Wall Street Journal, August 6, 1912, page 7:


    Samuel M. Kintner and Halsey M. Barrett have been appointed receivers of the National Electrical Signaling Co. in the District Court of New Jersey by Judge Joseph Cross, on petition of Darwin S. Wolcott.
    The company has quick assets of $3,180 and unestimated permanent assets of plants, patent rights, etc. The liabilities are a judgment of $406,175 in favor of Prof. R. A. Fessenden granting on May 12, 1912, and about $50,000 alleged advances made by the plaintiff and A. Walker and T. A. Given, for the purpose of carrying on the experimental work and developing patents. In addition it is claimed that the company owes in salaries, etc., about $25,000.
    The National Electrical Signaling Co. was incorporated in 1902 with an authorized capital $100,000, and practically the only surviving competitor of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co.