New York Times, July 28, 1907, page C1:


What  the  Owners  of  Poulsen's  System  Hope  to  Achieve.
Special  Cablegram.

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    COPENHAGEN, July 27.--The United States Steamship Company's liner Helligolav, which has sailed for New York, is fitted with a complete wireless installation on Poulsen's system. This is the first time that any ship has been thus equipped with this system. The vessel also has the De Forest system on board, and it is expected that the Helligolav will obtain wireless communications at 1,500 miles distance.
    When the Amalgamated Radio Telegraph Company, which owns the Poulsen system for England and America, has its new station ready on the West Coast of Ireland, the company expects, with Poulsen's system, to be able to communicate right across the Atlantic from Ireland to the Magdalen Islands, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.