Spokane Daily Chronicle, October 2, 1912, page 14:
F. T. Caldwell

Device Used at Fairgrounds Promises Uses of Many Kinds.

    The automatic enunciator now in use at the Spokane Interstate fair is an entirely new invention and its use in Spokane is the second time it has been operated in the United States. It was used with equal success a few months ago on the Chicago waterfront at the International Aquatic show. The device is owned by the Automatic Enunciator company of Chicago and the northwestern rights are the property of Thaddeus S. Lane of the Home Telephone company.
    Recently Mr. Lane sent F. T. Caldwell, superintendent of maintenance of the Home Telephone company to Chicago to secure the necessary equipment. Mr. Caldwell spent several weeks experimenting in the factory and familiarizing himself with the operation of the device.
    One of the various uses of the enunciator probably will be that it will take the place of ordinary paging in large hotels.
    This "amplifier" was placed on the long distance wire and a party in Coeur d'Alene spoke in normal tones; the "amplifier" increased the power of the voice until it shouted in the Spokane exchange. The invention is expected later on to distribute music to homes at a nominal figure from a common source in the city.