Philadelphia Inquirer, December 19, 1907, page 1:


Professor  Poulsen  Has  High  Hopes  for  New  Instrument  for  Wireless  Transmission

    COPENHAGEN, Dec. 18.--The American Minister, Dr. Maurice F. Egan, and others from the American Legation, as well as several representatives from the French Legation, visited the laboratory of Professor Poulsen, who recently has developed a new system of transmission for wireless telegraphy and he demonstrated the power of his instrument messages clearly and accurately.
    Professor Poulsen said that he hoped to communicate with America, via Ireland, by telephone in February next.
    Wireless telephonic messages were transmitted successfully yesterday between the Weisssen Zee wireless station at Berlin and the Lyngby station near this city. The distance is about two hundred miles. This is a record.