San Jose Mercury Herald, July 21, 1912, page 27:


Concert  Will  Begin  This  Afternoon  at  3  O'cIock - - Is  No  Experiment.

Music  May  Be  Heard  by  Wireless  Operators  for  100  Miles  Around.

    A unique concert will be given this afternoon by Charles D. Herrold in his office in the Garden City bank building, assisted by J. B. Young, a representative of the National Wireless Telephone and Telegraph company.
    Mr. Herrold has arranged with the Wiley B. Allen company to send through the air by wireless telephone, some of the finest selections of music. The music may be heard by all amateur wireless operators who are equipped with receivers from 50 to 100 miles around.
    Mr. Herrold will place a phonograph near the mouthpiece of the instrument and start the music at 3 o'clock. After playing until 3:30 o'clock the music will stop about half an hour and then play again until 4:30 o'clock.
    This is the first concert of its kind ever given here, and unusual interest is being taken by those who own the necessary equipment.
    The concert is no experiment, however, as wireless telegraphy has been thoroughly and practically tested by the United States government. Highly successful tests of the company's wireless telephone were made in June, 1911, during the joint maneuvers of the militia and regular army at the San Francisco Presidio. These tests were carried on for a week.
    They comprise a system by means of which clear and articulate speech may be transmitted as readily as over any wire telephone. The wireless telephone is the logical sequence of what has preceded it as a means of communication, first the wire telegraph, next the wire telephone, then the wireless telegraph, and now the wireless telephone.