Following the introduction of radio station licencing in late 1912, the Commerce Department produced an annual national list of radio stations, with the first edition issued as of July 1, 1913. Modern Electrics magazine also provided its readers with lists of the first stations authorized in each of the nine Radio Inspection Districts. (These lists also appeared in Electrician and Mechanic, and the licence serial numbers for the 4th district comes from their report.)

These district lists appeared in the following issues of Modern Electrics: June, 1913--Second (April 10, 1913); July, 1913--Third (May 27, 1913); August, 1913--First (June 3, 1913), Fourth (May 20, 1913) and Fifth (May 26, 1913); September, 1913--Sixth (June 26, 1913); October, 1913--Seventh (June 26, 1913), Eighth (June 6, 1913) and Ninth (June 16, 1913).

Unlike the Commerce Department's annual lists, the Modern Electric lists include serial numbers. However, blocks of serial numbers were distributed to the various districts, and no licence date information was included, so it is not clear how the licenses were issued chronologically. For some reason, no station is listed with serial #1, although, 1HU, Harry E. Upton in Everett, Massachusetts, received serial #2.


Licensed  Amateur  Stations
First  Radio  District
June 3, 1913.

 Name  and  AddressLicense

1AB  Philip T. Brown, 36 Taylor Street, Portland, Me.104
1AC  Chester A. Kennedy, 199 High Street, So. Portland, Me.105
1AD  Edward S. C. Smith, 58 South Street, Biddleford, Me.81
1AE  George E. Sterling, 28 Paine Street, Springvale, Me.106
1AF  Winfield C. Hodgkins, 54 Eagle Lake Rd., Bar Harbor, Me.116
1AG  Ray Hutchins, Oak Street, Springvale, Me.126
1AH  Donald G. Ward, 14 Orchard Street, Portland, Me.127
1AI  Olin C. Bronn, Ledgelawn Avenue, Bar Harbor, Me.139
1BA  Harold W. Fitts, 2 Park Street, Barre, Vt.79
1BC  Leon R. Dimick, 27 Cliff Street, St. Johnsbury, Vt.89
1BM  John L. Coppe, 138 So. Main Street, Rutland, Vt.6
1BN  Raymond Shaw, 10 E. Washington Street, Rutland, Vt.7
1BO  Wm. R. Canty, 36 Lincoln Avenue, Rutland, Vt.42
1CM  Henry R. McLane, Union Avenue, Laconia, N. H.4
1CO  Harry Atkins, 57 Pine Street, Franklin, N. H.15
1CR  Reginald F. Howe, 94 School Street, Keene, N. H.10
1CX  George H. Parker, Hudson, N. H.80
1CY  Page H. Haselton, Hudson (Nashua), N. H., R. F. D. No. 346
1GA  Harold C. Snow, 41 Paradise Road, Swampscott, Mass.34
1GB  Henry G. Blount, Hamilton, Mass.38
1GC  Gilbert L. Chadwick, 19 Eleventh Avenue, Haverhill, Mass.43
1GD  Frederic A. Lane, 7 Madison Avenue, Gloucester, Mass.53
1GE  F. L. Wheeler, 23 Mt. Vernon Street, Cliftondale, Mass.59
1GF  F. M. Fowler, 16 Shore Avenue, Salem, Mass.68
1GH  Harold Bibber, 31 Beacon Street, Gloucester, Mass.78
1GI  H. E. Morse, 108 Essex Street, Swampscott, Mass.92
1GJ  Richard M. Daniels, 25 Outlook Road, Swampscott, Mass.103
1GK  Lyman R. Stanley, 52 Burrill Street, Swampscott, Mass.114
1GL  Arthur W. Bush, 80 Tower Hill Street, Lawrence, Mass.118
1GM  J. Wyman Allen, 236 Hale Street, Beverly, Mass.134
1GN  Malcolm H. Smith, 115 Prospect Street, Gloucester, Mass.135
1GO  F. Clifford Estey, 3 Goodell Street, Salem, Mass.136
1GP  Albert W. James, 36 Union Street, Manchester, Mass.138
1GR  Duncan Hodges, Groton School, Groton, Mass.12
1HA  William H. Allison, 37 Plantation Street, Worcester, Mass.24
1HB  Warren B. Burgess, 62 Fruit Street, Worcester, Mass.33
1HC  Harry R. Cheetham, 81 Avon Street, Somerville, Mass.3
1HD  Donald T. Canfield, Westboro, Mass., R. F. D. 1-3421
1HE  Kenneth R. Lynde, 20 Cloelia Terrace, Newtonville, Mass.19
1HF  Chester R. Gardner, 11 Spring Hill Terrace, Somerville, Mass.18
1HG  George R. Cogswell, 18 Garden Street, Cambridge, Mass.16
1HI  Alan W. Burke, 40 Pollock Avenue, Fittsfield, Mass.26
1HJ  Albert M. Hunt, 12 Madison Avenue, Newtonville, Mass.27
1HK  Horace W. Dennison, 60 Garland Street, Chelsea, Mass.31
1HL  Herman A. Affel, 45 St. Botolph Street, Boston, Mass.30
1HM  Herbert M. Hammit, 4 Blue Hill Avenue, Rosbury, Mass.29
1HN  J. Frank J. Flood, 160 D Street, So. Boston, Mass.32
1HO  Clark B. Merrill, 3 Elm Street, Dorchester, Mass.35
1HP  H. G. N. Cromack, 8 Elm Lawn, Dorchester, Mass.36
1HQ  Harry R. Broadley, 44 Wenham Street, Forest Hill, Mass.39
1HR  Thomas H. Elliott, Jr., 41 Brington Road, Brookline, Mass.40
1HS  Herbert Shattuck, 1-A Lewis Place, Roxbury, Mass.28
1HT  James H. Anderson, 132 White Street, Waverly (Belmont), Mass.41
1HU  Harry E. Upton, 18 Jackson Avenue, Everett, Mass.2
1HV  James A. Ryan, 43 Linwood Street, Somerville, Mass.48
1HW  W. H. T. Monroe, 38 Beacon Street, Everett, Mass.50
1HX  Elmer A. Leavitt, 41 Forest Avenue, Everett, Mass.51
1HY  Lawrence S. Bennett, 2 Lawrence Street, Everett, Mass.107
1HZ  Harrie E. Duncan, 34 Foster Avenue, Newtonville, Mass.52
1IB  Starr Walker Stanyan, 75 Boston Avenue, Medford, Mass.14
1ID  Francis Kehoe, 41 Walnut Street, Boston, Mass. (Neponsit)54
1IE  William F. Bennett, Jr., 24 Spring Street, Somerville, Mass.55
1IF  Harland A. Eveleth, 72 Gray Street, Arlington, Mass.20
1IH  Clarence C. Fuller, 50 High Street, Mansfield, Mass.56
1IJ  Andrew J. Fassett, Jr., 27 Walden Street, Cambridge, Mass.49
1IO  Walter Pratt, 28 Summit Street, Rockland, Mass.58
1IP  Harold Leland, 34 Irving Street, Somerville, Mass.62
1IQ  Doland Luey, 44 West Street, Worcester, Mass.63
1IR  Minott W. Lewis, 44 Kidder Avenue, West Somerville, Mass.67
1IS  George Leach, 513 Liberty Street, Rockland, Mass.69
1IT  Irving T. Barnes, 377 Main Street, Waltham, Mass.70
1IU  Arthur E. Church, 3 Wellington Terrace, Brookline, Mass.71
1IV  William E. Snyder, 7 Heath Street, Somerville, Mass.72
1IW  Phillips B. Wilde, Government Street, Wood's Hole, Mass.11
1IX  Olof Ohlson, 472 Crafts Street, Newton, Mass.73
1IY  Horace M. Baxter, 160 Foster Street, Brighton, Mass.74
1IZ  Robert T. St. James, 38 Avery Lane, Great Barrington, Mass.75
1JA  Fred A. Dimond, Jr., E. Carver, Mass.76
1JB  Howland C. Lord, 40 Clyde Street, Newtonville, Mass.77
1JC  Robert D. Fairbanks, 21 Carver Road, Newton Highlands, Mass.83
1JD  Lovejoy Collins, 44 Carver Road, Newton Highlands, Mass.84
1JE  Edward E. Haywood, Jr., 4 Pembroke Street, Newton, Mass.85
1JF  Albert E. Snow, 30 Cary Avenue, Chelsea, Mass.86
1JG  Fearing Pratt, 120 Main Street, Hingham, Mass.87
1JH  Allen Hubbard, 11 Montvale Crescent, Newton Center, Mass.91
1JI  Milford R. Lawrence, Main Street, Falmouth, Mass.93
1JK  Alfred A. Franks, 15 Orchard Street, Jamaica Plain, Mass.94
1JL  Sebastian Gahm, Jr., 113 Sheridan Street, Jamaica Plain, Mass.95
1JM  Walter G. Cheever, 6 Aldersey Street, Somerville, Mass.96
1JN  Arthur O. Bruce, 30 York Street, Cambridge, Mass.97
1JO  William B. Snow, 11 Devon Road, Newton Center, Mass.98
1JP  Clarence Decker, Cottage Street, Great Barrington, Mass.99
1JQ  Frank E. Hoffman, 33 High Street, Springfield, Mass.101
1JR  Edward C. Delano, 64 School Street, Fall River, Mass.109
1JS  Leonard S. Powers, 431 Plymouth Street, Carver, Mass.115
1JT  Arthur G. Carlson, 19 Mechanic Street, N. Easton, Mass.119
1JU  Francis W. Dane, Main Street, Hamilton, Mass.120
1JV  Henry R. Reuther, 15 Jewett Street, Northampton, Mass.121
1JW  John J. Long, 32 London Street, Somerville, Mass.102
1JY  John S. Herland, 48 Brush Hill Road, Mattapan, Mass.128
1JZ  Kenneth H. Lanvuette, 21 Houstin Avenue, Milton, Mass.129
1KA  H. E. Stickney, 25 Tufts Avenue, Everett, Mass.131
1KB  W. T. Richards, 15 Follen Street, Cambridge, Mass.132
1UC  Isaiah Creaser, 22 Bend Street, Providence, R. I.137
1UD  Harold P. Donle, 18 Observatory Avenue, Providence, R. I.66
1UE  George E. Jetts, 161 Summer Street, Central Falls, R. I.65
1UF  Leonard M. Perkins, 28½ Warren Street, Providence, R. I.64
1UG  Fred C. Bigelow, Jr., 128 Main Street, Lincoln, R. I.61
1UH  William R. Handy, Manville P. O., Lincoln, R. I.17
1UI  William M. Bailey, 57 Brownell Street, Providence, R. I.125
1UJ  Harry Ahworth, 37 Heath Street, Providence, R. I.124
1UK  Kenneth A. Tutin, 312 Blackstone Street, Woonsocket, R. I.90
1UL  Clinton A. Bigelow, 96 Whittier Avenue, Providence, R. I.100
1UM  Bernard H. Miller, 38 Doyle Avenue, Providence, R. I.112
1UN  William E. Henry, 162 Prairie Avenue, Providence, R. I.117
1UO  John B. Doyle, 306 Thurber Avenue, Providence, R. I.123
1UP  Francis J. Trainor, 6 Munroe Street, Providence, R. I.113
1UQ  Karl E. Barth, 229 Washington Avenue, Providence, R. I.111
1UR  James E. Dorthy, 22 Orms Street, Providence, R. I.110
1US  Don C. Thorndike, 303 Doric Avenue, Cranston, R. I.108
1UV  Edward M. Monahan, 1033 Eddy Street, Providence, R. I.45
1UW  Arthur R. Nilson, 11 Colfax Street, Providence, R. I.44
1UX  Clifton C. Budlong, 73 Fort Avenue, Cranston, R. I.8
1UY  Corton T. Lippitt, 111 Benevolent Street, Providence, R. I.47
1UZ  Arthur B. Homer, 270 Blackstone Boulevard, Providence, R. I.82
1VL  Edward L. Belknop, 91 Vine Street, Hartford, Conn.37
1VM  William C. McGuire, 76 Madison Street, Hartford, Conn.57
1VN  Louis Green, 126 Central Avenue, Waterbury, Conn.122
1WO  Harold Post, 131 Derby Avenue, New Haven, Conn.88
1WP  Edward H. Cummings, Warwick, R. I.13
1WQ  Arthur P. Seeley, 55 Pearl Street, New Haven, Conn.9
1WR  Donald F. Sawtelle, 122 Gilbert Avenue, New Haven, Conn.22
1WS  Salathiel Buffett, Quarry Avenue, Saybrook, Conn.23
1WT  John W. Salzberger, West Main Street, Ivoryton, Conn.25
1WU  Orville Lucas, 172 Washington Street, Wallingford, Conn.60
1WV  Donald C. Blanke (cancelled), Old Church Road, Greenwich, Conn.130
1WX  Jerry Sefranek, 28 South Street, South Norwalk, Conn.5
1WY  Wallace Hoggson, Maber Avenue, Greenwich, Conn.133

Licensed  Amateur  Stations
Second  Radio  District
April 10, 1913.

