New York Times, June 19, 1906, page 9:


President  White  Accused  of  Changing  His  Name  to  Defraud.
Special  to  The  New  York  Times.

    ST. LOUIS, Mo., June 13.--Henry B. Snyder of New York began suit to-day against "Abraham Schwartz, otherwise known as Abraham White," his wife, Cora Teresa White of the De Forest Wireless Telegraph Company, and the American De Forest Wireless Telegraph Company. The suit asks an accounting, the appointment of a receiver and an injunction to restrain Schwartz, or White, from incumbering or transferring the assets of the De Forest Company.
    The De Forest Company, the petition sets forth, was organized Feb. 7, 1902, with a capital stock of $3,000,000. The American De Forest Company was organized Nov. 6, 1902. At the time of this second organization, Snyder's petition alleges, Schwartz changed his name to White in order to conceal from the creditors and stockholders of the original company the transfer of the stock to the new company.
    He turned over the stock to himself, it is declared, in such a manner that the De Forest Company has now no assets. The petition alleges that the amount involved exceeds $1,000,000.
    President White, in an interview tonight, said:
    "I characterize this suit of Snyder as a spite suit, brought to cause trouble and worry this company. The charges he makes in support of his petition I characterize as unmitigated lies.
    The last time I was in New York Snyder saw me and made me an offer for a settlement with him. I told him that I did not care to have any dealings with him and would not pay one dollar to settle his suit."