Electrical Review and Western Electrician, September, 1909, pages 253-254:

Commercial  Wireless  Telegraph  Operation  Begun  on  the  Great  Lakes.

    Regular commercial operation of wireless telegraphy was inaugurated on the Great Lakes by the United Wireless Telegraph Company on April 26, general business and press messages being conducted between its Chicago station, the Benton Harbor (Mich.) station and steamers of Graham & Morton Steamship Company.
    A particular feature of the first day's operations was a special trip of the steamer Puritan of the Graham & Morton Company, which took some fifty invited guests of Mr. Morton for an eighty-mile trip on the lake to witness a practical demonstration of "business" wireless on Lake Michigan. Among the guests were newspaper representatives from Chicago and other cities.
    The steamer left her dock about 11 a. m., and from the time she cleared the breakwater until her return was in constant communication with both Chicago and Benton Harbor stations. At 11:30 the guests aboard began sending wireless messages, and when the ship was forty miles from either station some of the newspaper representatives sent out messages of 250 to 300 words. The operator on the Puritan was kept busy from 11:30 until 3:15, and during that time he sent forty-seven different messages either to the Chicago or Benton Harbor station, and received on the boat thirty-four reply messages. The messages sent out contained from ten words up as high as 300 words, the latter being special dispatches of the newspaper representatives. Approximately about 3,500 words were sent, and something like 1,000 words received in less than four hours. The speed at which the messages were handled, including checking, signatures and addresses, averaged about thirty words a minute during the entire period of continuous operation. The work was handled with no more errors than occur in wire transmission, and at all times both land stations came in as clearly as though the Puritan were only a mile or so out.
    During the trip the Puritan picked up a message being sent from a Savannah Line steamer off the Atlantic coast to New York. All of the guests expressed themselves as being well pleased with the demonstration and urged that the wireless service be extended to cover the Great Lakes with all possible speed.
    An elaborate luncheon was served from the regular dining service of the steamer, which is in heavy freight and pleasure resort passenger service to several ports on Lake Michigan. The Graham & Morton Company has been so impressed with the demonstrations made by the United Wireless Company's Shoemaker apparatus that it has equipped all of its steamers with similar apparatus.