 Name  and  AddressLicense

2AA  J. H. Flagg, 316 Lookout Ave., Hackensack, N. J.302
2AB  L. C. Anderson, P. O. No. 51, New Milford, N. J.301
2AC  G. R. Hart, 34 Douglas Road, Glen Ridge, N. J.303
2AD  Albert Dammers, 145 Newell Ave., Rutherford, N. J.304
2AE  W. H. Happe, 566 West 162d St., New York City305
2AF  M. V. Bryant, 6 S. Highland Ave., Nyack, N. Y.306
2AG  H. C. Milford, 6 Weekes Ave., Oyster Bay, N. Y.307
2AH  E. Edelman, 782 Prospect Ave., Bronx, New York City308
2AI  J. G. Elber, 5505 Third Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.309
2AJ  G. W. Mahr, 297 Gordon St., Stapleton, S. I., N. Y.310
2AK  H. E. Ferris, 665 Franklin Ave., Nutley, N. J.311
2AL  W. N. Stanley, 654 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.312
2AM  P. Haeselbarth, 54 Catherine St., Nyack, N. Y.313
2AN  C. J. Sedlak, 633 Main St., New Durham, N. J.314
2AO  R. O. Jones, 196 Newark Ave., Bloomfield, N. J.315
2AP  I. R. Smith, 56 Park Place, New Brighton, S. I., N. Y.316
2AQ  D. N. Corson, 51 Berkeley Ave., Newark, N. J.317
2AR  W. J. Hackman, 8 Bright St., Jersey City, N. J.318
2AS  W. L. DeYoe, 689 Broadway, Paterson, N. J.319
2AT  Baldwin Guild, 495 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark, N. J.320
2AU  C. W. Bryan, 79 Elm St., Montclair, N. J.321
2AV  C. F. Buhlman, Allendale, N. J.322
2AW  J. H. Hall, 605 West 141st St., New York City323
2AX  D. S. Smith, 684 Belgrave Dr., Arlington, N. J.324
2AY  F. Gettelbauer, 38 Vreeland Ave., E. Rutherford, N. J.325
2AZ  E. S. Pearl, 307 Gregory Ave., Passaic, N. J.326
2BA  H. M. Ash, 337 12th Ave., Paterson, N. J.327
2BB  C. H. Spahr, 281 Mortimer Ave., Rutherford, N. J.328
2BC  H. J. Kaltenback, 151 Alta Ave., Park Hill, Yonkers, N. Y.329
2BD  T. C. Banta, 76 Walnut St., Ridgewood, N. J.330
2BE  G. S. Yerbury, 21 Irving Place, Passaic, N. J.331
2BF  E. M. Mowton, 70 Hillcrest Ave., Yonkers, N. Y.332
2BG  R. Schell, Jr., 35 Grasmere Ave., Grasmere, S. I., N. Y.333
2BH  C. Schute, 75 E. Franklin Ave., Ridgewood, N. J.334
2BI  W. V. Morgan, 149 Urban St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.335
2BJ  C. W. Seaman, School St., Oyster Bay, N. Y.336
2BK  A. J. Green, 73 Paterson St., Paterson, N. J.337
2BL  G. Kirch, 364 75th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.338
2BM  E. Heermance, 523 State St., Hudson, N. Y.339
2BN  E. J. Griswald, R. F. D., Slingerlands, N. Y.340
2BO  H. F. Schermerhorn, 2 Union St., Montclair, N. J.341
2BP  D. K. Phips, Oyster Bay, Nassau Co., N. Y.342
2BQ  W. Ingraham, 91 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, N. Y.343
2BR  K. G. Krech, 316 Goodwin Ave., Midland Park, N. J.344
2BS  H. B. Pearson, 997 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, N. Y.345
2BT  H. A. Barrett, 343 East 152d St., New York City346
2BU  G. J. Eltz, 441 West 47th St., New York City347
2BV  W. E. Ashmall, 11 Pavonia Ave., Arlington N. J.348
2BW  F. R. Bricks, 43 West 44th St., Bayonne, N. J.350
2BX  J. H. Whitson, Briarcliff Manor, Westchester Co., N. Y.349
2BY  J. F. Keller, 36 Ocean Ave., Rosebank, S. I., N. Y.351
2BZ  C. G. Lyman, George & Cooper Sts., Babylon, N. Y.352
2CA  M. Liedeker, 40 St. Nicholas Pl., N. Y. City353
2CB  J. Schram, 21 Locust St., Brooklyn, N. Y.354
2CC  D. McKey, 265 Herbert St., Red Bank, N. J.355
2CD  R. D. Prosser, Chestnut St., Englewood, N. J.356
2CE  R. Muns, 85 Lincoln Ave., Ridgewood, N. J.357
2CF  M. Demarest, 82 Bentley St., Tottenville, S. I., N. Y.358
2CG  H. C. Blodgett, 606 Meade St., Bronx, N. Y. City359
2CH  L. L. Driggs, 199 Cedar Road, New Rochelle, N. Y.360
2CI  E. Austin, 576 Pavonia Ave., Jersey City, N. J.361
2CJ  E. W. Bathgate, 102 High St., Passaic, N. J.362
2CK  T. O'Brien, 7 Nassau Ave., Freeport, N. Y.363
2CL  L. C. Gildersleeve, Mattituck, Suffolk Co., N. Y.364
2CM  C. Huebner, 35 Pierrepont Ave., Rutherford, N. J.365
2CN  F. T. Dickey, 1649 Amsterdam Ave., N. Y. City366
2CO  W. F. Morrell, Keyport, N. J.367
2CP  E. E. Toten, 92 West 30th St., Bayonne, N. J.368
2CQ  N. Dilg, 147 Bentley St., Tottenville, S. I., N. Y.369
2CR  W. M. Blauvelt, 198 Main St., Nyack, N. Y.370
2CS  G. O. Pederson, 2128 Hudson Blvd., Jersey City, N. J.371
2CT  M. B. Bunn, 110 Rockland Ave., Yonkers, N. Y.372
2CU  P. Palmland, 1144 St. John's Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y.373
2CV  W. W. Waibel, 325 Church St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.374
2CW  H. Hersh, 254 First Ave., Elizabeth, N. J.375
2CX  E. R. Tilton, Fort Totten, N. Y.377
2CY  J. Van Dyke, 155 West 80th St., New York City376
2CZ  V. C. Poe, 345 East 18th St., New York City378
2DA  H. Berri, 497 East 17th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.379
2DB  R. D. Zucker, 49 Clinton Pl., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.380
2DC  W. A. Kahn, 136 Stuyvesant Pl., New Brighton, S. I., N. Y.381
2DD  C. P. Fitzgerald, 611 West 141st St., N. Y. City382
2DE  F. I. Ruttmann, 605 West 141st St., N. Y. City383
2DF  M. A. McIntyre, 1123 Avenue G, Brooklyn, N. Y.384
2DG  H. Y. Higgs, 707 Vanderbilt Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.385
2DH  W. H. Ells, 632 East 15th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.386
2DI  E. Cyriax, 219 East 71st St., N. Y. City387
2DJ  K. W. Schiltz, 28 Jefferson St., Brooklyn, N. Y.388
2DK  W. S. Hill, 332 Rector St., Perth Amboy, N. J.389
2DL  H. S. Price, 435 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.390
2DM  H. Sachs, 7207 Thirteenth Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.391
2DN  E. R. Cullen, 626 45th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.392
2DO  J. Gerrity, 538 Ocean Ave., Jersey City, N. J.393
2DP  E. S. Coene, 680 Beck St., Bronx, N. Y. City394
2DQ  I. M. Schwarzkopf, 138 East 95th St., N. Y. City395
2DR  T. C. Cooper, 260 Garfield St., Jersey City, N. J.396
2DS  L. Clarke, 114 Liberty St., N. Y. City397
2DT  O. Shaw, 73 East 88th St., N. Y. City398
2DU  J. T. Smith, 427 West 59th St., N. Y. City399
2DV  H. C. B. Hathaway, 20 Erie Pl., Nutley, N. J.400
2DW  J. Hallahan, 180 Market St., Perth Amboy, N. J.401
2DX  E. K. Seyd, 231 Park Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y.402
2DY  C. Palmer, 48 West 50th St., N. Y. City403
2DZ  J. Watters, Port Richmond, N. Y.404
2EA  E. C. Williams, 261 Madison Ave., Perth Amboy, N. J.405
2EB  G. Lewe, 262 West 77th St., N. Y. City406
2EC  F. C. Theide, 486 Decatur St., Brooklyn, N. Y.407
2ED  C. D. Winslow, 1985 Amsterdam Ave., N. Y. City408
2EE  C. F. Jacobs, 279 Park Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y.409
2EF  T. Hurd, Clinton Ave., Red Bank, N. J.410
2EG  J. B. Hurd, Clinton Ave., Red Bank, N. J.411
2EH  G. B. Wilmott, 1138 East 37th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.412
2EI  H. C. Quick, 471 75th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.413
2EJ  C. B. Bechtlofft, 106 Walnut St., Ridgewood, N. J.414
2EK  J. F. Fagan, 143 West 95th St., N. Y. City415
2EL  W. E. Meyer, 181 West 63d St., N. Y. City428
2EM  R. C. Crosby, 211 West 148th St., N. Y. City416
2EN  G. Uzmann, 5120 Sixth Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.417
2EO  A. Schneider, 326 East 69th St., N. Y.418
2EP  G. S. V. Mead, 12 Archer Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.419
2EQ  H. Schnedler, 328 Central Ave., Jersey City, N. J.420
2ER  W. Backer, 51 Hamilton Terrace, N. Y. City421
2ES  R. Campbell, 117 Marshall St., Elizabeth, N. J.422
2ET  G. B. England, 917 St. Nicholas Ave., N. Y. City423
2EU  G. T. Droste, 2132 Globe Ave., Bronx, N. Y. City424
2EV  C. S. Hallock, 262 60th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.425
2EW  J. E. Hamilton, 16 West Broadway, Portchester, N. Y.426
2EX  B. B. Jackson, 188 Montrose Ave., Rutherford, N. J.427
2EY  F. J. McKinney, 300 Glenwood Ave., Bloomfield, N. J.429
2EZ  C. K. Schupp, Linden Ave., River Edge, N. J.430
2FA  C. H. Pfeifer, 306 Prospect St., Ridgewood, N. J.431
2FB  R. Pareis, 149 Marshall St., Elizabeth, N. J.432
2FC  J. A. Meerseman, Tottenville, S. I., N. Y.433
2FD  W. Spiegel, 1611 First Ave., N. Y. City434
2FE  H. W. Cheel, 35 Corsa Terrace, Ridgewood, N. J.435
2FF  W. E. Taylor, 540 W. 157th St., N. Y. City436
2FG  H. J. Tennenbaum, 35 West 113th St., N. Y. City437
2FH  J. Weiss, 5 Adam St., Port Washington, L. I., N. Y.438
2FI  L. W. Kirkpatrick, 317 Sixth Ave., Newark, N. J.439
2FJ  H. F. Helwig, 711 East 18th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.440
2FK  R. Hamilton, 352 Willett Ave., Port Chester, N. Y.441
2FL  A. Lehmann, Jr., 1520 56th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.442
2FM  W. P. Perkins, 35 Grant Ave., Yonkers, N. Y.443
2FN  H. L. Jamison, 1108 Intervale Ave., Bronx, N. Y. City444
2FO  W. C. Clark, 91 Fourth Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.445
2FP  C. A. Woerner, 247 Union St., Jersey City, N. J.446
2FQ  A. H. Hardwick, 224 Oakwood Ave., Orange, N. J.447
2FR  D. D. Way, 214 W. 92d St., N. Y. City448
2FS  H. L. Stanley, Main St., Babylon, N. Y.449
2FT  M. Bishop, 568 West 149th St., N. Y. City450
2FU  H. Benzing, 69 Fulton St., Elizabeth, N. J.451
2FV  H. J. Behuken, 868 55th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.452
2FW  C. V. MacPherson, 557 West 144th St., N. Y. City453
2FX  Fredk. Wilhelm, 1623 First Ave., N. Y. City454
2FY  Robert Hartman, 500 West 177th St., N. Y. City455
2FZ  C. C. Harris, Elliott Pl., Freeport, L. I.456
2GA  Carll P. Winn, 325 Church St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.457
2GB  B. W. Bartlett, 774 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.458
2GC  A. E. Sonn, 150 Second Ave., Newark, N. J.459
2GD  J. S. Farguharson, 540 West 158th St., N. Y. City460
2GE  T. R. West, 256 Grand Ave., Leonia, N. J.461
2GF  H. M. Gabrielson, 230 53d St., Brooklyn, N. Y.462
2GG  B. Dahlgren, 1652 41st St., Brooklyn, N. Y.463
2GH  C. A. Kelting, 1469 53rd St., Brooklyn, N. Y.464
2GI  C. F. Bockelmann, 1679 42d St., Brooklyn, N. Y.465
2GJ  G. A. Beard, 150 Overlook St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.466
2GK  J. W. Hubbard, 327 King St., Port Chester, N. Y.467
2GL  R. E. Marshall, 238 Westchester Ave., Rye, N. Y.468
2GM  J. A. Ballard, 73 Macon St., Brooklyn, N. Y.469
2GN  A. E. Westman, 121 East 58th St., N. Y. City470
2GO  P. D. Peltier, 345 West 70th St., N. Y. City471
2GP  B. Rutherford, 42 Hawthorne St., Brooklyn, N. Y.472
2GQ  J. Eckhardt, 53 Clifton Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y.473
2GR  E. L. Slagle, 25 So. Second Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.474
2GS  A. Van V. Dunn, 98 Rockland Ave., Yonkers, N. Y.475
2GT  C. Noller, 240 East 56th St., N. Y. City476
2GU  J. K. Inwright, 400A Fairmount Ave., Jersey City, N. J.477
2GV  E. S. Lindmark, 4510 Sixth Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.478
2GW  F. Snowden, R. F. D. 49, Schenectady, N. Y.479
2GX  H. K. Fallon, 555 West 148th St., N. Y. City480
2GY  C. S. Hill, 156 Urban St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.481
2GZ  F. W. Plate, 91 Van Reyken St., Jersey City, N. J.482
2HA  D. McCoy, 45 Lee Ave., Yonkers, N. Y.483
2HB  L. E. Northsheild, 252 Ontario St., Albany, N. Y.484
2HC  C. P. Rague, 82 Boram Ave., Jersey City, N. J.485
2HD  K. C. Underwood, 259 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark, N. J.486
2HE  M. B. Sackett, Riveredge, N. J.487
2HF  H. C. Coote, 240 Audubon Ave., N. Y. City488
2HG  F. J. Peters, Broad St., Bloomfield, N. J.489
2HH  H. C. Dederick, 46 No. Fifth St., Hudson, N. Y.490
2HI  W. J. Hotter, 640 74th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.491
2HJ  W. Hadden, 1716 Albemarle Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y.492
2HK  H. P. Burrows, 1415 55th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.493
2HL  A. Schippell, 2321 First Ave., N. Y. City494
2HM  J. P. Davenport, 136 Jefferson Ave., Elizabeth, N. J.495
2HN  W. H. Sands, 178 Archer Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.496
2HO  Wm. B. Lyons, North Broad St., Bloomfield, N. J.497
2HP  B. A. Mayhew, Laurel Ave., Tenafly, N. J.498
2HQ  H. B. MacDonald, 171 Ravine Ave., Yonkers, N. Y.499
2HR  A. C. Chandler, 2141 So. Second St., Brooklyn, N. Y.500
2HS  E. F. O'Mara, 425 West 56th St., N. Y. City501
2HT  G. E. McCartney, 473 Prospect Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y.502
2HU  G. Hotchkiss, 146 Halsey St., Brooklyn, N. Y.503
2HV  Edwin Zeitz, 404 Ralph St., Brooklyn, N. Y.504
2HW  L. W. Barrett, 44 Ellis Pl., Ossining, N. Y.505
2HX  D. M. Lane, 343 Ninth St., Jersey City, N. J.506
2HY  C. S. Hill, 156 Urban St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.507
2HZ  F. W. Plate, 91 Van Reyken St., Jersey City, N. J.508
2IA  W. A. Royce, 1329 49th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.509
2IB  G. E. Oliver, 677 Boulevard, Bayonne, N. J.510
2IC  D. C. McGiehan, 1222 East 39th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.511
2ID  S. Reyle, 42½ Van Reipen Ave., Jersey City, N. J.512
2IE  W. S. Lemmon, 319 West 94th St., N. Y. City513
2IF  C. A. Werker, 475 Brook Ave., Bronx, N. Y. City514
2IG  T. J. Merkt, 780 Macon St., Brooklyn, N. Y.515
2IH  W. F. Tense, 48 Quincy St., Passaic, N. J.516
2II  W. J. Howell, 135 Edgecombe Ave., N. Y. City517
2IJ  A. Cochran, 256 Sterling Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y.518
2IK  D. D. Howe, 23 Maple Pl., Nutley, N. J.519
2IL  G. C. McClintock, 535 Canton Rd., Westfield, N. J.520
2IM  L. Spangenberg, 25 So. Fourth St., Lake View, N. J.521
2IN  R. W. Scofield, 87 Macon St., Brooklyn, N. Y.522
2IO  G. H. Scharrenbeck, 126 W. First St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.523
2IP  F. E. Robin, Columbus Institute, Hawthorne, N. Y.524
2IQ  P. C. Elliott, 162 East 66th St., N. Y. City525
2IR  J. B. Foulke, Jr., Carll Ave., Babylon, L. I., N. Y.526
2IS  P. E. Ricketts, George St., Babylon, L. I., N. Y.527
2IT  H. Young, 179 Fourth St., Jersey City, N. J.528
2IU  C. A. Hickman, Asbury Park, N. J.529
2IV  R. Lindsay, 189 William St., East Orange, N. J.530
2IW  J. B. Worth, Madison St., Cresthill, N. J.531
2IX  E. T. Bicak, 357 East 72d St., N. Y. City532
2IY  E. W. Dugan, 631 Jersey Ave., Jersey City, N. J.533
2IZ  F. Fraser, 352 Archer St., Freeport, L. I.534
2JA  R. K. Story, 212 Hancock St., Brooklyn, N. Y.535
2JB  C. L. Schaefer, 201 Broadway, Port Richmond, N. Y.536
2JC  C. Cowan, 1455 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.537
2JD  A. Boeder, 3443 Duncomb Ave., Williamsbridge, N. Y.538
2JE  L. F. Wendelstadt, 8 Seymour St., Montclair, N. J.539
2JF  A. C. Frey, 370 East 153d St., N. Y. City540
2JG  R. W. Merrihew, Slingerlands, N. Y.541
2JH  D. S. Brown, 3d, 206 West 86th St., N. Y. City542
2JI  L. E. Eddy, 295 Hackensack Rd., Ridgefield Park, N. J.543
2JJ  J. L. Webb, 1257 East 40th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.544
2JK  A. M. Mitchell, 299 No. Seventh St., Newark, N. J.545
2JL  C. E. Brownell, 230 Newark Ave., Bloomfield, N. J.546
2JM  A. A. Hebert, 27 Maple Pl., Nutley, N. J.547
2JN  W. W. Freeland, 34 Baldwin Ave., Newark, N. J.548
2JO  N. V. Smith, Lawrence Ave., Lawrence, L. I., N. Y.549
2JP  J. J. R. Smith, 807 Lincoln Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y.550
2JQ  W. E. Merrill, 121 East 103d St., N. Y. City551
2JR  B. V. Deitz, Slingerlands, N. Y.552
2JS  H. H. Bruns, 249 Seventh St., Jersey City, N. J.553
2JT  A. C. Ladow, 515 Munroe Ave., Asbury Park, N. J.554
2JU  C. J. Goette, 1256 Hatch Ave., Woodhaven, N. Y.555
2JV  R. C. Lent, 616 45th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.556
2JW  C. Hofmann, 1627 First Ave., N. Y. City557
2JX  G. A. Decortin, 16 Elm St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.558
2JY  S. E. Rupert, 107 Sixth Ave., Pelham, N. Y.559
2JZ  W. Naylor, 156 Lefferts Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y.560
2KA  C. E. Krorner, 115 Watchung Ave., Plainfield, N. J.561
2KB  R. E. Tyrel, 677 East 19th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.562
2KC  C. M. Werner, 252 Cambridge Ave., Jersey City, N. J.563
2KD  W. S. Browne, 1565 East 12th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.564
2KE  G. Frey, 155 West 80th St., N. Y. City565
2KF  H. R. Searing, 532 Wales Ave., N. Y. City566
2KG  C. A. Wriggins, 18 Rodwell Ave., Irvington, N. J.567
2KH  W. Solberg, 620 46th St., N. Y. City568
2KI  L. S. Uphoff, 120 Ave. B, Schenectady, N. Y.569
2KJ  L. S. Beebt, 1143 Albany St., Schenectady, N. Y.570
2KK  H. B. Day, 133 Harrison Ave., Westfield, N. J.571
2KL  A. V. Gregory, 197 High St., Perth Amboy, N. J.572
2KM  C. Francis, 1662 70th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.573
2KN  P. B. Collison, 172 Maple St., Brooklyn, N. Y.574
2KO  B. Stone, 1128 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.575
2KP  D. McClure, 11 Rudd Ct., Glen Ridge, N. J.576
2KQ  H. Edwards, Jr., 314 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J.577
2KR  S. Lebowitz, 270 Riverside Drive, N. Y. City578
2KS  L. Shropshire, 9 Castle Hill, Palisades, N. J.579
2KT  S. G. Saulnier, 299 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.580
2KU  E. C. Jackson, 52 Hillcrest Ave., Yonkers, N. Y.581
2KV  L. R. Rogers, 200 West 113th St., N. Y. City582
2KW  J. A. Plummer, 340 Orient Way, Rutherford, N. J.583
2KX  K. Noble, 441 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y.584
2KY  R. McLoughlin, 105 Francisco Ave., Rutherford, N. J.585
2KZ  C. Weden, 97 Myrtle St., Bloomfield, N. J.586
2LA  F. R. Miller, 42 John St., Englewood, N. J.587
2LB  E. K. Bertine, 57 So. Second Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.588
2LC  A. P. Roberts, Tenafly Rd., Tenafly, N. J.589
2LD  Wm. F. Cotter, 68 Oakland Ave., Jersey City, N. J.590
2LE  R. S. Egolf, 1052 41st St., Brooklyn, N. Y.591
2LF  C. H. Bartlett, 774 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.592
2LG  F. L. McLaughlin, 2621 Eighth Ave., N. Y. City593
2LH  R. A. Sayres, 4645 Central Ave., Richmond Hill, N. Y.594
2LI  F. C. Meacham, Jr., 236 Decatur St., Brooklyn, N. Y.595
2LJ  H. Rodenburg, 1626 Second Ave., N. Y. City596

