This stock market fraud review is an extract from the full article.
The World's Work, December, 1907, pages 9625-9626:


    The young inventor has been assailed in a thousand ways. Rivals have sprung up, entering the field that he had marked for his own. Failure has more than once grinned through the window of his laboratory. Funds have run short. Disrepute has dogged the steps of every effort made to capitalize his invention. The stocks of his companies have been made speculative footballs for gamblers and sharpers. The very word "wireless" brings a smile to the lips of the Wall Street man. Widows and orphans, poor men and parsons, all looked alike to the wireless fishermen who spread their nets for the American public. Thousands of men and women in this country have already learned to curse the day Marconi made his first experiment.
    On this point, it is well to dwell for a moment in passing. The success of the transmission of commercial messages across the Atlantic will probably lead to a revival of interest in these deserted stocks in the purlieus of the Wall street market. It is, therefore, as well to say that wireless stocks, at large, are to be regarded by the public as little better than race-track gambling. Most of these wireless telegraph stocks have been put through a long period of juggling, washing, manipulation, fraud, and malfeasance that should effectually remove them, for good and all, from the field of investment. The time may come when the wireless will become suitable for consideration by investors. It will not come until some strong, clean, honest financial interests take charge and utterly eliminate the miserable, fraudulent, unwholesome methods that have marked the whole market history of these issues.