Electrical Review and Western Electrician, May 21, 1910, page 1044:

Wireless Companies Consolidate.

    A number of wireless telegraph companies have recently consolidated under the name of the Continental Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company. The corporation has organized under the laws of New York, and has a capital of $5,000,000.
    The plans of the consolidated companies contemplate transcontinental commercial business, as well as the continuance of the marine reports and shipping messages which have up to this time constituted the greater portion of wireless endeavors.
    The new company will enter into competition with the old wire telegraph companies for commercial and public patronage and its promoters say it will mean a considerable reduction from the tariffs now in force by the old telegraph concerns.
    The companies to form the consolidation are the Massie Wireless Telegraph Company, Clark Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company, Pacific Wireless Telegraph Company, the Collins Wireless Telegraph Company of Newark, N. J.
    The officers of the Continental Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Company will be: President, F. T. Davis of Philadelphia; vice-president, Walter W. Massie, of New York; general manager, Thomas E. Clark of Detroit, Mich.; technical director, A. Frederick Collins of Newark, N. J., the inventor of the wireless telephone. Headquarters' offices will be in New York.