Licensed  Amateur  Stations
Third  Radio  District
May 27, 1913.

 Name  and  AddressLicense

3AA  J. W. Ashmore, 3408 Hamilton St., Philadelphia, Pa.825
3AB  H. D. Butterworth, 6952 Marsden St., Philadelphia, Pa.826
3AC  H. O. Simon, 1234 Carroll St., Baltimore, Md.801
3AD  W. J. Phillips, 1530 Orleans St., Baltimore, Md.802
3AE  J. H. Gaffey, 1427 E. Hoffman St., Baltimore, Md.803
3AF  W. M. West, 1407 N. Central Ave., Baltimore, Md.804
3AG  C. H. Weant, 1546 Aisquith St., Baltimore, Md.805
3AH  C. L. Treide, 2402 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md.806
3AI  C. L. Garrett, 400 N. Gilmor St., Baltimore, Md.808
3AJ  G. H. Bausman, 1228 N. Broadway, Baltimore, Md.809
3AK  E. B. Duvall, 22 E. Madison St., Baltimore, Md.807
3AL  G. F. Flentje, 2023 Eastern Ave., Baltimore, Md.815
3AM  L. J. Wise, 419 Patterson Park Ave., Baltimore, Md.810
3AN  M. L. Walsh, 819 W. Lexington St., Baltimore, Md.811
3AO  W. H. Collier, 820 W. Fayette St., Baltimore, Md.812
3AP  A. Patzschke, Hamilton, Md.813
3AQ  H. O. Hogan, 2630 Guilford Ave., Baltimore, Md.816
3AR  L. H. Gilpin, 2702 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md.817
3AS  A. C. Stumpner, Hamilton, Md.814
3AT  H. S. Parsons, 13 N. Carey St., Baltimore, Md.818
3AU  H. Schultze, 14 S. Arlington Ave., Baltimore, Md.819
3AV  H. Irving Glashoff, 126 N. East Ave., Baltimore, Md.820
3AW  H. S. Ely, 215 S. Washington St., Baltimore, Md.821
3AX  O. Q. Arner, 56 V St., N. W., Washington, D. C.822
3AY  C. L. Blodgett, 599 Rutherford Ave., Trenton, N. J.823
3AZ  G. L. Gillingham, Jr., 4508 Richmond St., Bridesburg, Philadelphia, Pa.824
3BA  W. H. Anthony, Jr., 807 W. Somerset St., Philadelphia, Pa.827
3BB  D. Kralovec, 3535 N. Water St., Philadelphia, Pa.828
3BC  C. C. Stephens, Laurel Springs, N. J.829
3BD  P. R. Allen, Haverford, Pa.830
3BE  S. T. Critchlow, 2632 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa.831
3BF  L. W. Teller, 4012 Seventh St., N. W., Washington, D. C.832
3BG  E. T. Clark, 1244 Fitzgerald St., Philadelphia, Pa.833
3BH  B. S. Flather, 241 14th St., S. E., Washington, D. C.834
3BI  W. J. Deery, 5928 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa.835
3BJ  F. Henderson, 813 Highland Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.836
3BK  M. M. Brown, 2417 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Pa.837
3BL  M. J. Jaquett, 3155 N. Carlisle St., Philadelphia, Pa.838
3BM  G. Y. Allen, Bernardsville, N. J.839
3BN  G. E. Heisley, 1114 Monroe St., N. W., Washington, D. C.840
3BO  J. B. Brady, Somerset, Md.841
3BP  G. C. Blackwood, 5346 Wayne Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.842
3BQ  N. A. Bugbee, 565 Rutherford Ave., Trenton, N. J.843
3BR  H. W. Crothers, 3033 Susquehanna St., Philadelphia, Pa.844
3BS  W. J. Wolff, 2422 Iseminger St., Philadelphia, Pa.845
3BT  W. H. Hoffman, Cold Springs, N. J.846
3BU  A. S. Cresse, Cold Springs, N. J.847
3BV  F. F. Bacon, 101 Mansion Ave., Haddonfield, N. J.848
3BW  T. W. Campbell, 806 E. Moyer St., Philadelphia, Pa.849
3BX  C. E. Carpenter, Jr., 7417 Sprague St., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa.850
3BY  H. M. Statz, 709 Euclid St., N. W., Washington, D. C.851
3BZ  F. Leister, 68th and Jefferson Sts., W. Philadelphia, Pa.852
3CA  A. J. Adelberger, W. Wayne Ave., Wayne, Pa.853
3CB  U. S. Grant, 28 Church St., Newton, N. J.854
3CC  R. L. Jenkins, 6804 Dittman St., Philadelphia, Pa.855
3CD  H. L. Michaels, 843 E. Russell St., Philadelphia, Pa.856
3CE  G. H. Fischer, Jr., 5204 W. Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa.857
3CF  C. F. Lager, 4904 Thompson St., Philadelphia, Pa.858
3CG  F. Adelberger, W. Wayne Ave., Wayne, Pa.859
3CH  M. Ferris, 3409 Bearing St., Philadelphia, Pa.860
3CI  J. Nordstrom, Gallitzin, Pa.861
3CJ  F. Imfeld, 117 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Pa.862
3CK  M. C. Moody, 2509 S. Sheridan St., Philadelphia, Pa.863
3CL  W. V. Coleman, 2245 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa.864
3CM  J. C. Van Horn, Rutledge St., Rutledge, Pa.865
3CN  L. W. Ashton, 106 Washington Ave., Collingwood, N. J.866
3CO  J. S. Campbell, 1700 S. 60th St., Philadelphia, Pa.867
3CP  G. M. Bunting, Jr., 315 Broad St., Chester, Pa.868
3CQ  G. R. Yaeger, 718 S. American St., Philadelphia, Pa.869
3CR  W. G. Ellis, 2204 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa.870
3CS  A. R. Cochran, 412 E. 13th St., Chester, Pa.871
3CT  H. A. Farnham, 313 V St., N. E., Washington, D. C.872
3CU  H. W. Gauss, 221 Fifth St., S. E., Washington, D. C.873
3CV  G. W. Kelly, Jr., 1738 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Pa.874
3CW  J. R. Lange, 1938 Lemmon St., Baltimore, Md.875
3CX  W. K. Toboldt, 2412 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Pa.876
3CY  E. B. Hubbs, 145 E. Washington Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.877
3CZ  D. N. Wheatley, 405 32d St., Philadelphia, Pa.878
3DA  R. E. Peterson, 1602 S. Frazier St., Philadelphia, Pa.879
3DB  R. E. Smiley, 402 N. 32d St., Philadelphia, Pa.880
3DC  D. M. Berger, 920 Riverside Ave., Trenton, N. J.881
3DD  A. G. Work, 1102 Duncannon Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.882
3DE  F. G. Tallman, Jr., 1102 Broome St., Wilmington, Del.883
3DF  R. Smith, 2647 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md.884
3DG  N. P. White, 19 Gen. Greene Ave., Trenton, N. J.885
3DH  H. E. Stahl, Jr., 275 Bellevue Ave., Trenton, N. J.886
3DI  P. D. Lowell, 2838 27th St., Washington, D. C.887
3DJ  E. P. D. Diggens, 1631 E. Eager St., Baltimore, Md.888
3DK  T. L. Richardson, Quarantine, Md.889
3DL  M. E. Muniz, 901 S. 60th St., Philadelphia, Pa.890
3DM  John MacFeeters, 1538 N. Gratz St., Philadelphia, Pa.891
3DN  A. W. France, 3544 N. 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa.892
3DO  D. L. Maxson, Kensington, Md.893
3DP  L. B. McDonald, 7132 Boyer St., Philadelphia, Pa.894
3DQ  G. V. Smith, 300 Mill St., Bristol, Pa.895
3DR  J. A. Eyster, 317 Washington Ave., Haddonfield, N. J.896
3DS  W. A. Parks, 1220 Jackson St., N. E., Washington, D. C.897
3DT  W. C. Wells, Jr., 124 S. 36th St., Philadelphia, Pa.898
3DU  F. J. Baumann, 1600 Carson St., Manayunk, Philadelphia, Pa.899
3DV  F. B. Uphoff, 3649 York Rd., Philadelphia, Pa.900
3DW  N. S. Lowery, Laurel, Md.901
3DX  W. P. Lukens, 527 Spring Hill Ave., Conshohocken, Pa.902
3DY  F. E. Miller, 3134 Rosewood St., Philadelphia, Pa.903
3DZ  R. S. Fisher, 3520 Disston St., Philadelphia, Pa.904
3EA  C. P. Wright, 1525 N. Eden St., Baltimore, Md.905
3EB  F. J. Adam, 1240 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa.906
3EC  S. H. Griffin, 2014 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md.907
3ED  T. Price, 1600 Edgemont Ave., Chester, Pa.908
3EE  R. S. Zinn, 3325 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa.909
3EF  W. N. Reiff, 916 Fayette St., Conshohocken, Pa.910
3EG  J. R. Snyder, 319 Vassar St., Swarthmore, Pa.911
3EH  E. L. Powell, 1206 E. Capital St., Washington, D. C.912
3EI  K. C. Kumler, Kensington, Md.913
3EJ  D. L. Primrose, Park Ave. & Laurens St., Baltimore, Md.914
3EK  D. D. Moore, 2308 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md.915
3EL  H. W. L. Fricke, 801 Aisquith St., Baltimore, Md.916
3EM  L. C. Beatty, 109 East Ave., Hackettstown, N. J.917
3EN  A. S. Bailey, Jr., 31 N. 61st St., Philadelphia, Pa.918
3EO  C. R. Marter, R. F. D. 1, Beverly Rd., Burlington, N. J.919
3EP  J. H. Kennedy, 2052 E. Fletcher St., Philadelphia, Pa.920
3EQ  R. G. MacKendrick, 211 Lenoir Ave., Wayne, Pa.921
3ER  J. F. Larrimore, 1814 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md.922
3ES  E. L. Martin, 315 Radcliffe St., Bristol, Pa.923
3ET  H. N. Fisher, Laurel, Md.924
3EU  F. E. Shelley, 2612 Hampden, Baltimore, Md.925
3EV  J. L. Brannan, 2630 Guilford Ave., Baltimore, Md.926
3EW  Ralph Scheffey, 346 Lafayette St., Bristol, Pa.927
3EX  W. A. Vogts, Laurel, Md.928
3EY  W. McIntyre, corner Oak and Ivens Sts., Oak Lane, Pa.929
3EZ  E. R. Donovan, 2847 N. Seventh St., Philadelphia, Pa.930
3FA  E. Davis, 3812 Eighth St., N. W., Washington, D. C.931
3FB  Geo. B. Darby, Jr., 1 Bala Ave., Bala, Pa.932
3FC  C. F. Weik, 7148 Van Dyke St., Tacony, Philadelphia, Pa.933
3FD  W. Simon, 1234 Carroll St., Baltimore, Md.934
3FE  Samuel Rabl, 419 Third St., Highlandtown, Baltimore, Md.935
3FF  W. J. Dempster, 813 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa.936
3FG  J. A. Godfrey, Florence Apartments, 49th and Florence Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.937
3FH  S. P. Smith, Wyndcrest Ave., Catonsville, Md.938
3FI  J. A. Wever, 238 S. Patterson Park Ave., Baltimore, Md.939
3FJ  F. M. Huber, 1313 S. Carey St., Baltimore, Md.940
3FK  P. H. Schleher, 1912 N. Marvine St., Philadelphia, Pa.941
3FL  W. L. Wiler, 1735 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.942
3FM  M. E. Hartley, 635 E. St., S. E., Washington, D. C.943
3FN  Alvin Deichmiller, 1323 S. Carey St., Baltimore, Md.944
3FO  duPont Powder Co., Wilmington, Del.945
3FP  F. W. Satterthwaite, 715 N. Fifth St., Reading, Pa.946
3FQ  R. G. MacKendrick, Laurel, Md.947
3FR  E. C. Densten, 610 Poplar Grove St., Baltimore, Md.948
3FS  A. C. Durkee, 5052 Ludlow St., Philadelphia, Pa.949
3FT  D. C. Dudley, 3916 Market St., Philadelphia, Pa.950
3FU  W. F. Wunder, 6108 Baynton St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.951
3FV  Charles Edwards, 3345 Ella St., Philadelphia, Pa.952
3FW  E. J. Hunter, 2429 E. Cumberland St., Philadelphia, Pa.953
3FX  S. J. Hutchinson, 209 White Horse Pike, Haddon Heights, N. J.954
3FY  C. W. Core, 907 E. Leigh St., Richmond, Va.955
3FZ  C. B. Conley, 709 N. 29th St., Philadelphia, Pa.956
3GA  J. A. Magee, 518 Apple St., Conshohocken, Pa.957
3GB  G. R. Rohrich, Bethesda, Md.958
3GC  Joseph Knieriemen, Acto, N. J.959
3GD  C. P. Hoffmeister, 2711 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md.960
3GE  C. M. Doolittle, Upper Darby, Pa.961
3GF  E. E. Blankenship, 920 Fifth St., N. W., Washington, D. C.962
3GG  Winters Jones, 728 N. Monroe St., Baltimore, Md.963
3GH  S. Macdonald, 209 N. 53d St., Philadelphia, Pa.964
3GI  F. B. Peckham, 603 Howard Pl., N. W., Washington, D. C.965
3GJ  Christian Sorenson, 4400 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.966
3GK  R. H. Troth, 3350 N. 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa.967
3GL  Michael Meck, 1550 N. Allison St., Philadelphia, Pa.968
3GM  J. H. Fellows, 5504 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, D. C.969
3GN  Board of Education, Lehigh Ave. and Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa.970
3GO  E. L. Norcross, 216 Roberts Ave., Glenside, Pa.971
3GP  E. P. Amig, Highland Park, Upper Darby, Pa.972
3GQ  K. Miller, Jr., 430 College St., N. W., Washington, D. C.973
3GR  R. M. Wood, West 41st St. and Park Heights Ave., Baltimore, Md.974
3GS  B. B. McCafferty, 750 S. 60th St., Philadelphia, Pa.975
3GT  W. J. Searle, Jr., 125 New St., Glenside, Pa.976
3GU  R. E. Hopkins, 2428 Nicholas St., Philadelphia, Pa.977
3GV  J. M. Laber, 2422 N. Gratz St., Philadelphia, Pa.978
3GW  G. T. Frazier, R. F. D. 1, Franklinville, N. J.979
3GX  G. C. Robinson, 607 N. 10th St., Richmond, Va.980
3GY  Jas. Staub, Sluiceroad, Burlington, N. J.981
3GZ  J. I. Laird, 25 Strode Ave., Coatesville, Pa.982
3HA  L. B. Wiseman, 330 W St., N. W., Washington, D. C.983
3HB  S. L. M. Taylor, 321 Mohawk Ave., Norwood, Pa.984
3HC  S. J. Thackeray, 4232 Paul St., Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa.985
3HD  L. E. Larzelere, 305 Beechwood Ave., Jenkintown, Pa.986
3HE  L. W. Parks, 12 S. Yewdell St., Philadelphia, Pa.987
3HF  C. B. Wakefield, 33 W. Irving St., Merchantville, N. J.988
3HG  W. P. Smith, 5043 Summer St., Philadelphia, Pa.989
3HH  S. W. Place, 662 Stanbridge St., Norristown, Pa.990
3HI  J. W. Stepp, 630 Morton St., N. W., Washington, D. C.991
3HJ  H. E. Bradley, 315 V St., N. E., Washington, D. C.992
3HK  J. T. Stokes, 15 W. Stiles Ave., Collingwood, N. J.993
3HL  Harold Neilson, Jr., 8751 Frankford Ave., Holmesburg, Philadelphia, Pa.994
3HM  Paul Hickman, 1917 Green St., Philadelphia, Pa.995
3HN  L. H. Schuck, 2441 N. Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa.996
3HO  W. S. Fithian, Jr., 313 E. Commerce St., Bridgeton, N. J.997
3HP  R. P. Duncan, 2039 N. College Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.998
3HQ  H. P. Happold, Union Ave., Bala, Pa.999
3HR  E. H. Thornton, 131 E. Durham St., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa.1000
3HS  E. M. Murray, Gray's Lane, Haverford, Pa.1001
3HT  A. E. Falkenburg, 512 Franklin Ter., Baltimore, Md.1002
3HU  Louis Falconi, 617 Crawford St., Portsmouth, Va.1003
3HV  Edward Sithens, 3205 Susquehanna St., Philadelphia, Pa.1004
3HW  H. James, 239 Kaighn Ave., Camden, N. J.1005
3HX  H. A. Kratz, 2001 W. Pratt St., Baltimore, Md.1006
3HY  L. E. Richwein, 2014 W. Pratt St., Baltimore, Md.1007
3HZ  C. E. Huber, 509 Washington St., Wilmington, Del.1008
3IA  S. F. Puff, 222 W. Wildwood Ave., Wildwood, N. J.1009
3IB  H. D. Good, 514 Kerper St., Reading, Pa.1010
3IC  E. P. Morris, 3114 D St., Philadelphia, Pa.1011
3ID  Jos. Hasenfus, 2328 Fairhill St., Philadelphia, Pa.1012
3IE  B. H. Jacobson, Walnut, near Edmondson Ave., Baltimore, Md.1013
3IF  E. Godfrey, 145 St. Charles Pl., Atlantic City, N. J.1014
3IG  E. J. Johnson, 127 S. N. C. Ave., Atlantic City, N. J.1015
3IH  Edward Eisle, Jr., 1116 Glenwood Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.1016
3II  Thornley Coin, 5726 Delancy St., Philadelphia, Pa.1017
3IJ  J. W. Cooper, 1302 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa.1018
3IK  H. H. Snyder, Cold Spring, N. J.1019
3IL  J. M. Pawson, 336 W. Logan St., Philadelphia, Pa.1020
3IM  C. E. Mellon, 116 Pennsylvania St., Coatesville, Pa.1021
3IN  C. C. Vogel, 1244 Taney St., Philadelphia, Pa.1022
3IO  F. G. Groves, 230 Earlham Ter., Germantown, Pa.1023
3IP  Albert Anderson, 313 Chestnut St., Camden, N. J.1024
3IQ  L. M. Knoll, 3260 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.1025
3IR  L. J. Wallace, 2728 Poplar St., Philadelphia, Pa.1028
3IS  H. A. Weaver, 5545 Webster Ter., Philadelphia, Pa.1027
3IT  A. H. Stritzel, 12 S. N. C. Ave., Atlantic City, N. J.1028
3IU  R. L. Hart, II, 233 Beech Tree Land, Wayne, Pa.1029
3IV  W. S. Wilson, 705 Adams St., Wilmington Del.1030
3IW  H. G. Mitchener, 528 Swain St., Bristol, Pa.1031
3IX  Philadelphia School of Wireless Telegraphy, Parkway Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.1032
3IY  Warren Tolbert, 7037 Hegerman St., Tacomy, Philadelphia, Pa.1033
3IZ  B. W. Faunce, 26 Bala Ave., Bala, Pa.1034
3JA  E. W. August, 3748 N. Delhi St., Philadelphia, Pa.1035
3JB  A. Knebel, 414 E. Allegheny Ave.1036
3JC  A. S. Riley, 147 Bank St., Bridgeton, N. J.1037
3JD  R. G. Wolcott, 41st St. and River View, Norfolk, Va.1038
3JE  E. S. Dickerson, Jr., 121 W. Cedar Ave., Merchantville, N. J.1039
3JF  F. R. Gooding, 1517 Franklin St., Wilmington, Del.1040
3JG  Warren Scholl, 179 Kalos St., Wissahickon, Pa.1041
3JH  F. C. Brockman, 3 N. Main St., Nazareth, Pa.1042
3JI  A. W. Burdette, Adams St., Rockville, Md.1043
3JJ  F. J. Bergmann, 1310 Allegheny Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.1044
3JK  E. C. Wilson, Friend's School, Baltimore, Md.1045
3JL  E. R. McCaskey, 1029 Main St., Darby, Pa.1046
3JM  L. Freedom, cor. Franklin and 14th Sts., Baltimore, Md.1047

    In our June issue: Richard Schell, Jr.'s call should be 2BF,
and E. M. Mowton's call should be 2BG; J. H. Whitson's call
should be 2BW and P. R. Brick's call should be 2BX. Also the address of
B. W. Bartlett (2GB, license 458) should be Westfield, N. J.

