Based on the description, it appears that "M. F. Brown of Los Angeles" was promoting some sort of arc-transmitter radio service, but there is no evidence that this effort progressed to even the demonstrations proposed in Chicago.
Flint (Michigan) Daily Journal, October 15, 1909, page 7:

Music  by  Wireless  Is  Plan  of  Company  Formed  in  Chicago

    Chicago, Oct. 15.--Music by wireless is to be placed upon a commercial basis in Chicago, according to a statement by Prof. C. N. Haskins, formerly head in the Chicago public schools in the department for the education of the blind.
    "We are to have a public demonstration of music transmission by wireless within the next two weeks," declared Prof. Haskins. "M. F. Brown, of Los Angeles, the inventor, is expected to be in the city with the instrument which he has just perfected.
    "A room is to be fitted up to receive the music which will be produced in some neighboring block. The receiving instruments, which are something like telephone receivers, will be attached to the ears of the audience.
    "It is proposed to make the instruments in Chicago on a large scale. They will be used in hotels and restaurants.
    "For instance the La Salle Hotel could have one room in which music is produced, and have the receivers, which are unattached by wires, in each room for the guests. When a guest anywhere in the house wishes to listen to the music, he would have merely to slip these little ear flaps over his head.
    "Chicago capital has formed a company to manufacture the instruments for national distribution."
Chicago Inter Ocean, October 5, 1909, page 1: (Cartoon by Harold R. Heaton)
hotel wireless music by Harold R. Heaton

The Music Trade Review, May 7, 1910, page 31:
    The Wireless Music Co., Chicago, Ill., have incorporated with capital stock of $2,500, to operate apparatus for transmitting music by wireless system. Incorporators, Walter J. Merritt, John Cochinsky and August Kunkel. [A report in the July 28, 1910 Electrical World listed the third incorporator as August Knickels, plus included a fourth participant, M. M. Ashton, 8 Barden Block, Chicago.]