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Daily Arizona Silver Belt (Globe, Gila County, Arizona), November 28, 1909, second section, page 12:

To  Be  Installed  in  Phoenix  Within  the  Next  Few  Months

    Within three or four weeks a company will be formed to install a Collins wireless telephone system in every city and town in Arizona. The first city to have such a system will be Phoenix, says the Gazette.
    John Phelps, a representative of the Collins Wireless Telephone company, has been in the city for several days. Tom Mooney has taken the local and territorial agency for the company and will form the sub-corporations.
    Two wireless telephones have already been installed for exhibition purposes in different rooms of the Lewis building, over the Arizona Mercantile company. This morning a representative of the Gazette talked for five minutes with Mr. Phelps through the wireless phone. Every word came clearly and distinctly.
    The instruments are surprisingly simple. There is nothing cumbersome about them and they can be made so small that they can be carried in the pocket. The small phones work as well as the large ones, though they do not carry as far.
    The wireless telephone has carried the human voice from Buffalo to New York city, while it is in daily use between Newark and Philadelphia.
    Before making arrangements for the introduction of the wireless telephone commercially, the Collins people conducted a series of exhaustive tests in their laboratory which is located in Newark, New Jersey. The laboratory tests were followed by demonstrations between Newark and New York, a distance of twelve miles, and Philadelphia and New York, a distance of eighty-seven miles. Since then they have had long talks between many large cities of the United States. Recently successful tests have been made at the Seattle exposition, which have demonstrated that the Collins 'phone will, within a few short months, be carrying the human voice without wires from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The Collins Wireless company has recently received the gold medals at the Seattle exposition for everything connected with wireless telephony.
    The wireless telephone was for the first time thrown open to the public at the electrical show held in the Madison Square gardens, New York. During the progress of the exposition, over eleven thousand people talked over the wireless telephone.
    Mr. Phelps says that all over the country wire 'phones are giving way to the wireless. At the present time a system is being installed in Los Angeles and the directory will be out by the first of the year.
    It is Mr. Phelps' prediction that the wireless 'phone will be in common use here in Phoenix within six months. After that it will rapidly spread to every town and mining camp in the territory.
    Everyone is invited to sall at room 6, Lewis building, and test the Collins 'phone. A demonstrator is constantly on hand.