The reference to "J. F. Hind" in this article should actually be "J. F. Land".
Regina (Saskatchewan) Morning Leader, March 13, 1907, page 3:



    DETROIT, March 12.--Through the tellevent, the invention of J. F. Hind, of this city, persons can be supplied at their homes with the latest happenings of the world, the music of the cafes, the theatres, concerts and the churches.
    The tellevent has been so perfected that it can supply to the subscribers of the telephone company over the telephone lines without in the least interfering with regular services, speeches of national and local interest, lectures, political utterances, court proceedings, legislative proceedings, debates, musical events at local and distant points, theatrical entertainments, sermons and church music on Sundays, and such other special events as may come up.
    A company was organised today with a capital of $300,000 and as soon as the permanent organisation is perfected the installation of the tellevent in the homes of the subscribers will begin at once. The articles of incorporation will be filed today.
    It is intended that several central points shall be established to the different territories for the gathering and distribution of the special features, which is to be done by means of an apparatus similar in electrical construction to that now used by telephone companies but sufficiently modified to meet this service.
    At each central point there will be arranged and provided switching appliances similar to that of the ordinary telephone exchange, but designed, as before stated, for this special service. Connected with this switching appliance will be the various churches, court rooms, legislative halls, club rooms, banquet halls, baseball parks, theatres, convention halls, etc. each to be supplied with transmitting telephone devices.
    Radiating from this central point to all the territory within the limits of the centre will be lines equipped with receiving telephones placed in houses, hotels, business offices, public places, etc., so arranged that the information and other matter gathered from the sources named can be distributed to the subscribers.