Electrical Review, April 4, 1908, page 527:

No Consolidation of Wireless Companies.

    In view of announcements that have recently been made that plans were under way for the consolidation of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company, Limited, of England, the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America, and the United Wireless Telegraph Company, John Bottomley, vice-president and secretary of the Marconi Wireless Company of America, has issued a statement denying the assertion that the United Wireless Telegraph Company had acquired control of the Marconi system. Mr. Bottomley states that the managers, directors and a majority of the stockholders of both the Marconi companies are not interested in any wise in the United Wireless Telegraph Company, and that the latter has no agreement or prospect of agreement by which it will obtain control of either of the Marconi companies.
    Vice President S. S. Bogart and Secretary Marshall, of the United Wireless Telegraph Company, have disclaimed any knowledge of further consolidation of wireless companies. They think that the following paragraph in the United company's latest prospectus should be construed broadly as a plan of future development:
    "The purpose in the organization of the United Wireless Telegraph Company is to consolidate the wireless companies and to further unify the wireless situation by taking over all wireless companies or wireless inventions that might or could in any way come in competition. By this means the development of wireless telegraphy could be carried on in a constant and uniform manner without the enormous expenses incident to continuous litigation and the losses occasioned by competition and interference of rival companies."