This same "article", with identical wording, also appeared on page 42 of the Seprember 10, 1911 San Francisco Chronicle.
San Francisco Call, September 10, 1911, page 19:


    SAN  FRANCISCO, Sept 10, 1911.--In rooms 821, 822, 823 Head building, corner Post Street and Grant Avenue, is the most wonderful musical demonstration ever given in California. The California Telephone Herald company has been incorporated in California to exploit the Telefon-Hirmondo or "Pleasure Telephone," the invention of a Hungarian scientist.
    For the small sum of 5 cents a day the company is prepared to put into the homes of San Franciscans or in all offices and stores two or more receivers that will not only serve subscribers from 8 o’clock in the morning till midnight with all the news of the day, but will also give concerts and lectures in the same manner according to a daily program. In the evening it will give them selections from the theaters and vaudeville shows, with news items between the numbers. Can you beat this?
    Why, in a very short time the receivers of the Telephone Herald will be in all the homes of this great city where it will be a source of continual joy to all, both rich and poor, old and young. The woman of the house will be able to sit down to her sowing and listen to a public lecture, which stress of housework has prevented her from attending and in the same way people who, for some reason or other, are prevented from listening to a sermon which they want to hear will be enabled to do so without stirring from their own house.
    Demonstrations of this marvelous invention are being given daily from 9 till 4 o’clock at the offices of the company, 821, 822, 823 Head building, city.