Wall Street Journal, March 26, 1912, page 7:


Agreements Concluded Between Marconi Interests and A. P. West of United's Reorganization.

    Arrangements have been concluded between the Marconi interests and Arthur P. West as chairman of the reorganization committee of stockholders of the United Wireless Telegraph Co. which provides for the passing into possession and control of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of about 500 ship stations and 70 line stations situated in the United States which have been equipped and worked by the United Co. These arrangements not only embrace satisfactory settlement of outstanding litigation from the Marconi's standpoints, but secure for the stockholders of the United Co. a satisfactory solution of complications which at one time threatened disaster.
    Negotiations were conducted in behalf of the Marconi Co. by Godfrey Charles Issacs, managing director of the London Marconi Co. Mr. Issacs said that the settlement had been effected so expeditiously that all the terms had not been agreed upon, but that further announcement would be made in the near future covering details.
Page 8:

Adjustment and Merger Takes the Question Out of the Federal Court.

    In suit for infringement of patent, brought by Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. against the United Wireless Telegraph Co. in Equity Branch of the United States District Court, Judge Hough announced that in consequence of a settlement and a merger having been reached between the two corporations, the United Wireless Co. would make no defense, and would consent to the granting of a decree in favor of the Marconi company.
    In suit of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. against the New England Navigation Co., counsel asked for a delay. Judge Hough said he would grant no further delay in the case, and directed the lawyers to take proof, in order that damages might be assessed.