Oakland Tribune, February 18, 1913, page 9:


Novel  Plan  Is  Started  Here;  the  Public  to  Hear  Reports  Over  Wire.

    The new Telephone Herald, which has been causing widespread comment throughout the country, was formally installed in its local quarters in the First National Bank building today. According to present plans, Oakland will within a very short time be entirely "covered" by the new system, and it is hoped to have it in operation before the year is out. The Telephone Herald makes it possible for news and happenings of the day to reach every section of the city by wire transmission. By it it will be possible for the private resident to sit in his home and by putting a receiver to his ear hear anything he desires. There will be lectures, speeches, operas and musical selections given at different intervals throughout the day.
    A commercial service for business interests will keep the business world acquainted with the varied happening in Wall street, New York, and other big financial centers throughout the entire world. It will be possible to receive this information at any time during the day and night hours.
    This will prove valuable not only to the business houses, but also the hospitals about the city will be greatly benefited. The new system will make it possible for the sick patient to remain in bed in the hospital and listen to Sunday sermons or lectures.
    Visitors are invited to the company's offices in the First National Bank to inspect the new system. Receiving stations will be placed in several sections of the Capwell building at Fourteenth and Clay streets.
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