Licensed  Amateur  Stations
Fourth  Radio  District
May 20, 1913.

 Name  and  AddressLicense

4AA  Alfred S. Bradberry, 806 College Avenue, Athens, Ga.1104
4AB  Arthur Funk, 226 W. Liberty Street, Savannah, Ga.1102
4AC  Elmer L. Rice, 1702 E. Duval Street, Jacksonville, Fla.1105
4AD  Elmer Steinhauser, 19 W. Gordon Street, Savannah, Ga.1103
4AE  J. F. Flagg, 118 Forest Street, Jacksonville, Fla.1106
4AF  F. Stringfellow, East Main Street, North, Gainesville, Fla.1107
4AG  W. H. Miller, 402 W. Oglethorpe Ave., Savannah, Ga.1108
4AH  P. O. Jarvis, New Bern, N. C.1109
4AI  W. B. Pope, 197 Dearing Street, Athens, Ga.1110
4AJ  W. Moore, 147 Nacoochee Avenue, Athens, Ga.1111
4AK  C. T. Whiting, R. F. D. No. 6, Box 1, Gainesville, Fla.1112
4AL  P. C. Bangs, 918 E. Duffy Street, Savannah, Ga.1101
4AM  L. F. Sebastian, 224 Parker Street, Jacksonville, Fla.1113
4AN  George G. Adams, 45 Whitaker Street, Savannah, Ga.1114
4AO  T. J. Swearingen, Jr., 403 So. Roper Avenue, Gainesville, Fla.1115
4AP  Emmitt E. Peer, 14 W. Duval Street, Jacksonville, Fla.1116
4AQ  C. C. Fisher, Mills Y. M. C. A., Columbia, S. C.1117
4AR  Ralph E. Marbury, 26 Wesley Street, Newnan, Ga.1118
4AS  B. A. Brandon, 23 W. Second Street, Jacksonville, Fla.1119
4AT  Frank R. Ehle, 1337 Liberty St., Jacksonville, Fla.1120
4AU  W. W. Avera, Watkinsville, Ga.1121
4AV  Robert Treisback, 2228 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, Fla.1122
4AW  Joe N. Crevasse, 1605 Boulevard, Jacksonville, Fla.1123
4AX  R. J. Cole, 1712 Silver St., Jacksonville, Fla.1124
4AY  C. W. Moseley, 815 Mulberry St., Columbia, S. C.1125
4AZ  Thos. R. Dunk, 1424 Laura St., Jacksonville, Fla.1126
4BA  Claude A. Lewis and Manning White, 47 Bull St., Savannah, Ga.1127
4BB  R. G. Rankin, Jr., 6 and 8 N. Front St., Wilmington, N. C.1128
4BC  Earl I. Marx, 1654 Main St., Jacksonville, Fla.1129
4BD  M. C. Speight, New Bern, N. C.1130
4BE  C. A. Fowler, Athens, Ga.1131
4BF  R. G. Rankin, Jr., Wrightsville Beach, N. C.1133
4BG  A. G. Stanton, 1031 Highway Ave., Jacksonville, Fla.1132

Licensed  Amateur  Stations
Fifth  Radio  District
May 26, 1913.

 Name  and  AddressLicense

5AA  Eugene B. Knight, 2501 Battery St., Little Rock, Ark.1201
5AB  Joe Robert Scalco, 1102 8th Ave., Birmingham, Ala.1202
5AC  Gilbert George Budwig, 1404 17th Ave., S., Birmingham, Ala.1203
5AD  Harold E. Rorsebach, 619 N. E St., Muskogee, Okla.1204
5AE  Ralph Jones, 1103 Gibson St., Little Rock, Ark.1205
5AF  Wm. F. Meyer, 2610 Ringo St., Little Rock, Ark.1206
5AG  Stanley Martin, 219 N. K St., Muskogee, Okla.1207
5AH  Ben W. Martin, 438 Spring Hill Ave., Mobile, Ala.1208
5AI  Fred Ratcliff, 220 Penn St., Shawnee, Okla.1209
5AJ  Clarence E. Albertson, 416 Park Ave., Tupelo, Mississippi1210
5AK  T. J. M. Daley, Covington, Tennessee1211
5AL  Theophile Reboul, 2106 Charters St., S., Birmingham, Ala.1212
5AM  H. S. Brownell, 1512 Phelan St., S., Birmingham, Ala.1213
5AN  W. O. Watkins, 203 First Ave., Birmingham, Ala.1214
5AO  J. A. Buster, 316 Main St., Breham, Texas1215
5AP  Vance Thompson, 267 Pasadena Pl., Memphis, Tenn.1216
5AQ  H. R. Goldstein, 1819 Octavia St., New Orleans, La.1217
5AR  Eugene T. Beynon, 604 Artesian, Corpus Christi, Texas1218
5AS  Royal R. Bastian, 5523 Saratoga St., New Orleans, La.1219
5AT  Alwyn Vickers, 508 Clayton St., Montgomery, Ala.1220

    In our July issue:--The address of Charles C. B. Conley (3FZ)
should be 709 N. 39th St., Philadelphia, Pa., the address of
S. T. Critchlow, (3BE) should be 2632 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa.,
and the address of C. Leager, (3CF) should be 1216 Belmont Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

Licensed  Amateur  Stations
Sixth  Radio  District
June 26, 1913.

