Wall Street Journal, October 1, 1912, page 6:


Company's Holdings of Marconi Stock to be Distributed to Stockholders--Other Features of Distribution.

    Stockholders of the Wireless Liquidating Co., organized to liquidate the United Wireless Co., have voted unanimously to distribute the company's holdings of Marconi stock among the stockholders and not to admit to the reorganization any stockholders who have not already deposited shares with the liquidating company.
    On August 1 the reorganization committee announced that approximately 650,000 shares of the United Wireless had been deposited calling for issuance of 325,000 shares of the liquidating company's stock. The liquidating company received for the physical assets of the United Wireless Co. 140,000 shares of Marconi Wireless Tel. Co. stock (par value $5). It is this stock which is now to be distributed.
    In a circular issued August 1 the reorganization committee, of which Arthur T. West is chairman, pointed out that with the Marconi stock selling around $8 a share, the 140,000 shares held by the liquidating company were worth about $1,120,000, and that on this basis the stock of the liquidating company should be worth approximately $4 a share, each share of the liquidating stock receiving approximately one-half share of Marconi stock.