In this review, Electrican and Mechanic magazine listed the 114 charter members of its new Wireless Club, consisting of 111 U.S. plus 3 Canadian members. Also, for some reason, the magazine listed them by their membership numbers -- from #1 in Baltimore, Maryland to #114 in Plymouth, Massachusetts -- instead of their names.
Electrician and Mechanic, September,1908, page 137-138:


    THIS organization has started with a good show of interest, and up to August 1 we have enrolled one hundred and fourteen members. These will constitute the charter members; but as one or two interested operators have written that they supposed the membership list was closed, we hasten to assure them that this is not the case, and because of this misapprehension, we will hold the list of charter members open until October 1. Every one interested in wireless telegraphy is invited to join. There are no dues or fees. You don't have to be a subscriber to ELECTRICIAN  AND  MECHANIC. If you buy it from a newsdealer, or read it in a library, or even borrow it from a friend, it makes no difference; you will be welcomed as a member of the club. Just write us a letter and say you want to join, and we will assign you a number and send you a membership card.
    If you have a station, send us full particulars, and we will assign you a call letter, which will not conflict with any already in use. Give us the height of your aerial from spark-gap to top, size of induction coil, and power used for transmitting.
    We publish herewith a list of the numbers of all members to date, arranged by cities and towns. We shall be glad to put members into communication with other members in places near by, at any time. That is one of the purposes of the club. Later we hope to organize local sections, which can have regular meetings and exchange experiences.


Fresno77 Asbury Park36
Los Angeles71, 106 Elizabeth97
Mill Valley107 Jersey City104
Redlands84 Montclair110
San Francisco45 Newark68
COLORADO Paterson15
Telluride87 Pompton Plains101
Ansonia111 Upper Montclair39
Hartford89 NEW  YORK
Madison73 Albion91
Norwich85 Ancram9
ILLINOIS Bronxville49
Chicago69, 76 Brooklyn7, 70, 109
Eden78 Camillus88
Panama47 Chittenango60
Saybrook21 Fairport6
Woodstock82 Flushing65, 100
KANSAS Gates99
Baldwin113 Kingston26
Belleville83 New York10, 19, 46, 66
Kansas City30, 33 Union62
Tweed20 West Webster63
LOUISIANA West Winfield72
Shreveport38 OHIO
MAINE Cincinnati17
Augusta37 Marietta64
MARYLAND Stoutsville53
Baltimore1 West Park50
Mount Savage27 OKLAHOMA
Arlington32 ONTARIO
Belmont57, 61 Brantford75
Boston95, 96 Oshawa31
Brookline2 OREGON
Cambridge3 Corvallis92
Lawrence5 Philadelphia8
Natick48 Belle River74
Newburyport67 RHODE  ISLAND
North Andover42 Newport55, 56
Plymouth114 Providence22, 28, 54, 58
Rockland52 TEXAS
Salem103 Fort Worth86
South Hamilton             105 Paris98
Waltham43 San Antonio18
West Roxbury44 VIRGINIA
MICHIGAN Big Stone Gap59
St. Paul112 Spokane80
Watkins14, 81 WEST  VIRGINIA
Springfield23 Parkersburg24
St. Joseph34, 35 Pine Grove16
MONTANA Point Pleasant13
Butte94 Ronceverte51
Dover90 Fond du Lac102
Franklin108 Madison93