 Name  and  AddressLicense

6AA  A. K. Aster, 1814 Alameda St., Alameda, Cal.1473
6AB  P. C. Valentine, 246 Perry St., Oakland, Cal.1304
6AC  C. Capwell, Oakland Ave., Oakland, Cal.1306
6AD  R. S. Childs, 3050 Hopkins St., Oakland, Cal.1600
6AE  V. E. Pinard, 505 San Salvador Ave., San Jose, Cal.1309
6AF  C. E. White, 3024 Blossom St., Fruitvale, Cal.1308
6AG  L. Chamberlain, 553 27th St., Oakland, Cal.1307
6AH  J. H. Kessell, 551 Willis Ave., San Jose, Cal.1310
6AI  E. Mooers, 155 9th St., San Jose, Cal.1311
6AJ  J. Bean, 1775 Alameda Ave., San Jose, Cal.1312
6AK  J. W. Wright, 657 Ashbury St., San Jose, Cal.1313
6AL  F. A. Brandis, 214 W. San Carlos St., San Jose, Cal.1314
6AM  E. V. Buckley, 327 Martin Ave., San Jose, Cal.1315
6AN  W. F. Guidotti, 745 W. Fernando St., San Jose, Cal.1316
6AO  Emile Portal, 142 Vine St., San Jose, Cal.1317
6AP  V. Brawn, 520 2nd St., San Jose Cal.1319
6AQ  Geo. DeLa Cruz, 706 San Carlos St., San Jose, Cal.1318
6AR  E. A. Greenquist, 516 San Carlos St., San Jose, Cal.1320
6AS  E. H. Soules, 75 Bush St., San Jose, Cal.1301
6AT  Raymond Knowles, 496 North 5th St., San Jose, Cal.1321
6AU  P. Clark, 898 S. 8th St., San Jose, Cal.1322
6AV  D. Mocker, Capitola, Cal.1323
6AW  C. E. Nosler, University St., Healdsburg, Cal.1324
6AX  Albert Simney, 300 Joaquin Ave., San Leandro, Cal.1537
6AY  Arthur Tuggy, 1289 Lemon St., Riverside, Cal.1668
6AZ  A. S. Downing, 2510 Fruitvale Ave., Oakland, Cal.1607
6BA  C. E. Wadsworth, 468 Matheson St., Healdsburg, Cal.1336
6BB  R. Stevens, 617 Johnson St., Healdsburg, Cal.1325
6BC  W. G. Oldham, 720 Mendocino St., Santa Rosa, Cal.1326
6BD  S. De Rogers, 312 Orange St., Santa Rosa, Cal.1327
6BE  J. C. Mitchell, Mark West, Cal.1337
6BF  M. Powell, Cole Bldg, Warren, Ariz.1328
6BG  J. Grates, 634 Citrus Ave., Redlands, Cal.1329
6BH  H. Williamson, 724 E. State St., Redlands, Cal.1330
6BI  E. Moore, 108 11th St., Redland, Cal.1331
6BJ  H. Berringer, 6 Arundel Road, Burlingame, Cal.1332
6BK  W. H. Frost, 473 Minot Ave., San Jose, Cal.1333
6BL  K. E. Kather, 104 Wilson St., Napa, Cal.1334
6BM  M. H. Godwin, 19 Grigsby Court, Napa, Cal.1335
6BN  M. Ballerini, 419 Randolph St., Napa, Cal.1338
6BO  S. F. Mattoon, San Carlos, Cal.1339
6BP  R. M. Bauer, 402 S. Jefferson St., Napa, Cal.1340
6BQ  C. M. Baer, Cupertino, Cal.1342
6BR  M. H. Manasse, 618 Franklin St., Napa, Cal.1351
6BS  G. E. Davidson, 419 6th St., Richmond, Cal.1350
6BT  H. J. Rogers, Vacaville, Cal.1349
6BU  M. R. Hosmer, Elm St., San Carlos, Cal.1348
6BV  Chas. Drake, 422 22d St, Richmond, Cal.1347
6BW  S. E. Hyde, 403½ South Bonnie Brae St., Los Angeles, Cal.1346
6BX  E. D. Barrett, 720 Capp St., San Francisco, Cal.1526
6BY  Wm. R. Barstow, 514 23d St., Oakland, Cal.1615
6BZ  Frank O'Neill, 1423 Oxford St., Berkeley, Cal.1672
6CA  G. W. Corby, 1129 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, Cal.1344
6CB  F. Fisher, 661 Buchon St., San Luis Obispo, Cal.1345
6CC  F. Hilleary, 2600 E. 22d St., Los Angeles, Cal.1352
6CD  W. Peterson, 2177 W. 20th Place, Los Angeles, Cal.1353
6CE  C. Kilto, 506 Fremont Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.1354
6CF  Keith McClotchy, Hawthorne & Ivy Sts., Inglewood, Cal.1362
6CG  C. E. Harty, 1944 Bonsallo Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.1356
6CH  J. K. Haun, 152 E. 36th Place, Los Angeles, Cal.1358
6CI  A. Weber, 252 43d St., Los Angeles, Cal.1357
6CJ  T. E. Stowe, 41st Ave., Capitola, Cal.1363
6CK  C. M. Kinsell, 396 Oakland Ave., Oakland, Cal.1305
6CL  C. Waters, 4326 Grand Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.1359
6CM  P. Moore, 116 Berkeley Way, Whittier, Cal.1360
6CN  R. Stock, 397 Walnut St., Anaheim, Cal.1361
6CO  H. O. Storm, 707 Broadway, Anaheim, Cal.1364
6CP  W. E. Lowe, 1300 Garfield Ave., Pasadena, Cal.1365
6CQ  E. Hanson, 2534 4th Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.1366
6CR  Lee P. Potter, Fullerton, Cal.1367
6CS  F. Webber, 632 N. Bunker Hill Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.1368
6CT  W. Serdel, 2717 Brighton Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.1369
6CU  F. Marshey, 822 33d St., Los Angeles, Cal.1370
6CV  K. Swinnerton, 1242 W. 51st St., Los Angeles, Cal.1371
6CW  H. Lares, 1333 E. 57th St., Los Angeles, Cal.1372
6CX  Carl Frunk, 1345 Northside Ave., Berkeley, Cal.1521
6CY  C. P. Cooper, 66 Linda Ave., Oakland, Cal.1525
6CZ  Chas. Everard, 158 Bruce Ave., Pasadena, Cal.1527
6DA  R. E. Brown, 837 E. 22d St., Los Angeles, Cal.1374
6DB  R. E. Henry, 1031 Bonnie Brae St., Los Angeles, Cal.1375
6DC  C. Hibbard, Jr., 156 Bellefontaine St., Pasadena, Cal.1376
6DD  V. M. Clark, 1336 E. Colorado St., Pasadena, Cal.1377
6DE  B. Curtis, 832 Linden St., Long Beach, Cal.1379
6DF  H. H. Vogeley, 341 Chestnut St., Long Beach, Cal.1380
6DG  N. Patton, 194 N. El Molino Ave., Pasadena, Cal.1381
6DH  W. F. Grimes, 103 N. Pasadena Ave., Pasadena, Cal.1382
6DI  H. Cookson, 465 University Ave., Palo Alto, Cal.1383
6DJ  L. Merritt, 252 Clinton St., Pasadena, Cal.1384
6DK  L. Westcott, Eber St., Ocean Beach, Cal.1385
6DL  O. E. Espe, 4425 S. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.1387
6DM  R. Archer, 2912 S. Flower St., Los Angeles, Cal.1386
6DN  G. Barry, 423 W. 28th St., Los Angeles, Cal.1388
6DO  W. F. Strader, 1021 10th St., Sacramento, Cal.1389
6DP  H. Grundell, 285 11th St., San Pedro, Cal.1390
6DQ  J. J. Holmes, 135 Ripley Ave., Richmond, Cal.1391
6DR  B. E. Sandham, 1122 W. 55th St., Los Angeles, Cal.1392
6DS  C. C. Adams, 704 E. 21st St., Los Angeles, Cal.1393
6DT  E. G. Underwood, Inglewood, Cal.1394
6DU  T. J. Righy, Jr., 2910 S. Flower St., Los Angeles, Cal.1395
6DV  N. Prosser, RFD Box 302, Pasadena, Cal.1396
6DW  Alfred DeWald, Felton, Cal.1302
6DX  C. D. Wheelock, 1235 Lemon St., Riverside, Cal.1544
6DY  D. E. Beaman, 1306 Peralta Ave., Berkeley, Cal.1629
6DZ  D. K. Caldwell, 427 Crane Ave., Turlock, Cal.1604
6EA  H. C. Seefred, 339 Fremont Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.1398
6EB  C. Richardson, 929 W. 50th Place, Los Angeles, Cal.1399
6EC  W. Burnett, 408 Lake Shore Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.1397
6ED  J. H. Flinspach, J. H., 403 Citrus & 8th Sts., Redlands, Cal.1401
6EE  Clyde S. Griffin, Stevinson, Cal.1402
6EF  P. Dawson, 133 DeLacy St., Pasadena, Cal.1406
6EG  A. B. Aten, 62 Hurlburt St., Pasadena, Cal.1407
6EH  E. Hall, 1721 Grove St., Berkeley, Cal.1413
6EI  B. C. Young, 1401 W. 9th St., Los Angeles, Cal.1415
6EJ  A. E. Bean, 1450 Washington St., San Francisco, Cal.1469
6EK  C. Eiferle, 3018 Boulevard Ave., Fruitvale, Cal.1465
6EL  E. LeFevre, 243 Bonview Ave., San Francisco, Cal.1426
6EM  E. S. Marlin, P. O. Box 55, Capitola, Cal.1422
6EN  Emil DeNeuf, 1538 Russel St., Berkeley, Cal.1418
6EO  A. W. Blake, 1055 Lincoln Ave., Pasadena, Cal.1483
6EP  Elwood Davis, 876 N. Orange St., Pasadena, Cal.1502
6EQ  Z. J. Maher, 2211 Hayes St., San Francisco, Cal.1503
6ER  Cecil Bailey, R. F. D. 18, Los Altos, Cal.1504
6ES  C. Schaefer, 3118 Stillson Ave., Sacramento, Cal.1506
6ET  Paul R. Penner, 1338 Masonic St., San Francisco, Cal.1493
6EU  E. Rumble, 114 G St., Napa, Cal.1530
6EV  E. Medario, 345 N. Fair Oaks St., Pasadena, Cal.1602
6EW  C. S. Zahniser, 320 Lexington Ave., Rust, Cal.1608
6EX  W. E. King, 80 Elgin Park, San Francisco, Cal.1548
6EY  E. A. Werner, 2313 9th St., West Berkeley, Cal.1619
6EZ  E. A. Christie, 1060 Cole St., San Francisco, Cal.1603
6FA  F. Arnsberger, 3230 Garfield Ave., Alameda, Cal.1501
6FB  E. Farlinger, 227 2d St., Richmond, Cal.1536
6FC  F. K. Carey, 2116 Thompson St., Los Angeles, Cal.1510
6FD  F. H. Deardorf, R. F. D., Box 148-A, Los Altos, Cal.1491
6FE  C. J. Felt, 1732 Channing Way, Berkeley, Cal.1449
6FF  F. Fingerson, 5328 Manila Ave., Oakland, Cal.1509
6FG  F. Granger, 305 Phelph St., Redwood City, Cal.1617
6FH  Donald French, 3027 Capp St., Fruitvale, Cal.1468
6FI  E. Fichtner, 954 McAllister St., San Francisco, Cal.1430
6FJ  C. L. Barnum, 9034 Hillside St., Oakland, Cal.1685
6FK  W. Frank, 465 18th St., San Diego, Cal.1675
6FL  F. E. Haneuf, 153 Water St., Santa Cruz, Cal.1664
6FM  F. R. McNabb, 1886 Harmon St., Berkeley, Cal.1445
6FN  F. W. Morris, 1106 El Molino St., Los Angeles, Cal.1666
6FO  Robert Fones, 832 Cleveland St., Oakland, Cal.1622
6FP  F. E. Petterson, 2615 Virginia St., Berkeley, Cal.1508
6FR  F. Rodgers, 82 Echo Ave., Oakland, Cal.1420
6FS  F. A. Short, 846 Walnut St., Riverside, Cal.1546
6FT  F. T. Wiese, 4174 17th St., San Francisco, Cal.1639
6FU  B. Bergstrom, Box 883, Turlock, Cal.1669
6FV  Chas. Brockett, 248 So. Olive St., Los Angeles, Cal.1671
6FW  F. L. Wisner, 1352 30th St., San Diego, Cal.1466
6FX  F. M. Cross, 144 N. Beaudy St., Los Angeles, Cal.1547
6FY  C. R. Buell, 732 56th St., Oakland, Cal.1674
6FZ  Fred Uhl, Jr., 436 So. Church St., Visalia, Cal.1689
6GA  E. D. Garrett, 1302 Crown Hill Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.1440
6GB  G. H. Bowlus, Box 354, San Fernando, Cal.1540
6GC  Gordon V. Hall, 1446 National Ave., San Diego, Cal.1802
6GD  Elvin C. Day, 4304 19th St., San Francisco, Cal.1700
6GE  Wm. G. Gerlach, 512 Crofton Ave., Oakland, Cal.1461
6GF  Gordon Farmer, R. 1, Hynes, Cal.1505
6GG  G. Gildersleeve, 506 Calistoga Ave., Napa, Cal.1456
6GH  G. H. Stricker, 1411 Oxford St., Berkeley, Cal.1524
6GK  G. K. Parkin, 22 Terradillo Ave., San Rafael, Cal.1529
6GL  G. L. Van Auken, McKee & Jackson Aves., San Jose, Cal.1616
