San Jose Evening News, July 22, 1912, page 3:


    A successful demonstration of the wireless telephone was conducted yesterday afternoon in the office of Professor Charles D. Herrold. Those present stated that conversation and music in Professor Herrold's office was plainly heard by people stationed at a distance of several miles who were supplied with wireless apparatus.
San Diego Union, July 23, 1912, page 19:

Musical  Concert  by  Wireless  Telephone
By  the  Associated  Press
    San Jose, Cal., July 22.--A musical concert by means of wireless telephone was conducted in this city today by Prof. Charles D. Herrold, assisted by Wireless Telegraph Operator E. A. Portal. The music, which was supplied by a phonograph, was heard by a large number of amateur wireless telegraph operators within a radius of 100 miles of this city, who, by telegraph, signified their choice of musical selections to be transmitted. Anyone having the proper wireless telegraph ear receivers was able to catch the music, as well as the speech, and they pronounced it equal to anything heard over the customary wire telephones. The demonstration lasted two hours.