much Money you can lose in a given time. See the Man jump. He walks to his Desk and then back to the Ticker. Is he happy? Oh, no, he is too restless to be happy. He could not read a Book if he tried to. He could not sit still in a Forest to save his life. But then, the man is not trying to be happy. He is trying to make Money. And will he succeed? Oh, yes, the Man will succeed. He will make Money hand over fist--almost as fast as he loses it. See the Ticker reel off the nice white paper. See the Man jump. Isn't it funny how much exercise he gets? How nervous he is. He has been at it so long now that He could not do anything else if He tried. Isn't it nice to know how to do one thing? Don't You wish You were the Man at the Ticker? Oh my, what was that Bang? Why, I declare if the Man hasn't shot himself. How funny! Perhaps the Ticker didn't tick right. Well, never mind. It is all in a Lifetime. Caught Short! cover