6GM  G. H. McPhail, 3 Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.1611
6GN  G. E. Rose, 105 Grattan St., San Francisco, Cal.1512
6GO  W. F. M. Goss, 516½ Bath St., Santa Barbara, Cal.1614
6GP  G. W. Post, 715½ Lyon St., San Francisco, Cal.1467
6GR  G. A. Rucker, 2639 Grant St., Berkeley, Cal.1414
6GS  Glenn Swartout, 1044 W. 22d St., Los Angeles, Cal.1443
6GT  Gustav Timmerman, 256 California Ave., San Francisco, Cal.1499
6GU  B. A. Gurnette, 51 Beaver St., San Francisco, Cal.1457
6GV  Geo. Van Wagner, 22 Franklin St., Santa Cruz, Cal.1545
6GW  Geo. W. Werner, 3039 Adeline St., Berkeley, Cal.1484
6GX  Geo. F. Williams, 2600 High St., Oakland, Cal.1673
6GZ  Geo. P. Edgar, Broadmoor Tract, San Leandro, Cal.1620
6HA  H. A. Niver, 618 Center St., Anaheim, Cal.1531
6HB  H. G. Baker, 643 W. 42d Place, Los Angeles, Cal.1464
6HC  Harold Craig, 696 2d St., San Pedro, Cal.1542
6HD  H. Dickow, 413 26th Ave., San Francisco, Cal.1479
6HE  H. Eastling, 2659 Folsom St., San Francisco, Cal.1432
6HF  H. Flenner, 1695 Granada St., San Diego, Cal.1436
6HG  H. A. Dilberger, 1015 Myrtle St., Oakland, Cal.1626
6HH  D. Hollingsworth, 804 Beaver St., Santa Rosa, Cal.1446
6HI  Henry Tessien, 2929 Octavia St., Oakland, Cal.1696
6HJ  H. McIntosh, 249 Bixel St., Los Angeles, Cal.1518
6HK  H. R. Krauter, 850 W. 43d Place, Los Angeles, Cal.1439
6HL  Harold Linhoff, 416 Winona St., Pasadena, Cal.1535
6HM  H. Mansfeldt, 2016 Buchanan St., San Francisco, Cal.1481
6HN  A. Heinz, 127 North F St., San Mateo, Cal.1441
6HO  H. H. Olschefsky, 283 Net St., San Francisco, Cal.1434
6HP  Harold Pampinella, 1755 Hayes St., San Francisco, Cal.1431
6HQ  G. G. Newton, 5th and Bay Blvd., Coronado, Cal.1651
6HR  H. N. Royden, 311 Ellsworth St., San Mateo, Cal.1514
6HS  H. Schade, 15 Bennington St., San Francisco, Cal.1424
6HT  H. Thayer, 2123 Oak St., Los Angeles, Cal.1452
6HU  Harry J. Unger, 228 Grattan St., San Francisco, Cal.1488
6HV  H. E. Ferrill, Bostonia, Cal.1618
6HW  Harold LaBare, 64 W. Colorado St., Pasadena, Cal.1633
6HX  H. L. Taylor, 395 15th St., San Pedro, Cal.1543
6HY  H. S. Ebeling, 444 Delmas Ave., San Jose, Cal.1627
6HZ  H. Hoffman, 625 Forest Ave., Pacific Grove, Cal.1612
6IF  Irv. Farwell, 2230 9th St., Berkeley, Cal.1417
6IR  Earl Irey, 3651 3d St., San Diego, Cal.1495
6IS  I. W. Sawyer, Capitola, Cal.1421
6JA  Chas. V. James, 38 Jupiter St., San Francisco, Cal.1423
6JB  J. T. Brown, 2604 East 2d St., Los Angeles, Cal.1463
6JC  John Chase, 1323 Lemon St., Riverside, Cal.1656
6JD  J. W. Battle, Box 151, Fullerton, Cal.1623
6JE  J. E. Welsh, 55 Eureka St., Pasadena, Cal.1477
6JF  J. A. Forsburg, 616 Josephine St., Berkeley, Cal.1471
6JJ  J. H. Jessup, 2620 Cedar St., Berkeley, Cal.1419
6JK  J. G. Klemgard, 947 Cedar Ave., Long Beach, Cal.1534
6JM  Joe G. Michaels, 327 7th St., Richmond, Cal.1492
6JO  C. Johnson, 720 Julian Ave., San Diego, Cal.1435
6JR  John Staufier, 601 Broderick St., San Francisco, Cal.1421
6JS  B. J. Silvershield, R. F. D. No. 4, Box 337, Los Angeles, Cal.1500
6JT  J. C. Tibbitts, 1245 St. Charles St., Alameda, Cal.1695
6JU  G. Fisher, 2214 Carlton St., Berkeley, Cal.1532
6JW  H. Gastman, 2530 Eunice Ave., Berkeley, Cal.1373
6KD  K. Dutton, 1447 Salem St., Glendale, Cal.1412
6KE  K. Dogan, 1115 Cole St., San Francisco, Cal.1429
6KI  Chas. H. Kispert, 1748 Quesada Ave., San Francisco, Cal.1425
6KK  K. Kincaid, 1604 So. Hope St., Los Angeles, Cal.1609
6KL  K. V. Laird, 105 Parkside Drive, Berkeley, Cal.1432
6KN  K. W. Nickolson, 721 17th St., Oakland, Cal.1513
6KR  H. P. Krauter, 850 W. 43d Place, Los Angeles, Cal.1439
6KV  K. C. Vesper, 1339 Pay St., Alameda, Cal.1606
6LA  L. G. Blockman, 3260 1st St., San Diego, Cal.1451
6LB  L. J. Anderlini, 2012 Keith St., San Francisco, Cal.1516
6LC  F. L. Comins, Box 147, Niles, Cal.1636
6LD  L. J. Anderlini, 2012 Keith St., San Francisco, Cal.1657
6LG  L. G. Gianini, 535 5th Ave., San Francisco Cal.1528
6LH  L. F. Hunt, R. F. D., Box 339, Inglewood, Cal.1486
6LI  L. R. Isaacs, 1200 Regent St., Alameda, Cal.1610
6LM  L. Martinelli, 1512 Shrader St., San Francisco, Cal.1450
6LO  C. S. Lory, 3839 7th St., San Diego, Cal.1496
6LR  L. H. Guenther, 309 W. Ortega St., Santa Barbara, Cal.1677
6LS  L. J. Smelser, 318 2d St., Napa, Cal.1522
6LT  L. T. Downs, 108 N. Pasadena Ave., Pasadena, Cal.1660
6LX  Latham Berlin, 1325 Chestnut St., Alameda, Cal.1541
6MA  C. A. Max, R. F. D. 21, Box 26, San Jose, Cal.1474
6MB  M. Baden, 2637½ Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, Cal.1628
6MC  D. B. McGown, 1247 47th Ave., San Francisco Cal.1442
6MD  M. Davids, 958 Grandview St., Los Angeles, Cal.1519
6MG  M. Glindemann, 823 Fillmore St., San Francisco, Cal.1523
6MH  E. M. Hamilton, 821 N. Brown St., Napa, Cal.1638
6MI  S. S. Mirsky, 1834 McAllister St., San Francisco, Cal.1678
6MJ  M. A. Jones, 4190 41st St., San Diego Cal.1652
6MM  M. McKay, 1635 Grant St., Berkeley, Cal.1472
6MN  E. T. Maher, 3409 Grove St., Oakland, Cal.1685
6MO  L. Moore, 3961 Juniper St., San Diego, Cal.1454
6MR  Lewis McRoberts, 3960 Elm St., San Diego, Cal.1498
6MU  D. W. Muray, 70 Eureka St., Pasadena, Cal.1661
6MX  Clyde Magill, Ontario, Cal.1549
6NA  A. Nielson, 849 Athens Ave., Oakland, Cal.1520
6NB  E. R. Neumann, 2 Mastick Terrace, Alameda, Cal.1687
6NC  N. E. Smith, 115 I Ave., Coronado, Cal.1653
6ND  F. B. Breck, 285 Mather St., Oakland, Cal.1538
6NE  C. P. Newbold, 351 20th St., San Diego, Cal.1453
6NI  Emil Nilli, 34 Hester Ave., San Jose, Cal.1455
6NK  S. Roehrig, 501 Oakland Ave., Pasadena, Cal.1634
6NN  C. B. Nelson, 205 North St., Woodland Cal.1482
6NS  N. E. Smith, 115 I St., Coronado, Cal.1444
6OJ  O. J. Spencer, 35 Douglas St., San Francisco, Cal.1640
6OS  O. Schiedemartel, 823 E. 23d St., Los Angeles, Cal.1489
6OT  H. F. Otto, 437 E. Main St., Stockton, Cal.1637
6OW  O. E. Welling, 582 58th St., Oakland, Cal.1515
6OY  Ben. Oyarzo, 343 49th St., Oakland, Cal.1659
6PA  A. Patterson, 2881 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, Cal.1459
6PB  P. E. Bradley, 523 19th Ave., San Francisco, Cal.1601
6PC  Phil K. Bekeart, 2230 Green St., San Francisco, Cal.1690
6PG  Purcell Gilmore, 375 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, Cal.1494
6PJ  B. C. McDonald, 85 El Molino Ave., Pasadena, Cal.1408
6PK  P. L. Kyes, 617 Eucalyptus Ave., Riverside, Cal.1676
6PR  A. W. Preston, Box 137, Garden Grove, Cal.1470
6QW  J. E. Waters, 2002 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, Cal.1409
6RA  R. L. Brandt, 322 Grand Boulevard, San Mateo, Cal.1684
6RB  Ralph Brumter, 1214 E St., San Diego, Cal.1632
6RC  R. Cook, 1224 Oxford St., Berkeley, Cal.1404
6RD  Raymond Hogaboom, 4924 Guizot St., San Diego, Cal.1692
6RE  R. E. Esplen, 425 E. Hawthorne St., Stockton, Cal.1665
6RF  Robert Frier, 1017 W. 17th St., Los Angeles, Cal.1550
6RH  R. M. Hare, 74 Castro St., San Francisco, Cal.1476
6RI  C. Richman, 541 W. Commonwealth St., Fullerton, Cal.1662
6RJ  R. B. Jones, 1041 Stanyon St., San Francisco, Cal.1433
6RK  Roy Kerns, 2219 Russel St., Berkeley, Cal.1410
6RL  Ralph W. Wiley, 1250 26th Ave., San Francisco, Cal.1698
6RM  R. A. McLaughlin, 420 5th Ave., San Francisco, Cal.1427
6RN  R. Norton, 825 1st St., Napa, Cal.1533
6RO  Cecil Roussin, 362 Lincoln Ave., Pasadena, Cal.1613
6RP  R. F. Pittman, 1001 N. Pacific St., Glendale, Cal.1624
6RR  R. R. Wateman, 4561 38th St., San Diego, Cal.1654
6RS  Roy Frericks, Byron, Cal.1667
6RW  R. H. Weisbrod, 2213 W. 15th St., Los Angeles, Cal.1448
6SB  C. S. Bisson, 1734 Channing Way, Berkeley, Cal.1485
6SC  H. Schroeder, 666 53d St., Oakland, Cal.1475
6SF  S. F. Mack, 541 Pine Ave., Pacific Grove, Cal.1663
6SH  C. H. Shippam, 3939 I St., San Diego, Cal.1487
6SK  A. J. Skaale, Martinez & Euclid Sts., Berkeley, Cal.1403
6SL  S. P. Leach, 2049 10th Ave., Oakland, Cal.1341
6SM  H. P. Smith, Fullerton, Cal.1458
6SN  Arthur Sunderland, 92 Mary St., Pasadena, Cal.1670
6SP  C. S. Peck, 1033 Cole St., San Francisco, Cal.1658
6SR  Solon Y. Russell, 416 West A St., Ontario, Cal.1694
6SU  C. Sutherland, 2334 94th Ave., Oakland, Cal.1405
6SV  Stanley Verney, 406 Grand Boulevard, San Mateo, Cal.1630
6TA  H. P. Thompson, 101 Rivoli St., San Francisco, Cal.1699
6TE  T. V. Eisenhuth, 1734 Allston Way, Berkeley, Cal.1691
6TH  T. C. Hall, 1278 Market St., San Francisco, Cal.1511
6TS  T. Schneider, 424 20th Ave., San Francisco, Cal.1428
6TT  T. Tournat, Garden Grove, Cal.1451
6TU  F. B. Turner, Box 126, Huntington Beach, Cal.1686
6VF  V. H. Falk, 648 10th St., San Jose, Cal.1478
6VP  H. Hancock, 1007 Ocean Front St., Venice, Cal.1378
6WA  W. F. Anthes, 230 So. 7th St., San Jose, Cal.1490
6WB  W. Booth, 2229 Ashby Ave., Berkeley, Cal.1411
6WC  M. D. Cornish, 312 Central Ave., Pacific Grove, Cal.1460
6WD  Will Hemsley, 430 20th St., San Diego, Cal.1655
6WE  C. Weddell, 555 Willis Ave., San Jose, Cal.1625
6WF  W. B. Ford, 3653 Arnold St., San Diego, Cal.1507
6WG  W. F. Hill, 2848 G St., San Diego, Cal.1438
6WH  W. F. Hill, 2848 G St., San Diego, Cal.1438
6WI  W. Cusich, 2595 Folsom St., San Francisco, Cal.1497
6WJ  Warren Bechtel, Jr., 302 Perry St., Oakland, Cal.1688
6WK  W. A. Koerber, 1099 N. Wilson St., Pasadena, Cal.1462
6WL  W. H. Leland, 912 Indian Rock Ave., Berkeley, Cal.1447
6WM  W. A. Morse, 416 E. 7th St., Oakland, Cal.1539
6WR  A. S. Belger, 407 Vernon St., Oakland, Cal.1303
6WS  W. P. Schneider, 2716 22d St., Fruitvale, Cal.1437
6WW  W. R. Webb, 700 E. 47th St., Los Angeles, Cal.1605
6WY  William H. Young, 829 E. 18th St., Oakland, Cal.1697

