Michigan State Gazette, July, 1907, page 1:

Michigan  State  Telephone  Company  to  Have  New  Manager

James  F.  Land  Resigns  After  Over  Thirty  Years  of  Service  and  Will  Be  Succeeded  by  B. W. Trafford

    Mr. James F. Land, who started his business career as night operator at Saginaw, nearly thirty years ago and who, during that period has worked up, by dint of hard work and ability, to the position of general manager of the Michigan State Telephone Company, resigned on July 8 to take up the management of the Michigan Tellevent Company, of which company he is the founder and largest stockholder. The Michigan Tellevent Company has a contract with the Michigan State Telephone Company for use of plant, by which means the former will supply a long distance news amusement service to any of the telephone subscribers for a stipulated annual rental. Mr. Land has been working on the development of this service for considerable over a year and has at last brought it to a point where, in the opinion of all concerned, it is as perfect commercially as the present state of the telephone art will permit. It is expected that the company will be in full operation within the next thirty days.
    Mr. Land's idea of the tellevent originated over two years ago, when he happened to read a description of the "Telefon Hirmando," or Telephone Newspaper of Buda Pesth, Hungary. For nearly ten years this enterprise has been in operation and has not only been extremely profitable to the shareholders, but has been popular to a high degree with the people. Two of the greatest difficulties which the foreign company has labored under have been overcome by Mr. Land. These difficulties lay in the inefficiency of the transmitter used and the necessity for a separate wire plant. Mr. Land has secured for the Tellevent company a transmitter which is so sensitive that, with sufficient battery, it is possible to hear the faint sound caused by the pulsation of the human heart at a distance of a mile or more. The necessity for separate wire plant has been done away with by an original invention of Mr. Land's in the nature of a relay install in the telephone exchange which operates to connect the subscriber's regular telephone line with the tellevent circuit by the "A" operator without increasing her work to any appreciable extent. The principal feature of this invention is the fact that in the event of a subscriber being called while listening to the tellevent the tellevent is automatically disconnected until his telephone conversation is completed. when it can again be connected with the tellevent circuit.
    The Tellevent Company has opened a fine suite of offices on Rowland street, where Mr. Land will have his headquarters. The entire operating force of the Telephone company wish him the greatest possible success in his new field.
    At a meeting of the board of directors held on July 9, Mr. Bernard W. Trafford, general manager of the Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone company, which operates the Bell system in Baltimore, Washington and vicinity, was appointed general manager to succeed Mr. Land. Mr. Trafford, although a young man, has had a wide experience in telephone work. After graduating from Harvard university in 1893, he entered the service of the American Bell Telephone company in Boston and spent several years in thoroughly grounding himself in all branches of telephone work under the tutelage of the Bell company's experts and engineers. He not only acquired a knowledge of the theoretical work, but took an active part in the practical end of the business, both in the construction and equipment departments.
    He then decided to take up the commercial end of the business and soon secured the appointment as general contract agent of the Bell Telephone Company, of Philadelphia. which position he held for several years, until he was appointed general manager of the Chesapeake & Potomac company.
    Mr. Trafford is at present in Europe on a vacation, but will return the latter part of August and assume the duties of his new position about September 1st.
Page 6:

    It is with deep regret that we are forced to announce this month the resignation of Mr. James F. Land, who has decided to give his entire time to the Michigan Tellevent Co.
    Mr. Land is perhaps the most widely known of all the general officials of the Company, his period of service covering nearly thirty years. He has seen the Michigan Telephone Co. operated under three different corporation names and has passed through four general reorganizations. His name has been connected with nearly every department of the Company and his contributions to the mechanical and electrical departments in the earlier days did much to revolutionize the operation of the business.
    While all employees of the Company deeply regret Mr. Land's decision to sever his connection with the Company, all join in wishing him the greatest possible success in his new field.