The Atlanta Constitution, July 27, 1909, page 2:


An  Up-to-Date  Band  of  Rogues  Is  Caught  at  Los Angeles.
    Los Angeles, Cal., July 26--When patrolmen arrested four boys whose ages range from 14 to 17 years in a deserted shack at the corner of Blades and Winter streets they did not know that they had unearthed anything more than a gang of youthful petty thieves, but yesterday it was discovered, the officers say, that this gang has been operating the most modern and up-to-date "burglar's club" ever found in the city, with wireless telegraphy as one of its principal features.
    Arthur Smith, 17 years of age, appeared to be the ruling spirit of the gang, and he also was the operator of the principal wireless station. Four other stations were operated, and members of the gang were kept informed of one another's movements by wireless, according to the police. It was discovered that there are seven members of the gang and that Smith was able to communicate with three members after his arrest at the shack and acquaint them with the presence of the officers and permit them to hide. They were captured yesterday, John Brown, aged 15; Burnett Ward, aged 16; Leslie Johnson, aged 14, were captured with Smith. All reside in the neighborhood with their parents, but it is alleged they have been engaged in petty thievery, bicycle stealing and burglary for months.
    A deep pit near the central wireless station, operated by Smith, contained much loot, the officers say. Smith has made a confession, it is alleged. The members of the gang will be arraigned today.