In our August issue: The address of Ralph Jones (5AE) should be Muskogee, Oklahoma

Licensed  Amateur  Stations
Seventh  Radio  District
June 26, 1913.

 Name  and  AddressLicense

7AA  A. S. Anderson, 1253 Grand Ave., Astoria, Oregon1598
7AB  A. S. Anderson, 1253 Grand St., Astoria, Oregon1599
7AC  Arthur C. Dailey, 3915 Colby St., Everett, Wash.1646
7AD  A. E. Douglas, 804 E & 8th Sts., Grants Pass, Oregon1571
7AH  A. Hardesty, 198 Third St., Astoria, Oregon1558
7AK  Alpha M. Koester, North Powder, Oregon1642
7AL  Arnold Hansen, Box 20, Sumas, Wash.1573
7AM  A. Meehan, Sumas, Wash.1586
7CA  Carl Spork, 2418 Pine St., Everett, Wash.1561
7CB  C. H. Bennett, Ranier, Oregon1680
7CF  C. Farrar, Ashland, Oregon1587
7CG  C. R. Gillespie, Kalama, Wash.1579
7CH  Carl L. Hansen, 5415 6th Ave., Seattle, Wash.1566
7CS  C. E. Snyder, Fort Flagler, Wash.1599
7DJ  D. M. John, 745 N. 9th St., Corvallis, Oregon1596
7DM  Darrell Minkler, 240 C St., Ashland, Oregon1565
7EH  Edward H. Lynch, 2527 Baker St., Everett, Wash.1560
7EL  Earl LaPine, 4217 Second Ave., N. W., Seattle, Wash.1559
7EP  E. T. Peterson, 718 East Ash St., Portland, Oregon1584
7ES  E. C. Schurch, Deer Lodge, Mont.1679
7FA  F. P. Andrews, 1714 So. I St., Tacoma, Wash.1597
7FC  F. E. Colt, 637 Pearson St., Walla Walla, Wash.1595
7FW  Emery H. I. Lee, 1412 Summit St., Seattle, Wash.1567
7GB  Geo. H. Butterfield, 815 Kearney St., Portland, Oregon1644
7GC  G. C. Henny, Portland, Oregon1682
7GG  Grady Stamey, Sumas, Wash.1572
7GH  G. F. Hess, 1604 Van Buren St., Covallis, Oregon1594
7GJ  G. H. Johnson, 124 Queen Anne Ave., Seattle, Wash.1643
7GS  G. W. F. Sturley, Vancouver Barracks, Vancouver, Wash.1578
7GW  G. D. Wilson, 1022 E. Heron St., Aberdeen, Wash.1590
7HD  H. A. Davis, 1904 Canoe Pl. & 9th Ave., Seattle, Wash.1576
7HJ  H. L. Jones, 1111 E. Cherry St., Seattle Wash.1641
7HP  Howard S. Pyle, 3311 37th Ave., So., Seattle, Wash.1569
7HS  H. R. Slocum, 47 9th St., Portland, Oregon1557
7HW  H. Winningham, 3701 N. 18th St., Tacoma, Wash.1592
7IN  I. L. Nelson, 1003 N. 12th St., Boise, Idaho1580
7IO  I. O'Donoughue, 355 Almond St., Ashland, Oregon1593
7JB  J. J. Blanchet, 5263 69th St., East, Portland, Oregon1570
7JC  J. B. Colesworthy, 112 East High St., Pendleton, Oregon1645
7JF  J. H. Folen, 1021 Mississippi Ave., Portland, Oregon1553
7JH  J. M. Holt, Jr., 749 Grand Ave., Astoria, Oregon1552
7JJ  J. E. Johnson, 2716 Grand Ave., Everett, Wash.1583
7JM  J. A. McIhain, 118 Nob Hill Ave., Seattle, Wash.1589
7JO  John H. Methven, Ronald by Roslyn, Wash.1563
7JW  John C. Wilson, 295 No. 24th St., Portland, Oregon1574
7LC  L. L. Connell, Sumas, Wash.1581
7LL  Lloyd P. Lennard, 1035 E. Harrison St., Portland, Oregon1554
7LN  Leo W. Nafie, Vancouver, Wash.1683
7LR  L. W. Ross, 590 Main St., Portland, Oregon1582
7ME  M. W. Elliott, 635 S. Atlantic St., Dillon, Mont.1577
7MG  M. Gable, 5th & Nelson Sts., Sedro Wooley, Wash.1555
7MH  M. H. Middlekauff, North 27th St., Corvallis, Oregon1564
7MI  G. W. Minter, Cheyenne, Wyo.1681
7PK  Philip Kemp, 1747 W. 58th St., Seattle, Wash.1648
7PR  P. F. Robinson, 890 Clackamas St., Portland, Oregon1568
7RG  R. E. Grant, 1317 Fort St., Boise, Idaho1588
7SN  S. W. Norman, 137 N. 79th St., Seattle, Wash.1591
7TH  T. Hakanson, 126 W. 49th St., Seattle, Wash.1585
7VS  Vincent Small, 2322 Wetmore St., Everett, Wash.1649
7WG  W. L. Goetchins, 805 Linden Ave., Pullman, Wash.1575
7WL  Warren C. Lester, Warrenton, Oregon1650
7WM  William Moses, Ronald, Wash.1562
7WS  William Sparrow, 932 63d St., Seattle, Wash.1647
7WR  Wilber L. Rogers, 2304 Monroe St., Corvallis, Oregon1556

Licensed  Amateur  Stations
Eighth  Radio  District
June 6, 1913.

