New York Times, January 1, 1908, page 1:


Poulsen  System  May  Flash  Them  Over  Atlantic  This  Year.
Special  Cable  to  THE  NEW  YORK  TIMES.

    LONDON, Dec. 31.--Speaking of the new wireless marvels that the world will see in 1908, Nevil Maskelyne, the manager of the Anglo-American Telegraph Company, which controls the Poulsen rights, said to-night:
    "The new year will not only see the establishment of the Poulsen wireless telephonic service across the Atlantic, but also the establishment of the Poulsen wireless transatlantic service, whereby photographs and sketches illustrating Europe's news for American newspapers and photographs of criminals of such fidelity that they can be readily identified will be flashed across the Atlantic at the rate of one every five minutes."