Los Angeles Times, September 3, 1911, page II9:
The  Telephone  Herald
The  20th  Century  "Newspaper"
       Readers of Bellamy's "Looking Backward" will remember one of his boldest conceptions--a speaking, singing, lecturing, educating and concert-giving "newspaper."

       For a long time this "fantasy" has been in active, practical operation in Europe--it is a proved success--in fact an absolute necessity in this busy age of time and labor-saving inventions. And it is soon to be available to subscribers in and around Los Angeles.

What  The  Telephone  Herald  Is
       The Telephone Herald is, briefly, a little instrument which may be installed in any part of your home--by your telephone, at the bedside, in the library or den, in the nursery.

       Or it may to put in business offices, doctor's waiting rooms, in barber shops, cafes, restaurants, railroad stations--wherever people resort, in fact, and sit waiting for any purpose whatever.

What  The  Telephone  Herald  Does
    It brings to your ears, daily--hourly--for a very little cost:
 Excerpts from the Local and Foreign Press,
 Telegrams from Foreign Countries,
 Quotations from the Stock and Bond Markets, both Eastern and Local,
 Weather Forecasts,
 Performances from Operas, Theaters, Church Services,
 The Correct Astronomical Time,
 Local Daily Advertisements of Interest,
and hundreds of timely topics. You may listen to all of them--or only to those that particularly interest YOU.

       Special lectures or concerts for children are given at intervals--in brief, the Telephone Herald is a live, down-to-date newsgatherer and disseminator.

You  Want  The  Telephone  Herald
In your home or office.
 Subscriptions are now being received; the cost is
5  Cents  Per  Day
 For particulars call at the office of
The  Southern  California
Telephone  Herald  Co.
Joseph  Ball  Company
Fiscal Agents,
120 West Fourth St,--Ground Floor.