 Name  and  AddressLicense

8AA  S. E. Anderson, 1320 14th Ave., Detroit, Mich.1901
8AB  F. L. Barr, R. F. D. No. 1, Vickery, Ohio---
8AC  Laurence Becelaere, 400 Dix Ave., Detroit, Mich.1903
8AD  E. J. Bennett, 1923 W. 75th St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8AE  W. F. Berndt, 608 Clark Ave., Detroit, Mich.1905
8AF  G. S. Brewer, 112 E. Main St., Westfield, N. Y.---
8AG  Donald Broome, 100 Grand Ave., Mt. Clemens, Mich.1907
8AH  E. H. Brown, Harcourt Drive, Ambler Heights, East Cleveland, Ohio---
8AI  A. F. Charlton, 3630 Mapledale Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8AJ  B. E. Clough, Battle Creek Sanatorium, Battle Creek, Mich.1910
8AK  H. U. Cowell, 1447 W. 57th St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8AL  F. S. Converse, 112 N. State St., Painesville, Ohio---
8AM  M. H. Cornell, Lake St., Ripley, N. Y.1913
8AN  Frank Davis, 73 Dakota Ave., Columbus, Ohio1914
8AO  E. I. Deigham, 5415 Herman Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8AP  Geo. Dorsch, 1338 Walnut St., Cincinnati, Ohio1916
8AQ  W. C. Ella, Jr., 1320 Woodland Ave., NS, Pittsburg, Pa.1917
8AR  E. C. Ella, 1320 Woodland Ave., NS, Pittsburg, Pa.1918
8AS  A. E. Feightner, 715 S. Broadway, Lima, Ohio---
8AT  Wm. France, 829 Western Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.1920
8AU  H. E. Frost, 1048 Genesee St., Buffalo, N. Y.1921
8AV  W. R. Fullwood, 1017 Polloc Ave., New Castle, Pa.1922
8AW  A. J. Gogel, 628 S. Erie St., Toledo, Ohio---
8AX  L. H. Gentzsch, 102 Northamton St., Buffalo, N. Y.1924
8AY  F. W. Grosse, 1326 Walnut St., Cincinnati, Ohio1925
8AZ  E. H. Hanson, Deer St., Plymouth, Mich.1926
8BA  Herbert Hiller, 117 Hanover St., Silver Creek, N. Y.---
8BB  G. A. Higbee, 1047 Monroe Ave., Detroit, Mich.1928
8BC  N. E. Holt, 185 Congress St., Buffalo, N. Y.1929
8BD  E. T. Hoch, 2077 E. 106 Pl., Cleveland, Ohio1930
8BE  J. P. Lippert, 41 Stanwood Rd., East Cleveland, Ohio1946
8BF  Stanley Howes, 515 Eleanor St., Kalamazoo, Mich.1931
8BG  Paul Kostenberg, 298 Hurlbut Ave., Detroit, Mich.1933
8BH  K. Kingsbury, 40 Bennett Ave., Binghamton, N. Y.---
8BI  Gustav Kroeger, 1837 Clarion Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio1935
8BJ  N. M. Krauss, Cleveland, Ohio---
8BK  E. R. Lapp, 5520 Baywood St., Pittsburg, Pa.---
8BL  E. T. Leigh, 10 Overhill St., Pittsburg, Pa.1938
8BM  C. Luescheon, 110 Roeher Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.1939
8BN  Julian Lovejoy, 3325 Perkins Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio1940
8BO  Henry Lyons, Main and Cemetery Sts., Ripley, N. Y.1941
8BP  Arthur Macer, 2432 Clifton Ave., Westfield, N. Y.---
8BQ  Wm. Mengee, 6438 Aurelia St., Pittsburg, Pa.1943
8BR  Simeon Miner, 2253 Jefferson Ave., East Detroit, Mich.1944
8BS  Clarence Mogridge, 463 W. 16th St., Detroit, Mich.1945
8BT  Harry Ogle, 2530 E. Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio1947
8BU  H. T. Allonier, 1045 Sunset Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio1948
8BV  Roy H. Gale, 1806 Brewster Ave., Evanston, Cincinnati, Ohio1949
8BW  Harold Herman, 2237 Francis Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio1950
8BX  A. W. Hubbell, 3458 Hallwood Pl., Cincinnati, Ohio1951
8BY  H. J. Schwindt, 3517 Beves Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio1952
8BZ  A. Shumard, 5609 Tompkins Ave., Madisonville, Hamilton Co., Ohio1953
8CA  E. S. Stueve, 3540 Wabash Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio1954
8CB  H. F. W. Theissen, 161 E. McMicken Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio1955
8CC  Geo. Kesel, 2704 Wylie St., Pittsburg, Pa.1956
8CD  Gus Sachs, 1522 Center Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.1957
8CE  Jerome Adler, 5550 Avondale St., Pittsburg, Pa.1958
8CF  G. McC. Hull, 123 S. Whitfield St., Pittsburg, Pa.1959
8CG  Ralph Hull, 5819 Rural Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.1960
8CH  J. T. Paul, 628 W. Euclid Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.---
8CI  T. D. Richards, 953 North Ave., W.N.S., Pittsburg, Pa.1962
8CJ  W. S. Andrews, 907 Mellon St., Pittsburg, Pa.1963
8CK  R. C. Smith, 5814 Hayes St., ES., Pittsburg, Pa.1964
8CL  G. C. Smith, 335 Atwood St., Pittsburg, Pa.1965
8CM  T. W. Thorn, 1217 Chislett St., Pittsburg, Pa.1966
8CN  H. W. Sheppard, 6420 Darlington Rd., Pittsburg, Pa.1967
8CO  Frances W. Appleton, 378 Highland Ave., Highland Park, Detroit, Mich.---
8CP  N. E. Baker, 638 Junction Ave., Detroit, Mich.1970
8CQ  E. F. Brede, 55 Melbourne Ave., Detroit, Mich.1971
8CR  W. E. Cook, 552 Ferdinand Ave., Detroit, Mich.---
8CS  Dean W. Howland, 1081 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich.1973
8CT  W. F. Kreinbring, 924 Forest Ave., Detroit, Mich.1974
8CU  A. R. Smith, 721 Hubbard Ave., Detroit, Mich.1975
8CV  L. A. Smith, 55 Brandon Ave., Detroit, Mich.1976
8CW  Ben. K. Osborn, 59 Delaware Ave., Detroit, Mich.1977
8CX  F. I. Fippary, R. F. D. No. 4, Battle Creek, Mich.1978
8CY  A. F. Payne, Bates St., Birmingham, Mich.---
8CZ  Henry London, 267 Palmer St., NE., Grand Rapids, Mich.1980
8DA  H. T. Rathbun, 112 Colfax St., NE., Grand Rapids, Mich.1981
8DB  D. G. Little, 415 Woodward Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich.1982
8DC  B. D. Fellows, 67 Park St., Pontiac, Mich.1983
8DD  F. J. Watt, 1118 Pearl St., Port Huron, Mich.---
8DE  Frank Reb, 1635 Gratiot Ave., Detroit, Mich.1985
8DF  R. W. Orrell, 87 Frederick Ave., Detroit, Mich.1986
8DG  Edward Bromer, 301 Forest Ave., Detroit, Mich.1987
8DH  E. Hanson, Plymouth, Mich.---
8DI  C. E. Barton, 155 Harmon Ave., Detroit, Mich.1989
8DJ  Glen Phillipps, 380 Dix Ave., Detroit, Mich.1990
8DK  Ralph Whitmeyer, 190 Frederick Ave., Detroit, Mich.1991
8DL  W. A. Sisson, 1024 Erie St., Toledo, Ohio---
8DM  C. H. Bruns, 1316 Ontario St., Toledo, Ohio1993
8DN  Bert Knoppen, 4 Frankla Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich.1994
8DO  C. B. Wright, 822 Michigan St., Petoskey, Mich.1995
8DP  J. C. Lane, Broad St., Holly, Mich.1996
8DQ  C. E. Wood, Walnut St., Allegan, Mich.1997
8DR  C. E. Holmes, 310 Brown St., Grand Rapids, Mich.1998
8DS  R. D. Moynahan, 355 E. Warren Ave., Detroit, Mich.1999
8DT  Grant Rogers, 1207 W. 114th St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8DU  Harry Downing, 2308 E. 57th St., Cleveland, Ohio2204
8DV  Rupert Cobb, 17 E. Alexandria Ave., Detroit, Mich.2205
8DW  C. O. Apger, 520 16th Pl., Detroit, Mich.2207
8DX  H. T. Porter, 714 Main St., Conneaut, Ohio---
8DY  D. F. Pancoast, 107 Prospect St., Ashtabula, Ohio---
8DZ  Homer Williams, 28 Auburn St., Ashtabula, Ohio---
8EA  C. J. Mack, 49 McGovern Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio---
8EB  R. S. Munsell, 191 Center St., Ashtabula, Ohio---
8EC  F. L. Dunn, 23 W. 11th St., Erie, Pa.2214
8ED  A. J. Carver, 4 Warring Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.---
8EE  C. E. Coleman, 47 Yale St., Buffalo, N. Y.---
8EF  Edw. Dorst, 39 Eaton St., Buffalo, N. Y.---
8EG  L. A. Gebhard, 1127 Elliott St., Buffalo, N. Y.---
8EH  C. M. Gray, 32 Duerstem St., Buffalo, N. Y.---
8EI  N. B. Grove, 242 Ashland Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.---
8EJ  E. H. Kolb, 18 Camp St., Buffalo, N. Y.---
8EK  E. H. Kumpf, 26 Wohlers Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.---
8EL  Leo Langenbach, 186 Ripley St., Buffalo, N. Y.---
8EM  J. V. Murphy, 98 St. James Pl., Buffalo, N. Y.---
8EN  C. A. Shepard, 186 Grant St., Buffalo, N. Y.---
8EO  R. W. Stickney, 94 Normal Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.---
8EP  E. H. Scovill, 10528 Parklane Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8EQ  C. R. Leighton, 26 Eagle St., Oneida, N. Y.2226
8ER  R. S. Wells, 206 Grove St., Utica, N. Y.2227
8ES  C. L. Van Hoesen, 206 Frank St., Rochester, N. Y.2228
8ET  Wm. France, Chamberlain Institute, Randolph, N. Y.2229
8EU  W. J. Carson, 555 Black St., Pittsburg, Pa.2230
8EV  C. D. Mason, R. F. D. No. 3, Oak Grove, Mich.2231
8EW  H. M. Rubel, 920 Burton Ave., Avondale, Ohio2232
8EX  Carl A. Henlein, 1855 Hewitt Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio2233
8EY  A. H. Blackmore, 3351 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio2234
8EZ  Alice McConaughy, 6112 Navarre Pl., Cincinnati, Ohio2235
8FA  C. H. Fender, 28 W. 13th St., Cincinnati, Ohio2236
8FB  D. R. Britney, Box 65A, R. F. D. No. 6, Winton Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio2237
8FC  Ira S. Holden, 2920 Vernon Pl., Cincinnati, Ohio2238
8FD  Carl Walker, 1626 Potter Pl., Cincinnati, Ohio2239
8FE  B. E. Finch, 1727 E. McMillan St., Cincinnati, Ohio2240
8FF  Jay Kloepfer, Degraff, Logan Co., Ohio2241
8FG  C. P. Hewitt, Nina Rd., Oak Harbor, Ohio2242
8FH  Wm. Haynes, 102 N. Florence St., Springfield, Ohio2243
8FI  R. M. Barger, 822 S. McDonel, Lima, Ohio2244
8FJ  Leroy Clausing, 406 Nye St., Lima, Ohio2245
8FK  Gray G. Donehoo, 823 Herberton Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.2246
8FL  W. E. Jenkins, 2108 Potomac Ave., Banksville, Pa.2247
8FM  M. E. Olson, 6357 Luther St., Pittsburg, Pa.2248
8FN  Gerald Toland, R. F. D. No. 3, Genesee, Livingston Co., N. Y.2249
8FO  N. G. Snyder, 7 Central Ave., Ithaca, N. Y.2251
8FP  N. G. Snyder, 37 Barton Pl., Ithaca, N. Y.2252
8FQ  L. Remorin, Jr., 97 Washington St., Gloversville, N. Y.2253
8FR  Elmer Brownell, 100 Steuben St., Utica, N. Y.2254
8FS  G. F. Roy Wheat, 605 Floyd Ave., Rome, N. Y.2255
8FT  J. A. Spargo, Jr., 403 N. George St., Rome, N. Y.2256
8FU  E. H. Blattner, 73 Pardee St., Rochester, N. Y.2257
8FV  Harry F. Backus, 1740 E. 31st St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8FW  D. R. Whitehead, 3349 Webster Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.2250
8FX  Norbert Kampfe, 1241 E. 103d St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8FY  R. K. Becker, 2961 W. 12th St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8FZ  E. J. Bennett, 1923 W. 75th St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GA  Gordon Burr, 7209 Clinton Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GB  D. R. Canady, 1402 Superior Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GC  H. V. Cole, 10610 Pasadena Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GD  J. J. Donnelly, 3614 W. 32d St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GE  Harry Dreschel, 10108 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GF  J. C. Erney, 7417 Myron Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GG  C. J. Eucher, 7427 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GH  T. J. Gleckler, 3015 Marvin Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GI  V. E. Goettel, 1778 Crawford Rd., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GJ  H. L. Green, 1650 E. 82d St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GK  L. G. Guenther, 6615 Quimby Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GL  Carl G. Griese, 2116 E. 32d St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GM  Sydney Heiner, 6414 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GN  A. E. Henninger, 2038 W. 100th St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GO  Chat Hiller, 3164 E. 131st St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GP  Edward Hoffman, 1617 Buhrer Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GQ  H. E. Horn, 557 E. 117th St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GR  G. I. Joecken, 10310 Joan Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GS  C. K. Kneale, 1337 W. 114th St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GT  N. J. Kampfe, 1241 E. 103d St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GU  G. K. Locke, 11444 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GV  H. L. Mathews, 2048 E. 4th St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GW  F. E. Moffett, 5408 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GX  H. B. Pentland, 2053 E. 105th St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GY  Ernest Plekenpol, 7804 W. Madison Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8GZ  John Probeck, 2489 E. 59th St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8HA  Clarence Rauch, 7902 Redell Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8HB  Hayden Roberts, 11215 Clifton Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio---
8HC  Richard Wright, Cook Ave., Lakewood, Ohio---
8HD  W. H. Roehrig, 790 Hayden Ave., East Cleveland, Ohio---
8HE  V. H. Schnell, 10601 Drexel Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8HF  Aubrey Shaney, 5713 Curtiss Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8HG  C. M. Schardt, 12813 Marston Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8HH  W. E. Schoren, 2954 W. 25th St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8HI  L. P. Simon, 2929 W. 15th St., Cleveland, Ohio---
8HJ  E. W. Tober, 2511 Barber Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---
8HK  A. G. Spiller, 603 Missouri Ave., Cleveland, Ohio---

    Note--This list includes those who applied for licenses, but which had not been issued.
Where the number is not given the license had not yet been granted.--Ed.

Licensed  Amateur  Stations
Ninth  Radio  District
June 16, 1913.

 Name  and  AddressLicense

9AA  C. Klentz, 3809 Vincennes Ave., Chicago, Ill.2002
9AB  Wm. L. Groskopp, 4816 W. Bertean Ave., Chicago, Ill.2003
9AC  Wm. J. McGuffage, 4418 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill.2004
9AD  S. C. Bryant, 2439 Mozart St., Chicago, Ill.2005
9AE  W. L. Gendlach, 1834 Pratt Ave., Chicago, Ill.2006
9AF  H. A. Hollister, 370 18th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.2007
9AG  G. A. Marx, 334½ 15th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.2008
9AH  C. W. Thomas, 266 17th St., Milwaukee, Wis.2009
9AI  T. E. Cutting, 3611 Galena St., Milwaukee, Wis.2010
9AJ  R. C. Seigel, 478 Potter Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.2011
9AK  C. F. Kottler, 1035 2d St., Milwaukee, Wis.2012
9AL  W. Schroeder, 647 Washington St., Milwaukee, Wis.2013
9AM  E. J. Foster, 925 Winchester St., Milwaukee, Wis.2014
9AN  C. J. Willett, 425 Clement Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.2015
9AO  Theodore E. Lipman, 136 W. Grand Ave., Beloit, Wis.2016
9AP  H. Morgan, Morgan Farm, R. F. D. No. 30, Beloit, Wis.2017
9AQ  J. A. Riner, 929 Harrison Ave., Beloit, Wis.2018
9AR  G. Heines, 1209 W. 25th St., Minneapolis, Minn.2019
9AS  E. D. Billiter, 2610 Duport Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.2020
9AT  D. T. Stetson, 2162 Carrol Ave., St. Paul, Minn.2021
9AW  T. J. Taylor, 1846 Lincoln Ave., St. Paul, Minn.2022