Modern Electrics, September, 1910, page 337:


    Oakland, Cal.--Wireless telephones, invented by John McCarthy, of No. 682 Thirty-sixth street, this city, may be installed on Japanese war ships in the near future. Two representatives of the Mikado's navy, Baron Iwan Kowajuchi and Baron Menjiro Togono, came here the other day and tested the apparatus. They made a later test of a wireless telephone plant located on the roof of the St. Mark Hotel, which is operated by McCarthy and two fellow inventors, Kendall Douglas and E. P. Herrguth.
    After the naval men had boarded the Mongolia in the bay, preparatory to leaving for home, Kelly caused a phonograph to be played into the transmitter of the wireless telephone. The barons heard the selection distinctly on the steamer, according to a wireless telegram received by Kelly. The wireless plant on the Mongolia could receive the wireless telephone message, but is not equipped to send such a message.
    McCarthy says he has talked with the telephone as far as Santa Cruz and Stockton.